5 main stars of the Olympic games in Rio

manygoodtips.com_4.08.2016_WKLIs3jP5UDE9The chances of our athletes to take a leading place in Rio collapsed after the removal of half of the team because of a doping scandal. Hope for a large number of medals is not necessary, we will wait for a decent performance and the usual triumph of our gymnasts, wrestlers and the synchronous swimmers.

Someone will closely monitor athletes Ashton Eaton, Mohamed Farah, heavyweight Bagrada Salimi, cyclist Chris Froome, who tipped the title of the main heroes of the upcoming «celebration of sport and the feast of the spirit», and someone so deeply unpopular in the sports looks and will be watching the Olympics just because they’re coming and they kind of like, a sin to miss. For them this list of the five main stars of the Olympics before it started. It is assumed that they will do a show in Rio. They become heroes then the other question. Of course, first cheer for our battered team. I hope the incidents will be no more.

Michael Phelps

manygoodtips.com_4.08.2016_zh0MvJgmVov3431 years (USA, swimming)

What’s great: the hero of the London Olympics and the superstar of the Beijing games, the repeated world champion and the championship of the Pacific ocean, an 18-time Olympic champion, holds the record for most Olympic medals (as much as 22). Swimming started 7 years, and in 10 years has won the national record for his age group. And where else to go kid with attention deficit and hyperactivity? Only in the sport, and do not go in vain, in the 15 years he floundered in the pools of the Olympic of Sydney, a penny from a bronze.

4 years later, in Athens, the 19-year-old boy with not the most highly intellectual face won 8 medals, of which 6 were gold and 2 bronze, while setting three Olympic and one world record. After 4 years, in Beijing, Phelps set a record by taking 8 gold medals in a single Olympics, breaking the seemingly eternal record of the swimmer Spitz, athlete Nurmi and other respected people.

What to expect: after the awards ceremony in London, Phelps seems to have announced the end of his professional career. They say, all that could — have won, constantly terrorize the podium with their wet heels indecently, and indeed, still the pleasure of victories and swimming have not felt.

The international community sighed sadly, agreeing to myself that I should go at the top, and as usual, a week after the closing ceremonies, forget about the great swimmer, like all the other athletes, and then flashed on the screens.


In fact, Phelps, who was plowing in the pool as a slave on the plantations, just needed to rest. Two years later, in 2014, swimmers around the world prominently poorely, but not from water and from anxious sweat. Phelps, like Alla Borisovna has decided is not going to go, and return to deep waters. And then fate once again, the example of the great athlete showed that to leave once and for all. A few months after the resumption of training the American was caught for drunk driving, and was discharged 18 months probation.

Association of swimming, teaching others, suspended Phelps for six months from participation in the competition and took him to the world championship in water sports in Kazan in 2015. Spit, you’re a genius, all equal before the law. And I must say that such measures helped Michael to take his head, and without incident to come to the training sessions, not even getting into Smoking pot.What will be the return of «Baltimore bullet» — it is difficult to guess. Bookies, apparently the old memory, predicting him five gold and one bronze medal. However experts are not so optimistic, asserting that if he will win the maximum of one gold, other medals — silver and bronze samples.

It is hoped that over the 4 years without major competition, Phelps hungry for the taste of victory, and not unaccustomed to competition jitters. It is unlikely that he has lost his skill and talent, but not so big break for the benefit of anyone not going, I would not want to disappoint, Alexander Popov in Athens. The main thing is not to lose motivation, because for such an outstanding athlete and do not mind the 30 Olympic medals.


manygoodtips.com_4.08.2016_NlkdzjXbG74Ay24 years (Brazil, soccer)

What’s great: Neymar da Silva Santos Junior Pereira (and that is its full name) is the first Brazilian athlete who appeared on the cover of British Time. In the 24 years he managed to win almost everything, including a stack of personal trophies, but not enough, except that big trophy with the national team. Generally, Ney believe almost the main Brazilian star, and when Messi and Ronaldo retires, the better, definitely would consider it. While he’s only after them.

What to expect: the last 24 years, Olympic football was seen as the last stage on the way from juniors to these world Championships. The idea seemed brilliant, young players under 23 years of age show themselves in a big tournament, and to make the competition more spectacular, was allowed to say a few players are older. But it does not always help, a large number of events makes the Olympic football tournament in partially background event. Still, the NBA sends more stars than football, besides, let’s not forget that not all world soccer is regarded as the «No. 1 sport».

If you have a team vying for medals in athletics — you with attention you will watch for their runners than the overseas teams. But this year is a little different, replicated Neymar apparently becomes the main protagonist of the games.

Last time we watched a gray-haired Ryan Giggs rolled the ball with the youth national team of great Britain. That was the only major international tournament for a nice Welshman. Unfortunately, the Olympic football to any comparison do not go to the world Championships and continental cups, so Giggs looked like a favor to the honored player will origin played for his national team which could not qualify for the tournament. But nobody was against it, 37-year-old Giggs looked like a multi-colored English shepherd among the young, and even brought them out of the group, where a hodgepodge of British people have lost good Koreans.

This time, all eyes are on home team to Brazil because it is wearing the captain’s armband will show the main star of the Olympic football tournament, but the main star of the whole Olympics — Neymar.

Stop.com.ua_4.08.2016_EnmXlyEtCe1OvIn Brazil, where football is almost a religion, from the Olympic team, which has always been rich in talents just waiting for the gold. Last year they reached the final, with the same Neymar, Pato rolled, gaining momentum, Marcela and Oscar, inexperienced money Hulk in the lineup, but lost to the Mexicans. Well, I do not get Brazilians, after numerous successes at the world Cup and the Copa America, despite the eternal title of favorite to win the Olympics.

Silver Los Angeles, Seoul; bronze Atlanta and Beijing is not the best indicator for eternal favorites, whose youth apart by top clubs like hotcakes. At different times, for the honor of the country at the Olympics fought such people as Roberto Carlos, Ronaldinho, Rivaldo, Bebeto, but at different times they slowed the Soviet squad led by Byshovets, selfless Nigerians 96, the mighty handful with the Argentine Messi, Di Maria, Riquelme and garai. This infuriates Brazilians that bitter neighbors the Argentines two times in a row took the gold, and they are not.

And now Neymar for the moment of truth. If you don’t win now, at the first home Olympics — that probably makes no sense to win ever. He is 24, if the last time he passed on age, he is now the rank of star. And if you invited, it means hope. There is another detail: the clubs have the right not to release their players for Olympic teams. This year, in a tense pre-season, the number of football stars low as ever. Ended his career in the national team Ibrahimovic could still compete, but now all eyes are on Neymar, and he simply can not be justified.

Barcelona have said that they would release it only for one summer tournament. Was selected for the Olympics. And if mediocre performance at the America’s Cup can be justified by the absence of Ney, the defeat at the Olympics will mean that Brazilian football come February kirdyk. All expect him to win, because the young talent laid Holy mission to revive the tradition of international victories.

Kevin Durant

manygoodtips.com_4.08.2016_Ayc3gVYt8DXUW27 years (USA, basketball)

What’s great: the most valuable player of the NBA in 2014, the youngest top scorer of the season in NBA history. The most effective player of the 2011 season, he scored in the whole of 27.7 points per game, and in seasons 2011/2012 and 2013/2014 Durant also became the most productive player of the regular season, averaging 28.7 and 32.0 points per game, respectively. In the 2013-2014 season, Kevin was the first MVP of the season, averaging per game 32 points, 7.4 rebounds and 5.5 assists.

What to expect: look for the American team at the Olympics — a real pleasure. A unique opportunity to see what the geniuses in the NBA can play in the same team, and show envy, team play. Does not always work, but even attempts at capture. The United States has always been a favorite, and this year is no exception, and newcomer «Golden state,» its main star. However, it was considered only after another genius LeBron James chose to skip the game, citing fatigue, and the most valuable player of the NBA last season, Stephen Curry did not go. Durant is unlikely to ever replace LeBron and Kobe, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s remarkably good.

In the past NBA season he was the main star, reaching the conference finals, losing in the «Oklahoma city thunder» to his current club. Everyone was talking about Durant, now is the time to Express themselves at the Olympics, good experience playing for the national team he is decent. He won the 2010 world Cup and the gold medal of the 2012 Olympics. Two years ago, Durant missed the world Cup in Spain, where team USA won the title without his participation. But this year he’s back in the cage, than very upset hope the medals of Serbs, Frenchmen, Spaniards and Argentines.The Americans even without James, Curry and Lamarcus Aldridge’s team looks scary, so it is not surprising that they are considered the main favorites. If the psychological attitude of the children will be normal and not be divisive, and opponents will not call to his side charms, luck or inspiration. Besides, Nike has designed Durant’s sneakers for a special KD9, after such a sin not to erase the Brazilian floors in the dust, and not to break the ring.

Novak Djokovic

manygoodtips.com_4.08.2016_t3pDGjV2R6JfE29 years (Serbia, tennis)

What’s great: a twelve-time winner of Grand slam singles titles; five-time winner of the ATP World Tour finals (2008, 2012-2015); the winner of the Davis Cup, one of the best players in the world, combines aggressiveness and of control a station wagon that can do everything. Until the age of 29 he has reached the physical and skillful perfection and so is revered by many as one of the best tennis players in the history of this expensive but very popular sport.

Famous tennis coach Nick Bollettieri called his most «complete» player in his time: «he’s got a shot, forehand, serve, second serve, movement, psychology and it plays equally well on all surfaces». His bekende — pure masterpieces, while some «connoisseurs» like his good sense of humor and clowning on the court.

What to expect: strange, but the first racket of the world Djokovic have never played in the finals of the Olympic tournament. All content with the semi-finals, and apparently that Novak is the last chance to take home the sportsmanship award. The Serbs will be happy, and for most of the collection will not be superfluous. In order to win, he needs to act his Olympic abuser (Nadal 2008), who literally threw his racket famous rivals, clearing the way to the final. Finally, learn how to defeat Andy Murray. Then there will be no problems.


However, bookmakers believe it was Djokovic, the main favorite. In the last two years he’s just unstoppable, continues to set record after record, win the tennis «majors» and, despite its accumulation of trophies do not forget to specify that its main goal is an Olympic medal, and he is ready to go with enviable persistence, living in separate apartments, but not all logopedy in the Olympic village with the team. On a team of concubines to relieve tension says nothing, but a personal chef and a private place to train for sure. What do you want, top athletes are great conditions. Definitely deserved the guy.In 4 years he will be 33, and it is unknown at what point in the rankings, and in what form he will come to the next Olympics. It’s not Plushenko who is willing to ride up to 60 years old, he sports pride is.

Usain Bolt

manygoodtips.com_4.08.2016_zN8sbxp0atASJ29 years old (Jamaica, track and field, sprint)

What’s great: the star of that same ill-fated discipline, which we have been deprived of unfriendly bureaucratic Hari with the IOC. Some do admire him, others are trying to understand how you can develop a speed of 37.5 km per hour, but as it turned out, to blame genetics. Just the ancestors of Usain was from one of the centers of the slave trade, which brought slaves from West Africa, the natives of which are traditionally strong in the sprint. That’s such a wicked irony.

The chief God of the Olympic games in Beijing, more than it talked only about the annoying lungs, eyes and nerves, smog. About it long said after the Olympics, and even in between the Beijing and London games, the charismatic Jamaican made itself felt statements like that ready to begin a football career in «Manchester United».

At the Olympics in London, Bolt became the first man in history who was able to defend their gold medals in run on 100 and 200 meters. And if we add to this the second consecutive gold in the relay, it is possible to understand why the Bolt claims to be the best athlete of the XXI century. After London it was a little quiet, apparently, was more Mature, but still possible to meet people who parodies his famous gesture a La «Robin hood, man in tights».

What to expect: the Olympic games in Rio will be the last in his career. At the beginning of the year, the Sprinter said that then it would be difficult to find motivation, and years do not paint athletes how phenomenal they were. The bolt passes, and that’s fine. In the closing day of the games, August 21, he will be 30 years old, the same age for an athlete is not small. But if in Brazil he again won all three gold medals, this is more than enough to establish eternal Olympic record to finish his career.

The only thing that can stop a Jamaican, is injury. This year at the first start of the Bolt has damaged a hamstring. However, «arrow in the knee» did not prevent him at the prestigious tournament «gold studding» in the Czech Republic, where he fled as if nothing had happened: 100 meters in 9,98 seconds and the first place. In Rio, the Bolt is going to win, although the best result of the season in the sprint — of 9.80 seconds, while belongs to the American Justin Gatlin. Well, perhaps it’s time to Express themselves, and give way to youth.

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