5 high-profile political killings

Recently in our civilized world has witnessed a rather strange event in which at first it was impossible to believe. The Russian Ambassador in Turkey Andrey Karlov was killed by a direct shot from a gun is unknown, and as noted by the Western press, «well-dressed» young man. However, this is not the first political crime in history. To enumerate all — not enough for 10 articles. So we decided to start small.

1. A lament for Alexander Griboyedov

Have you read this wonderful work as «Woe from wit»? Now its author, Alexander Griboyedov, the nature of their main activities was a diplomat in turbulent Persia. Once he arrived, and not to build bridges of love and friendship, as most recently ended war. Job famous playwright was to track the payment of indemnity for humiliating for the Persians, the Treaty of Turkmenchay. The Persian gold was melted candelabra and Golden dishes of the harems in order to get things done, so it’s only natural that the mood they have been to hell. Plus Griboyedov hid fugitives of Armenians in the Embassy building, which also angered many. That the giaour affords? Came and behaves like home! Lousy pig!

The Cup of national patience was exhausted on January 30, 1829, when an armed mob of Teherani attacked the diplomatic mission. It looked awful — 100,000 people broke into the building, leaving no chance of 35 Cossacks of the convoy. The frenzied crowd surrounded the Embassy, which, however, died with honour and dignity with arms in hands. Alexander, like his equally famous namesake, was a great duelist, that’s just the laws of the duel does not jibe against violent crowds. Of the entire Russian Embassy was saved only by the Secretary of the mission Maltsev managed to escape. The circumstances of the death of Griboyedov still remain a mystery, but his body was mutilated to such a state that recognize it turned out only a little finger, damaged at the time of the duel. It was sent to Tiflis, home of his wife for burial.

To resolve the diplomatic conflict to St. Petersburg went Husrev grandson of Shah Mirza. He gave Nicholas I rich gifts, including the legendary diamond «Shah». The Emperor accepted the apology, and no political implications of the massacre at the Embassy is not caused. But Russia has lost one of the most talented people in their history.

2. The Murder Of Stolypin

Now I love to imagine what Russia would be if the last reformer of the Russian Empire embodies all of your plans in life; imagine how would look Russian peasants in the image of farmers. However, the identity was ambiguous. Only one agrarian reform, which caused a lot of controversy, attracted to the person of Stolypin many killers.

For a short period of time from 1905 to 1911, Stolypin was prepared and there have been 11 assassination attempts, the last of which reached its target. 1 Sep Nicholas II and Stolypin attended the performance «the Tale about Tsar Saltan» at the Kiev city theater. At that time the chief of the secret police of Kiev was the information that arrived in the city of terrorists to commit an attack on a senior official, perhaps on the king. Information was obtained from Dmitry Bogrov. During the second intermission, Stolypin by Bogrov approached and fired two shots: the first bullet hit him in the arm, one in the abdomen, injuring the liver. After being wounded Stolypin crossed the king sat heavily in a chair and said: «Happy to die for the King». According to one version, the attack was involved the Security Department of the Russian Empire.

3. What started the «powder keg»

The Balkans is not casual wear the title of «Powder keg of Europe». His role in getting this to dishonor the title and played endless war raging in the region, and a number of legendary assassination changed world history. It all started with the Serbian king Alexander I. his reign was a period of extreme political instability in the country, it almost came to civil war. Although it seemed that all the conditions have been created for Alexander rose a worthy ruler. His father, Prince Milan IV, abdicated in favor of his 13-year-old son. After the former king often came to Belgrade openly led the Regency of his son, although he was appointed its Regent.

But Alexander did not show himself as an independent ruler, as his actions and a series of coups led from abroad during visits to Serbia, the former king Milan, who had previously pledged not to visit the country after the abdication from the throne. In subsequent years, the father and the son several times changed the government, guided by state and personal interests.

But in the end the relationship between father and son deteriorated. And blame love. Alexander decided to marry a lady-in-waiting to his mother drag Linewise that was over the king for more than 10 years. The woman was troubled with a dark past, and a beauty it was hard to call. Neither the nobles nor the common people she is not particularly liked, that did not stop them to marry.After that, Alexander ripped the roof: first, he changed the Constitution in an authoritarian, then because of childlessness had intended to pass the crown of the Montenegrin dynasty Petrovic, plus the newly-minted Queen distinguished himself not with the best hand after the whole fake pregnancy.

A group of officers and supporters of different Serbian dynasty of Karadjordjevic in 1901 began plotting. It was headed by Dragutin Dmitrievich. He later becomes the leader of the terrorist organization «Black hand» involved in the murder of the heir to the Austrian throne Franz Ferdinand.

Early on the morning of 11 June, 1903, the conspirators broke into the Palace and savagely murdered king Alexander and Queen Draga, her two brothers, two Ministers and several officers. Body dismembered and left in the garden. Indeed, this brutal murder was largely determined by a negative attitude towards the Balkans, which has not changed until now.

4. Stir in Sarajevo

But the Sarajevo assassination just reinforced a bad stereotype of the beautiful country of Serbia. It is clear that the First world would have started without the assassination of the man after whom it received its name the Scottish band with Greek on vocals. But wick was the murder of the Archduke of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Franz Ferdinand, happened in Sarajevo, Bosnia at 11 a.m. June 28, 1914.

Franz Ferdinand was coming to Sarajevo with military maneuvers, arranged in a Holy place for Serbs, the feast Day of sorts. This in itself looked like a provocation, and gives every reason to believe that the Emperor Franz Joseph just his nephew was framed.

The attack was organized and executed six conspirators of the Serbian group «young Bosnia», headed by Gavrilo Princip and Danilo ilić. A grenade in the illustrious Austrian man threw a terminally ill consumptive Nedelko Cabrinovic, but missed and drank a vial of poison. To his misfortune, he vomited, after which he was severely beaten.

Thinking that plan failed, another nondescript tubercular Gavrilo Princip went to buy a bun, as suddenly the street went the procession. Without thinking, the Principle joys of a wife shot the Archduke in the stomach, and then himself in the neck. The unfortunate terrorists immediately «bagged» and subjected to brutal interrogation, in which they finally became invalid and said that the weapons they gave the Serbian government. In any case, such recognition is needed by the Austrians. But what happened next, taught in school history lessons in the 9th grade.

5. Aspiring Bandera

Perhaps I should say a few words about the man, whose name has recently become synonymous. This, of course, Stepan Bandera, whom the KGB has eliminated a very original way. Not a bullet, not a knife, not with explosives. And you say that was not the imagination of the Soviet structures.

After Bandera was released from a German concentration camp in 1944, he settled in West Germany. Organizing various anti-Soviet combination, Stepan kept in touch with the underground in the Soviet Union for 15 years. Of course, the leaders and the authorities of the country began to annoy nationalist cries of the remnants of the supporters of Bandera, and they began to prepare procedure the eternal calm of the hated friend. Killed a KGB agent, Lviv Bogdan Stashinsky in the entrance of the house where lived the leader of the OUN. He was shot in the face from a special device the stream of solution of potassium cyanide.

Stashinsky killed and another leader of Ukrainian nationalists — Lev Rebet. Later, the agent defected to West Berlin, where he confessed to the murders. The sentence was quite mild for a double murder, and working for a foreign intelligence agent, had received only 8 years old, which is not surprising. The murderer of Trotsky and even received the title of Hero of the Soviet Union with order of Lenin.

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