5 helpful books about how business

In order to be successful, a real businessman should have the bottomless, deep as the Mariana Trench, the stock of knowledge in all, absolutely all spheres. A good businessman is a marketer, advertiser, Manager, financier and so the list goes on. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford training in business schools. Fortunately, successful businessmen turned out to be people as greedy and therefore sharing with you my signature secrets from the pages of books written by them. Here are just a few that will give you the necessary knowledge in a particular area.

1. David Ogilvy «Ogilvy on advertising»

In the advertising business, David Ogilvy is known not less, than Jesus Christ in religion. Felt the importance? The Patriarch of advertising, useful for the entrepreneur that is very honestly, without any unnecessary trash talks, what he is, a mysterious and vicious advertising business. And also it will give to understand how you look in the eyes of the customer and what you can do. In addition, Ogilvy, as a talented businessman, teaches lessons, as and when it is time to break the pattern, to understand what’s worried and what he secretly wants society and apply it to their own purposes. Many examples from a virus to a quite conventional rollers.

The book was written long ago, but everything, even the newest types of advertising – viruses, special projects – based on the same ancient techniques of the advertisers, which he described Ogilvy. Perhaps nowhere else have they not been in such a focused and effective format. Ogilvy knew what he writes. He created a powerful company, a global Agency, so their advice is based on my own experience.

An indispensable book for those who want at least to understand a little bit popular now in the advertising business.

2. Clayton M. Christensen «the innovator’s Dilemma»

The best book about innovation. The author is a fan of them, throughout the entire book trying to prove with simple examples that the chainsaw hand is better, smartphone with touchscreen interested public is stronger than button, and so on. In short, the motto.

For Christensen, the most important skill of an entrepreneur is the right time to determine whether to spend time improving the existing product or it is better to invest time and money in inventing something new. Actually, the book focuses on how to identify this moment and to choose the right strategy for the product.

The book is written in the spirit of the time. Now, in the era of aggressive-progressive domination of the Internet in all areas, any businessman needs to develop the skills of a seer and to learn to think not in the format of «what the user needs now» and «what can I offer the new.»

At the time, under the influence of «the innovator’s dilemma» hit and well-known citizen Steve jobs, and this is not a guarantee of quality?

3. Jay Conrad Levinson «Guerrilla marketing»

About marketing, in General and in particular.

Levinson described the techniques sellers who make a buyer to react emotionally, and most importantly, they really work well from year to year, free of charge. This is the reason of its popularity. «Guerrillas know that 7% of people hang up when calling your seller, 42% hang up in some cases and 51% always listen to all who will call them. Bless is a small majority» – a rule that works and will work as long as our planet exists.

Now simple ways to generate large profits at low cost – a necessary knowledge for every entrepreneur. Clearly, a successful entrepreneur. Levinson described this first described this clearly, described is interesting. Yes, books on this subject – a car and small truck. But the book Levinson at least interesting to read.

4. Peter Drucker «the Practice of management»

Not difficult to guess that this book will be about His Majesty’s management. The book’s title recalls the name of a school textbook, but, believe me, the cover is deceiving.

60 years ago the management was considered as something that is not science, and all heresy that can be taught. The Drucker did it to promote and explain the benefits of slim science. After the release of his book it became clear that control theory is not so simple and that Manager needs to learn a lot: to judge, to understand conflict, to understand the strategy and tactics of negotiation to find a time to delegate authority, communicate daily with subordinates to inspire them and to teach. In General, all known control theory has grown on the fertile soil, which was created by Drucker.

If you have any problems with understanding of management, then this book is what I need to start studying applied management. «The practice of management» quickly and painlessly instruct managers on the right path and will solve one of the main problems of start-UPS in Russia – the ignorance in all that concerns intelligently constructed processes.

5. Bo Burlingame «Small giants: Companies that chose to be big, but not big»

Here comes the infamous saying: «Size does not matter, quality matters. That editor Inc., most popular business magazine in America, piece by piece dismantle the company, which became the best – not the largest – in their niches. They all overcame the temptation of rapid growth, simplify the product and were perfectionists in everything from the organization of the process to the color of branded caps. In the end Burlingame makes clear that his characters are not faceless small business, barely making ends meet, and the source of business innovation, headed by people who choose a conscious strategy. And moreover, for such companies keeps the economy of many countries.

A Russian entrepreneur, the book will be incredibly useful. First, we have a very popular small business, and second, even emerging markets like Russia is arranged so that it is right to build a business in a billion with generous investors only if there is free and protected from the state niche. And just do not everyone can break through and establish itself. The history of American small giants is extremely useful for anyone who is going to build not just any business.

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