5 leather items for the true connoisseur of style

What defines the modern and stylish men? The Wild West is a good horse and a loaded revolver. In Ancient Rome, is the power and sharpened the sword, but in modern society, a real man can distinguish the attention to detail. This may be an expensive phone, fashionable hairstyle or leather accessories.

Leather has always been in Vogue, primarily because of its practicality. Now the presence of things this skin says about your financial state. Real leather was never cheap. But there are things that do not cost a lot of money, but will bring your style to the proper level. It can be any detail and accessories such as these.

1. Purse


Perhaps, after the smartphone wallet is a most used accessory. All cards, money and important business cards are stored there. Notice that when you pull out your wallet, your girlfriend or friend will throw at him a short look to assess the thickness, appearance, and price? This is already done automatically in most people. Appreciate some shoes, some watches, and most watch it on the wallet. Remember that. It is therefore important to choose really high-quality accessory that shows your worth. One of the interesting models, which incorporates both the style and practicality of the purse is Monas from the company Badlab. It is made of genuine leather and has a thickness of 1, 5 see It is very practical, as the majority of men prefers to carry it in a pants pocket.

We have a huge have no bottom bags, such as girls, where you can place literally everything that will come in handy in any life situation. Often men only have a suit or jeans, which can easily resolve each of our dilemma — where to put your phone and wallet.

2. Strap


Another important accessory is the belt. It can be any shape and color, but to have at least one classic leather belt is a must. It will perfectly accentuate both business and a more free style. He is always in mind and should work well on its owner. Choose the belt wisely and don’t skimp. Believe me, today has not stinted on a nice leather strap, you will get much more respect and prestige tomorrow. Here says and personal experience, and all sorts of advice from people who really understand fashion.

3. Holder for cards


So, all the cards can fit in the above budget. But we are talking about style, so leather holder for cards should be in the Arsenal of any real man. There are situations when to bring a purse is inconvenient and dangerous. This files most often can be useful to only some cards to go to the store or shopping center. In the dressing room there is always a risk of losing your stuff. With holder for cards they are always in sight and not have to constantly think about where your wallet is left in the changing rooms, for example. Also, the holder will easily fit the bill, if suddenly will not be able to pay with a Bank transfer. Our society is certainly committed to globalization and the latest technologies, even in your favorite coffee shop, but not everywhere is clearing.

4. The housekeeper


Leather key ring — that’s really really top style. Sounds, of course, a little sarcastic, but if they press on the prestige, you can not do without it. A good example is the housekeeper Hoke. It easily unzips and allows you to quickly take advantage of the right key.

To place it can be up to 6 keys that is really very convenient. Now the pocket will not scratch your expensive smartphone. There is no doubt that leather will last the housekeeper for a long time, because its surface is treated with special solutions based on natural resins, waxes and oils.

By the way, fits the housekeeper, both men and women, because the style of it developed by all the canons of this fashion is now unisex. You can choose to use the same housekeeper for himself and his girlfriend. Just pick different colors so we wouldn’t confuse the keys to your car and its.

5. Tray for small items


Usually, to find the keys or watch in the morning, you can spend a lot of time. All the little things constantly scattered around. Keep track of this is almost impossible, because remember yourself after work. Usually it is the uncontrollable body that just wants to relax and take a shower. Think about where you put your keys or phone do not want to. Tomorrow everything will be. But here comes this unwanted morning to start searching for everything you need. 10-15 minutes daily spent on this, frankly, uninteresting procedure. For these tasks there are trays for trifles. But the bag is boring, so we suggest you leather assistant who will keep all your stuff in one place until morning. It also made of genuine leather and can be easily disassembled to take with you on trips.

Style, of course, can lead to the ideal, but to complement it such accessories will not be superfluous.

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