5 lessons from the life about which we should never forget

Unfortunately, if we talk about important life mistakes, then we provide them with enviable regularity. Everyone knows that they need to learn, but who does that? Look back and remember all the hell you were doing in your life. Maybe today is the day when we must draw some conclusions. We have 5 lessons that you should remember right now.

1. Life is short

manygoodtips.com_25.07.2016_ooo1TGX6WmhzQYou are waiting again? What? Most of us, people of the XXI century, does not live, we are in expectation of life, forgetting that it passes and is replaced by old age. That’s what we’ll tell you the ideal time will never be. Don’t wait for the time when you’ll catch the wave and carry you to the island of happiness. This does not happen. Start to fulfill the dream of here and now. Want to write a book? So start already. Can try small forms, start a blog, group in a social network — and there will be easier. If you want to become a professional musician, then do not put off studying for later. Learn the guitar today, and tomorrow go to play in a bar. If you’re going to wait forever, it will just wither away and die miserable.

2. Life look the way we want it

Cliche, I agree, but what if even the most avid stereotype is true? Sometimes the banality and truth, go hand in hand. You can live in the deepest financial and social bottom, but at the same time find around a ton of inspiration, which will be the saving light that will make life better. And you can not know hunger, cold and lack of money, but not to be happy, because happiness is, to some extent, a personal choice that starts in the head.

3. Be kind to yourself

Many psychologists say that people should love themselves, but I have found that most are not able to come to this, because it sounds strange — love yourself. Smacks of some kind of abnormality, so we say: «Be good to yourself!» What does it mean?

You need to understand that your ego needs encouragement, and regular. It’s called «the little joys of life», sort of Vino on Friday, a small weekend trip or going to the cinema on Tuesday evening. Of course, this applies to all sorts of shopping, which you do for fun. On the one hand it seems a trifle, but it is from such things woven old life. I saw when a small bar of chocolate could save the man from nervous exhaustion and of the actions that he would have to regret.

4. Appreciate loved ones

Work.kom.ua_25.07.2016_C47BDyeaGoIitIn these days we are all somewhere in a hurry, not realizing their feelings and thoughts. Working at the computer in the office and then sit at the screens of other devices at home. We lose friends, relatives and even themselves. All this leads to shame and is the main source of depression.

Here is our good advice based on real experience — allocate at least a small amount of time on family, friends and himself. Let this be the period of time when you can talk with loved ones, entertain friends or just think. Today this is especially important, because very soon the greater part of his life we spend online. Good or bad, who knows? Maybe we are the last generation that are still able to enjoy the things that you can touch.

5. Learn to let go

Sometimes I feel worthless, a real sufferer, whose unhappiness permeates. You are looking for and find the cause of it is the person with whom you live. You see, many unhappy people because of the wrong choices they have made being stupid, inexperienced, naive and young people. Have the courage to break this vicious relationship, because time is not always able to patch holes in your relationship. At times, the surest solution is to leave, but to make that decision takes courage. Try not to waste the best years of his life, hoping to correct his decision under the guise of fear of loneliness. Be above it. In the end, to get a divorce, you don’t need to be very smart — it costs nothing. And, buddy, you can always start over, so what to fear?

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