5 lessons that you can master before the end of this summer

To learn this summer? Sounds strange, because summer is time of holidays and vacations. At this time of year you need to walk the streets until morning and enjoy the warm days, you say. But for productive people, summer vacation is a great opportunity to learn what is constantly stopping work and classes at the University or school. This is the time when you can focus on what really interests you. We have compiled a list of activities that you still have time to learn before the end of the summer. You’re welcome.

1. Learn how to choose wine

How often do you stand in the wine section of the supermarket for 2-3 hours, trying to choose a good wine for a romantic evening. It is almost impossible to choose one single bottle without proper training. But each has information that is clear, however, is not for everyone. Variety, country, taste, cooking technique. Knowing all these nuances, you can easily pick up the right wine for meat or grilled shrimp. Of course you need to learn this a long time, if you want to understand this thoroughly.

If you can not drop everything and devote all himself to the subtle and not deprived of charm classes — we found the perfect crash course.


It consists of several classes in contrast to the basic course, which lasts about 5 months. You will learn about the features of leading wine-producing countries, the system of classifying quality levels of wine. Here you can also learn how to read a label, which is very important, if you can not taste the wine before buying. If you prefer to buy this drink in special shops, to the training course you will be acquainted with the art of tasting. Yes, every lesson is accompanied by a tasting, which is a big plus, of course. The most interesting paragraph of the Express course have the opportunity to understand your own taste preferences. Certain people like one kind of wine, of course, it is not suitable. It is important to understand which is right for you to feel all the pleasure and refinement of taste. All classes are held on-site boutiques, wine house», caudal», where you will meet a professional sommelier and will give all their knowledge and skills.

2. To learn paragliding

Each of us wanted at least once in their life to feel real flight. Not on the plane, namely the moment of freedom when you decide what direction you fly. Like a bird through the air and catching the beautiful mountain scenery. The closest to this feeling is considered paragliding. Many compare paragliding skydiving. But unlike skydiving, you will be able to stay in the air much longer. Record flight on a paraglider is more than 500 miles and ten hours of continuous flight, and can climb to an altitude of over 7000 meters above sea level. The secret of this result is simple, the flight is due to the use of energy of ascending air currents, and the start can be carried out at the hills and climb on the winch.


In Russia paragliding are gaining popularity and there are many specialized sites. In Moscow, for example, considerable attention is paid to leisure tandem flights with an instructor. If you decide to try paragliding, then I advise you to look at the school Dis. It has been around for over 15 years and it has the highest standards of safety when flying. If you have never conquered the skies, the professional instructors will help you experience all the unforgettable emotions from the flight. Here will appeal to novice adventurers, and more experienced. At school Dis can go into the sky in tandem with an instructor and learn to control the paraglider. It also hosts exciting trips to different parts of the world for pilots of any level. Paragliding is growing rapidly and therefore to try myself in this thing now to not regret the time spent after.

3. Courses DJ

All we ever envied those guys who stand behind the DJ booth at the festival or in the club. They skillfully controlled the mood of the crowd, create an atmosphere, decide what kind of music will light the night. How do you think DJing is easy? You have mastered this craft in a jiffy or in pain for months? The school Tramplin.PRO claim that with the right approach to learning, each person bear on an ear did not come, can learn to play DJ sets for the month.


We chose to recommend the course of this school for several reasons. First, all classes are individual, one-on-one with a professional. It is many times more productive than those in groups, because the teacher focuses only on the student, not sprayed on the class. And the approach is more personal, for example, you will only play those music styles that you like. Second, the lessons are taught by experienced and very well-known people, who definitely have something to learn not only in terms of playing technique, but also in matters of career. And thirdly, in the course of this school included performances in clubs, so you will be able not just to learn to be a DJ, but also to learn which they still have!

4. To learn how to confidently drive


When not in the summer, you should think about obtaining the rights to driving a car. In winter, an inexperienced driver will interfere with the weather conditions, slippery road. Autumn begins work and study. In the spring, just want to enjoy the beautiful weather and devote yourself to spring mood. Summer is an ideal option to learn how to drive. This time of year the roads are almost empty, because a huge number of people on vacation and students are on vacation. Not once had to hear from my friends that in the city they shout instructors, do not support them on the road and just leave my day job, nothing teaching. In the end, at the exam a lot of people can’t pass the driving itself, while the theory of protecting «excellent». What is worse — they develop a fear when going on the road in a big city.


We want to recommend you driving school, which tested themselves and are willing to vouch for its quality. Driving lessons you will meet friendly and professional instructors will teach you how to drive a car in the city, not just in the yard with a couple of cones. Here are always great, for example, now the training only costs 15,000 rubles. Usually 10 lessons with experienced instructors. Also, if you have rights, but you don’t know how to get through the narrow lanes of city traffic or to Park inches from the expensive Rolls Royce here will help you to acquire skills not just for show, and really useful. As they say, there are no people who can’t drive a car, there are those who incorrectly taught!

5. Learn English


Wherever you look, everything is in English. You studied it in school, but of course didn’t pay enough attention. This is school is the most carefree time. You studied at the University, but again not plunged into it head first, as is still believed that you hardly need. When you finally realized that without it in any way, both in work and in study and in self-development, I don’t know where to start. There are many methods of learning English. You can watch TV series without translation, you can upload programs to the phone or to go to an English-speaking country, learning the language would be not a privilege but a necessity.


One of the most popular and effective sites for learning the English language Begin-English. On its pages free you will find over 140 grammar lessons, over 150 themed movies, about 30 audio lessons as well as for you will be available the translations of many English songs, special blog and a huge quantity of literature in the English language.

Begin-English is one of the largest projects for the study of language, besides absolutely free. Here you will find useful information to beginners and advanced people who are learning English. In addition we have a community with 3 500 000 users Vkontakte, where you can ask questions and make friends for learning English.

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