5 large rescue tips from the movie that will kill you

Movies can teach us many things — like how to escape from VelociRaptor or defeat mythical monsters. But there are certain things which are best not to let the scriptwriters. Especially when it comes to medical details. Of course, the scene of the miraculous rescue in emergency situations, a seasoned fantasy writer, look much more spectacular than it really is. But if you suddenly for no reason starts to choke on the street, it is better not to let a random passerby, write and spit on the pavement «Call the doctor», but don’t let him take the initiative, I’ll kill you.

It is not necessary to beat unbalanced people

When someone enters the hospital with a gunshot wound, nurses, as a rule, do not climb with a finger or a pen in a bullet hole. When someone falls off a cliff, the rescue team did not relieve him of the cynologist with a dog. When someone starts to suffer from panic attacks, passers-by in no hurry to provide him with bream to revive, as in this scene from «Airplane.»

Or in a hurry? Actually, no, but Hollywood thinks it is exactly what happens. As shown by the «night of the living dead», «Buffy» and «the Incredibles», the most important thing in this situation is to feed the «patient» choice by a series of sharp, punchy as Ricky F, bream and shout: «Stay with me!». At best alarmist, nothing happens and at worst you can be held accountable for bringing the person to a state of mental illness and bodily injury.

Panic is not just a momentary violation of mental abilities, which can be erased with a powerful blow to the face, this is a complex process involving many physiological and psychological problems, from «simple» dizziness, chest pain and difficulty breathing until the feelings of horror, loss of control, visual and auditory hallucinations and immunity to pain. So better not to touch it.Where did this dubious method of quieting a whiny character, which is so like Hollywood kinodela? In fact, this method has created just the medicine of the past, however, the profile of the beating was much already. It was thought that the whipping is only useful to women and that the most interesting — not only during panic attacks. Toothache, sleepwalking, amnesia, chronic disorder? The best treatment is a good slap in the face.

Apparently, in ancient times it was believed that a woman can not hurt, and that she soon ceased to pretend, to give her a good bream. However, treatment panic attacks were a little more humane, as short madness was considered a serious mental problem, and because patients are locked up, starved and subjected to other unpleasant medicine. As they say, tough times require tough treatment.

Imaginary friends heroes movie


When the writers have a goal to stay within a too long duration, they start razmusolivat the history of the character, rarely thinking about the logic of the narrative and the adequacy of what is happening. The most obvious way interesting and fun to liven up the story — add destructive personality, which in this case boosts the mental voice in my head.

In order to combat the self-destructive aspect of the personality in Hollywood movies, we will have to wait until either:

a) the protagonist will corrode the cockroaches out of my head and will clean the cabinets from the skeletons with the help of a good physical shape;

b) the light and dark sides of the character will meet each other in the arena.

In both cases, the winner leave the light power of personality: in the end, this movie, and in movies the good guys win.Of course, much more interesting to look at Batman, who knocks a shit on the couch of a therapist, and exercising and saving the city from various monsters. Our knowledge of psychology is largely based on the magical power of the cinema, but live in a border state writers and producers with Directors prefer other ways, after which psychiatrists there are brand new sports cars, and noses piled mountains of cocaine, which would be enough for a full Studio work of any shoegaze band.

In the end, the medical community still has not decided how to treat dissociative identity disorder. But it is unlikely this can be done by screaming at himself.

With an arrow in the abdomen especially not live


Even if you are not educated on the streets of Rostov-on-don, you know perfectly well how uncomfortable and dangerous to life walking with a knife in the belly. But if you are brought up in Sherwood forest, you know what’s worse — only an arrow in the knee. However, the film argues that in an hour with a stab wound you can not do more than a lifetime.

In reality, if God gave you a wonderful ability to regenerate, you will probably die. And not with a light heart and pure thoughts, based on centuries-old oak tree, gradually emitting a spirit. It will be much less pleasant: with flashes of agony in Hellfire and such discomfort, which cannot be compared with the desire to go to the bathroom when your bus is stuck in traffic on the bridge. The fact that the weapons were developed cunning bastards, so noticeable to ruin the last hours of the victim.

Simply put, the weapon masters made arrows and swords so that when extracted to the outside they will bring in more discomfort and picks open the wound so that the hope of recovery is lost. That is, without surgical intervention quick doctor will not do.Let’s say you drank a bunch of whiskey like the big guy from «Braveheart,» and pulled out the arrow, no matter what, and…? Then what? Whiskey will surely relax you while you bleed to complete loss of consciousness, since you just uncorked the vessel and blood flows from the wound, not having time to wrap it up.

Therefore, doctors recommend to put pressure on the wound, to pull her harness, and, if we are talking about the arrow, break off part of the shaft to further fluctuations (God forbid, hook arrow tree or any other object close to it) didn’t bother the wound. Of course, in our time, wounded by an arrow looks like something strange, but while in the woods and Park areas around trps, the probability of being shot is quite high.

Enough poking pens in throats!

Remember the famous scene that can be found in the crappy serials on the channel «Russia» and large-scale Hollywood films. So the situation is this: someone starts to choke, and suddenly there is a random passer-by, which pierces the patient’s throat with a ballpoint pen. As a result, the patient’s life saved, all begin to cry, and the passerby is feeling inconvenience, as it was his favorite pen.

In General, this method is called conicotomy, and it is really an indispensable way of saving the patient, if it is carried out by a professional. Of course, professionals use medical equipment, not stationery.

In fact, medicine was so tired from homegrown rescuers who are trying to cut each other’s throats as soon as they have a hint of stuffiness that it was decided to conduct an experiment to reveal the effectiveness of this method. It was decided to take a few medical students and cadavers. The results were not surprising, but not happy: ten medical students only one managed to punch in the right spot conical, and not the wall of the trachea and to successfully insert a stationery object. It took him 5 minutes and 3 attempts.

The remaining nine students were not able to penetrate into the throat or insert the handle without much harm to the patient. However, in all 10 cases (including the first two attempts were noted of a student) cause of death was… a pen.Actually a lot depends on the handle if her body is wide, then the lungs will get enough air, but in the end handle completely block the trachea. If the tube is too small, then the suffocation will not be as good on this pen is too narrow will not be able to hold enough oxygen into the lungs. So the patient has a choice: die from suffocation or from the chaotic and unsuccessful attempts to pierce his throat.

Needle in the heart is out of date

Let’s just agree that if you offer to stab yourself with a sharp object, you will never do it, okay? This Parliament is doubly useful to fans of «pulp fiction», which, despite the dubiousness of Hollywood medicine, firmly believe that it is sufficient to punch needle heart to revive the patient.

In fact, there was such method, and it was called awkward intracardiac injection. A rather popular procedure was, until the 70-ies of the last century, so that it becomes clear why such a fan of retro, like Tarantino, paid her such attention. But it turned out that this is incredibly dangerous way to type of injection (one awkward movement — and the corpse is ready) is absolutely useless, because the drug is perfectly at odds through the veins and so.

The problem is that even a tiny hole left by the needle in the heart, leads to profuse bleeding and drop in blood pressure. It’s like a balloon pierced by a needle rapidly losing air through the hole, which is not so easy to plug. In addition, there is a considerable chance, especially for the layman, to get a fine needle and a syringe directly into the lungs. In this case, the victim of cinematic reanimation will not only bleed, but slowly but surely suffocate.Generally, in modern medicine there is no treatment, which would have required the introduction of a syringe needle directly into the heart. There is, however, a similar procedure called pericardial puncture. During this procedure, the doctor inserts a needle into the so-called pericardial SAC (pericardium), in order to get rid of excess fluid, creates a pressure on the heart muscle (cardiac tamponade). This procedure is carried out with the utmost precision and care, because doctors understand that even a tiny hole in the heart is very, very bad.

But on the other hand, who the hell spectacular scene turned out!

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