5 lessons that you can only learn when they stop Smoking

A year ago I quit Smoking and still proud of it. It gave me a hard time. Probably to quit Smoking — it’s like Chinese torture, when your head is constantly dripping water or when you are fed exclusively cooked the meat until it begins to putrefy right in your stomach. So, about the same. I remember how heroically, bravely overcame their craving for cigarettes and in any gate not climbing neuronet. And, you know, hell I learned during this time.

1. Don’t expect people will understand how much you have going

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Relevant to a situation when you were fired from work. When you’re trying to stop something that others think is very simple: to watch porn or play video games. To only meet 8 of the 11 women with whom you slept. If the person you tell about your problem, never experienced anything like this, he has no idea how you feel.

The problem

You probably heard some dude solemnly declares to the whole office that he’s quitting Smoking. Or you yourself did. Usually all approvingly, but not very vividly saying, «well Done» and patting you encouragingly on the shoulder. Non-dudes, it seems quite a friendly reaction. This decision is worthy of praise, but what do they know about what it means to quit Smoking? All they can say is «I support your decision» and then to pretend that I do not play Minecraft instead of working.

After you said those magic words, it takes a few seconds, and the world returns to its normal life, and you feel that you lack something. And it is no small thing. Waiting for the fanfare and fireworks we forget that 60% of Russians do not smoke, and as for the other forty percent, not all of them have tried to quit. Your decision to quit Smoking can be compared with the solution of a friend no longer eat chocolate, let them try, let’s see how she will turn out.

Come on, we all know the consequences of Smoking. Used to go to those boring lectures about the dangers of drugs, all had biology in ninth grade. Yes, we’ve all heard about the syndrome. But these people have about him as a clear understanding of how I pregnant. So it’s easy to distinguish between the addict who sincerely wishes you good luck — it’s almost like to sacrifice strangers to the homeless both your kidneys, «Oh, wow… Really? Dude… Good Luck!» Forget about polite, meaningless endorsements: these guys have gone through the hell that belongs to you, and they know that nobody will understand.

Why is it important to remember this

When you make a big decision, whether to quit Smoking or lose weight, for you the whole world momentarily ceases to spin. And the same you expect from others. If you decide to quit something bad or start something good, you expect reactions from others. Every time you smoke, you hear, «This is going to kill you, you know, when will you finally leave?» And when you finally decide to quit Smoking, you will get a response in no more than a polite nod. And you don’t need anything supernatural — just that you expect the same enthusiasm with which you were persuaded to take this step.

When you realize that no one in this, you are on your own. It’s hard when the nicotine starts to leave the body and your whole world turns into one gigantic reason to smoke again: «I am very angry, need to smoke and calm down, so everything will be better», or «I’m so excited, where is my cigarette?!» Anything to in the blood the dose of nicotine.

It’s these moments of self-pity when the weak people think: «to hell with this. If anyone’s not interested in me, and I don’t care». And they again start Smoking as soon as they get the opportunity to buy a new pack of cigarettes. No need to wait on others for too much, especially when you’re trying to quit the habit. You don’t build a house, and not stuffed on back tattoo in the shape of a huge member why they need to worry? You’re just trying to get back to normal, to neutral territory, and the people who never left, have no idea how difficult this is. And you would not understand them if you switched.

2. Your body is lying to you

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Suited to a situation where you feel hungry an hour after eating. When you have spasms in the stomach before the interview.

The problem

I remember I went to the balcony and smoked his last cigarette. Five minutes later I felt the withdrawal symptoms: panic, excitement, weakness, and even shook hands. In about five minutes. Nicotine had not even had time to be excreted from my body.

And it’s not just a panic attack, this is the real symptoms of nicotine withdrawal — and I felt them more than once. My brain just knew I was going to leave, and so reacted to my decision — even before it was due to the physiology. When it comes to addictions, the brain grows dull.

So, my first day without cigarettes was terrible. I shook hands and feet. And this was to be expected: few people quit Smoking the first time, and previous attempts similarly turned to me with leg pain. Finally it dawned on me that it was not the lack of nicotine in my blood, not that I have a sedentary job — but simply that the brain has failed me.

Thus, the brain makes fun of you that way. It is the center of control body, in the end. If he needs the nicotine, it will require it from you.

Why is it important to remember this

We used to trust my body and the signals it sends us. You constantly need to remind yourself that everything your body is telling you, from hunger to fatigue and excitement can be an absolute lie.

Remember how you went on rails when I was a kid? The type who will be on the rails longer and will not fall, and he won. With practice you could even jump off the rails at the rail and does not touch the ground. Now imagine that these rails raised a kilometer up. You can still jump from one to another?

All the garbage with your physiological state is built on about the same. Your feet were all the same size rails are not moved away from each other, but if they are located somewhere in kilometre above the ground, your brain will add to this idea and even an element of danger, and suddenly go off the rails for you will become quite impossible. Nothing has changed: it’s all chudit your brain.

If you’re going to remember this and understand that the brain is just tricking you, it will be much easier to quit Smoking and lose weight — and do a lot of things to do. That is why, as a rule, the treatment for addiction involves counseling. Not only do you wean your brain off auto-repeat habitual reactions, but also teach him not to get hysterical when he doesn’t get what he wants, feeding symptoms, which are actually not. And while you quit Smoking, it may be observed for a long time, for example, after three months I still had panic attacks.

3. Your memories change along with your mood

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Your situation, when you have done half job and realized that would be too hard to finish it to the end. When you go back to a bad relationship. When you decide to break away from the diet.

The problem

I want to tell you a story about how I tried to quit drinking. I tried — of all the reasons you can imagine. Mainly due to injury. I told my friends that I’ve had enough. I was bragging about it, as if I have found grace.

And then, two weeks later I got paid and then bought a beer. My bro saw it and asked how it happened. I said, «Now I can afford it. Earlier the problem was that buying the beer, I cut my household budget.» And bro said to me: «Ale, and it was generally not about the money!»

In my defense, I didn’t lie: my brain just rewrote the story again, changed the reasons why I decided not to drink anymore, and thus again allowed himself to drink. I stopped drinking because I was worried about his health, but as soon as I had the money, I thought probably the reason was that I just could not afford it. You see that the brain is just some kind of monster? And it happens all the time with us. With all the people. Have you ever broken up with a girlfriend because she is just crazy, and then called her in a month? You couldn’t even remember why you broke up. When you began to feel more lonely and sexually frustrated, you immediately forgot all about it.

Why is it important to remember this

It’s obvious, no? Do you need to say this rumor?

Although for someone who quits Smoking, need. These modifications happen memories with us, and if you don’t learn to expose them, soon you smoke. And you’ll be embarrassed to tell your friends something stupid in his defense.

If you’ll remember why you quit Smoking and why is it so important to you, it will help your venture. You can record these reasons and to always carry this paper. Thus you will not deviate from your path just because you cheated your own brain. As soon as you start to hesitate, get the treasured piece of paper and read it. If the memories of these reasons fresh, you vs them the brain is no longer trample.

4. All the time, even if you don’t think so

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Suited to the situation, when in the first week of training you have sore muscles. When you had your heart broken. And when you hate another stupid song.

The problem

To quit unpleasant. It is so frustrating that many break down and decide that you no longer want to quit Smoking.

I’ll be honest, I do not condemn those who cannot throw. It is one thing to endure a little pain that will pass in a few minutes. And when you throw smoke, unpleasant symptoms follow you constantly. You may find that everything you do is a reaction to the stupid syndrome, or attempt to prevent it. He leads you, and you have to be tough to handle it.

Your brain continues to laugh at you and connects all your troubles with quitting Smoking. At least all the pain for sure. Sick stomach? Because I want to smoke. Not because you perezhral in «McDuck».

Why it is important to remember that

If you start to feel sad and whine that now the constant pain is your constant companion, you need to be able to stop yourself. You can keep in your head pathetic speeches «I would rather die of cancer at 25, what will another 50 years to live with the pain,» it is idiocy that doesn’t strike you as idiotic, when you quit Smoking.

So, when you have something hurts, it feels unbearable. In the end, perhaps it will be easier if you remember that the effect of the cigarette lasts longer than five minutes. So grit your teeth and push through it. You only think the pain lasts for hours. I think. I do not believe — note the time.

Hours no — use mobile phone. Noting time, you are not only helping yourself to collect will in a fist, when things get really bad, but also you will be able to predict when break-up will decline. This small change can mean a lot to you. Here almost like losing weight: when you go on a diet, after a while your stomach is shrinking and you want less. Such is also true for withdrawal from nicotine.

Your body will say «It doesn’t end, I can’t». But it’s a lie — perhaps the biggest lie that tells you your body. The only way to be sure in my words just break through this nonsense.

5. You have to control your mood

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Suitable for situations when you fight with your parents or a friend before work. When you have a lack of money. So, stupid song!

The problem

When you spend your first day without cigarettes, the world is full of people that have no idea what you have to go. They don’t know neither your name, nor about your problem or about your order or about your dreams. And they don’t have to know.

Nicotine withdrawal makes us irritable idiots who can’t control themselves. And our behavior can turn someone’s day into nothing if we go on about the emotions. Yes, it is easy not to hold back and be rude, but you understand why you behave this way. You would have never ran into the guy who stepped on your foot, if not a nicotine fit — you yourself are not dumb, that some little thing can turn you into an idiot?

Yes, sometimes we just lose control. We are only human. But when you realize that it is particularly vulnerable, you can do something to prevent these stupid tantrums. So stop, calm down and say, «Sorry, dude, this morning I quit Smoking and I’m not».

Man smile and say that he understands.

Why it is important to remember that

People will not give you special privileges while you quit Smoking.

For your own peace of mind. Try in yourself: you don’t want to be the one to vent anger, even if it’s just a reaction to a physiological process. And the one who takes out anger, you don’t want. If everyone around you calm, you can expect no leniency to the person, but patience may not last forever.

Sooner or later you will realize that your anger is not associated with the nicotine — is associated not only with it. And you have to learn to deal with anger without anyone’s help. But if you can’t handle it yourself, see a psychologist or to a friend who is willing to help you.

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