5 lessons you learn when you lose everything

The rise and fall of expect everyone. They pounce on you as soon as you’re born, and if you opened the door, on which hangs a sign «Adult life», the fall will be permanent. It will be bad in business and in personal life – we do not deceive you. Of course, good moments will be enough. But let’s talk about the negative experience. The best thing you can do is to take lessons.

1. Need to be better

Work.com.ua_20.06.2016_rrDx6O3mTqXx5Perfection is a necessity, which increases your competitiveness, which will help both in work and in love. When you lose, you realize that was not as good as you thought at first. Lying to yourself is no more sense. Immediately noticeable all of your negative traits, all defects, all the mistakes that you made. It is the fall assumes that you understand why it happened or at least guess. If this understanding does not come into your head, be sure that you are again making the same mistake.

2. It’s worth it?

When we start something new, I always think about the long term. Draw in your mind a perfect picture that has little relation to reality. Of course, when you are faced with a serious problem, then the picture is broken into thousands of pieces. Such is one good reason to understand his desires. You chose a certain path, worked hard, lost a lot of blood when I went on it, but you rejected a blast wave. Someone will tell you: «so what? Get up and go on, you stick to your guns!» And rightly so, but before doing this ask yourself the question: «is it Worth it?» Perhaps you do things that you don’t like, which you hate. And are already on this path only out of habit. In such cases, any failure is a reason to reconsider their lives and, perhaps, to start with a clean slate.

3. Future challenges

Problem is a part of everything you do in life. Start you own business, creating a family or simply go to the gym – no difference, one way or another you are faced with problems. Difficult period of your life is potentially the best time for personal growth. You have no choice, sink or swim. If you decide difficult task if faced with a tragedy, the next difficulty will be less difficult. Roughly speaking, you’re putting your hand on their problems, learn to solve them, but because these seem serious to you.

4. Confidence under the gun

manygoodtips.com_20.06.2016_nez1uW9ViIpFNWhen everything goes against you, it is very difficult to maintain the confidence and mental strength. But if you do, your personality will become much stronger. Yes, your pride is hurt, your options are tortured, but if your psyche will survive, it will become more stable. Subsequently, you will be difficult to break. Lost their jobs? Find another, no problem. Lost his leg? Well, the pirates went with one, so that’s okay. Lost my scholarship, which covers half of training? I don’t care if another earn. Be robust and confident means to obtain the victory in advance.

5. Defeat is only a reason to come back and win

No matter what you want to achieve. Maybe a girl, maybe a good job or a promotion. In any case, without perseverance you will not get anything. But you can not always stand, because the energy resource our body is not infinite. So we often have a crisis of motives and values, and a harsh and a hard slap from the good old (and bad) fate, which is applied in the most unexpected moment, can make us to return to the battlefield. Is there light at the commander, who lowered their banners after one lost battle? If there is, history has long forgotten about them erased from their database.

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