5 horrible diseases that last for a few

There are some diseases that have plagued mankind since time immemorial: leprosy, cancer, pubic lice, gonorrhoea, syphilis and madness. However, some of the really terrible and strange disease has raised its head only in one particular period of historical time. They appeared for a moment to shock the public and force it into a state of terror. Perhaps these diseases ever left the civilized world, but forget them we are not going, because the past has a tendency to stretch its tentacles to this and then it becomes uncomfortable. Imagine, for example, that reading this text, you suddenly feel a strange fluctuation in his front tooth. You feel that he was trembling, not knowing why, and after a moment, he scatters in all directions with the sound of a pistol shot.

1. Explosive teeth

Paradis.com.ua_1.08.2016_3D2ckki9OlkG0Our favorite of the nineteenth century, a time when people were just learning to be omniscient, and therefore stumble at every step. Well, you yourself think, if the people of this era were treated with arsenic, which they had dentistry? Now, tell him everything.

In the beginning of the century decadence in medical journals began to appear of record that testified to the explosions of the teeth. It is not surprising that king Schultz (the doctor from «Django») chose to become a bounty hunter than be a dentist, whose dental patients shot with buckshot.

The first recorded case occurred in 1817 with the Reverend, who for several days had suffered from indescribable toothache. In the journal wrote: «… suddenly I heard a sharp crack like a pistol shot, tooth burst into fragments and pain, according to the patient, went. Monk went to bed and slept all day and most of the next night, after which he completely mastered your mind.» Here’s a template for a description of each case of the syndrome of the tooth explodes (as we now call it). The victim of this disease will suffer from terrible toothache before the tooth will break from the inside. In 1871, a similar case was described by another dentist, who told me that his patient was not just suffering, but fell to the floor, completely stunned. After some time, the frequency of such incidents decreased, and after they had disappeared altogether.

Now the most interesting. Why did this all happen? According to the group of scientists who studied this issue, it was the reaction between hydrogen gas and the metals that are used in older seals. In those days, seals are often made of combinations of lead, tin and silver. It is possible that this alloy could create a small voltage of a galvanic cell. That is, the tooth was a miniature bomb, which was activated with hydrogen. And hydrogen in the company were many, especially after a visit to the dentist, which was not particularly aware of all of these reactions.

2. Disease Virgin

manygoodtips.com_1.08.2016_lk5o5uixt126NA century earlier the doctors were even more insane in their methods. They have then developed a very negative track record, especially if it was about the treatment of women’s diseases. So, in the XVIII century, doctors are faced with a new disease — chlorosis. And we are not about plants, but about our friends. Chlorosis is associated with the menstrual cycle in young girls. They shriveled eyes became sad, less active, and was green. It’s hard to imagine what thought men of that time.

Moreover, chlorosis was not an ordinary peasant women, and only women of high society. It lasted for two hundred years. The disease proceeded in the following way: during infection, the girls fell into a state of melancholy indisposition, they constantly slept and was not able to get out of bed; they have swollen joints, heart palpitations, stopped menstruating and reported that time was green leather. It is not strange, but the working class the disease did not affect the real discrimination!

Medicine was still extreme, so the doctors called chlorosis disease virgin. Why? Because menstrual blood was considered analogous to the male sperm. That is, if a woman has stopped menstruating and she is not pregnant, it means that the girl is just a passion as virtuous.

The real reason, of course, was less interesting than the relationship with virgin. Chlorosis is a form of anemia, a blood disease that was caused by long diets, other diseases. And it is treated simply — you need more iron. Interesting is the fact that proper treatment was offered at the beginning of the outbreak, but it took two centuries to treat iron seriously.

3. The hotel is a killer

Paradis.com.ua_1.08.2016_Lyw4RschPow1LRemember the worst hotel you’ve ever stayed? The old rickety house where include the bedside table, and an army of fleas? Or the room in the seaside resort where the rotten floor boards easily break the legs of the bed during night races with a friend where the fan does not cool, only stopping to sleep? Can’t even tell you’re still not going to cover stories about hotel «national», which is located in Washington.

For several years, in the hotel «national» was rampant disease, the symptoms of which were terribly swollen tongue, inflammation of the colon and diarrhea — was infected hundreds of politicians, businessmen, various dignitaries. Forty people subsequently died. Moreover, the symptoms did not let the infected after a week, they preferred to torture the man within a few months after staying in this hotel. A victim of the disease was 15 and the US President, James Buchanan — he even has twice been sick. By the way, President of this, on many indicators was considered the worst in the history of the United States. But now we about the hotel.

So, if you drove, there was a high probability that the next year you will be in terrible agony. The reason that hell looking for a long time. At one time thought that the building was just the bad air that caused by rats and slaves who worked in the kitchen. The Democrats (the guys who voted for Buchanan) believed that their leader tried in vain to poison Republicans.

Well, the truth was more banal, without any conspiracy and ghosts, which are bulling all together the staff at the hotel. The disease was a form of dysentery, which was caused by the damage of sewage pipes, which has long polluted the water supply of the hotel. It’s not as cool as the version that the presidential candidate John Fremont tried to kill Buchanan with a strange virus, but this is the truth: all drinking water, diluted mud.

4. The Plague Of Athens

manygoodtips.com_1.08.2016_w21Sx1Iw8Hn8cRecently, scientists love to scare us in different viruses, especially when it comes to such huge events as the Olympic games in Rio. Remember the theme of the zika virus, which is concerned physicians of all varieties and colors? Now, if we talk about the dangers of viruses virus Virology Zeke is nothing compared to the fierce plague of Athens, the devastation of a city-state in the early years of the Olympic games, turning a once beautiful Polis in a dirty box of blood, sweat, and shit.

Thanks to such an historian as Thucydides, we even know how was the disease. Early on the poor fellow Greeks suffered from the heat in the head» and ophthalmia, which rapidly passed into inflammation of the throat and tongue, irritating the mucous tissue. What happened next? Infected in the literal sense throw away their infected organs of mouth cavity — they are sick of them. Imagine the scene of numerous fires, which illuminated all this of human organic. And this «happiness» took place against the backdrop of the war with Sparta, but the Spartans, known for his ruthless temper and a thirst for war, decided to leave the city in peace, saying to the Athenians: «We’ll come back when you feel better.»

It is believed that for half a decade, the epidemic killed between one third to two thirds of the population of Athens. And then the plague suddenly disappeared. We say, «disappeared» because we don’t even know what the disease was and what it was. Unlikely it was typhus, since he acts completely different scheme and other symptoms. The part of the medical community believes that the reason could be the Ebola virus, which perfectly fits the symptoms. However, the problem is that then, after the defeat of Athens, the virus had to lay low for two thousand years before his officially registered in 1976, in a sad country called Zaire.

5. Glass ailments

manygoodtips.com_1.08.2016_rKdd7eIg19vXOIt is hard to imagine that someone in Middle ages was the time on the unique psychological disorder, when there was a carnival plague, poverty, fires, plagues and wars. However, there were people that suffered illness «glass of illusion» — a disease familiar to Europe during the Crusades.

To diagnose the disease was pretty damn easy. The sufferers were convinced that they are completely made of glass and that every movement, no matter how slight it may be, could break them into small pieces. Many mental illnesses are inextricably linked to the mood of the patient, glass illusion is no exception. At one point, the patient can move easily through the cities, villages and forests. Another day a man could not even leave her bed to stand up, as confidence in its glass nature was much stronger than common sense.

Interesting the very nature of the disease. The first victims of this mental affliction was king Charles VI of France, called a Fool. His seizures were cyclical in nature, but closer to the old king’s mind is clouded completely. See Charles VI considered himself nothing more than a glass sculpture. So, the troubles of the unfortunate king called mass madness, which consisted in the imitation of the medieval disease of celebrity. Unfortunately, the nature of the pathology is such that you can for some time only to learn until you believe in his acting real. In other words, one famous throughout medieval France the case of illness, started the chain of events that led to the mass mental disorder.

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