5 healthy habits that will support the relationship in good shape

manygoodtips.com_11.08.2015_ecvwJP9XjGfeaWhen you’re in the beginning stages of a relationship, everything seems bliss, and your head is filled with only one person. And that’s cool. After all, you’re incredibly happy all new. Who doesn’t love something new?

However, a few months or years, the fire may cease to Shine so bright and searing as it was before. Often couples just start to get used to each other and treat the relationship as to the obligations that stupidity was they themselves imposed.

When everything is new, intriguing disappears along with the excitement that accompanied you at the beginning of the relationship, you are alone with a friend whom you know not just as a girlfriend but as a person. What the future holds for you? What you with it connects? It is important to know about this because love is not only toxic chemical portion of the brain, but also what makes you and your friend team. Without this, so to speak, teamwork, relationships can drive you crazy, keep your individual and professional growth. Although this occurs often.

When you walk through the third or fourth year of their relationship, you have to understand that it is better to spend time strengthening them, developing the necessary skills in order to keep all the good that was in them.

There are some secrets that will allow you to improve relations. Maybe they are not perfect and do not always work, but superfluous will not be.

1. Stop worrying about other pairs

You may see when your friends spend more time together or indulge in travelling, or maybe just to earn good money and able to spend on each other more money. This may unsettle. They look happy, their relationship seem more United, but to compare their feelings with the feelings of others – a false way.

It is important to stop comparing yourself to other couples. Stages of life everyone may be different. Life is not a competition, and you’re not competing with anyone for the title of «best couple of the year». You need to develop your own pace which you live.

2. Do not discuss your relationship with other people

The worst enemy of your relationship is your own language. No need to discuss anyone’s personal life, even if that «someone» is your own mother. Usually after you quarreling with his girlfriend (well, she’s with you), need time to cool off. Sometimes, two hours is not enough even a whole day. Jumping to conclusions can kill a lot. Chill out and don’t tell anyone, because if you tell about a similar situation, such as a friend, he’ll be remembered as a red flag, thinking that you have it all the time. You don’t want to friend looked like a monster from hell?

3. Time for sex is always there

And it must prove to your partner. Generally, a man who doesn’t want sex, is a very strange man, but we all know that in life there are stages when you’re just exhausted and you just want to eat something and quickly go to sleep. So, even if sex is the last thing you have in mind for a certain period of time, then they still should not be neglected. This is an important part of any relationship. Sexual activity better supports other spark between you and your girlfriend.

4. Respect each other

Banal advice, but which is necessary for many of us! You can disagree with a friend, with all her beliefs, but should respect them. She might vote for the party that you hate or do not like the food that you love and movies you choose to share. In any situation, you can find a nice compromise, the important thing is not to start dismantling ahead of time. If you don’t respect your girlfriend, you better don’t be.

5. Be honest

A difficult task, especially for people who know each other, their habits, weaknesses, strengths. Some people think that after 5 years of relationship don’t need to swing for the fences and talk about their feelings, about the problems that accumulate under the heart. These people often just start to ignore each other the questions they answer short, moth-eaten phrase, «all is well», «I’m fine», «everything is fine». The tone with which say all of these phrases makes clear that nothing in the order. But the people, living together, wean to talk about their feelings, which exacerbates the problems. Ignorance out of spite. We need to solve problems, not run away from them. This rule applies to many things, but in relationships most.

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