5 hardcore drinking games from around the world


During the party you need to entertain the whole hog. This will help you drinking game. They can be really cool when you gathered with your friends and you have a good drink. Here are five best hardcore drinking games from around the world.

Japan: Ping, pong, pang

The game starts when one of the dudes says the word «ping». The man on the left from this dude says «pong» and indicates one who must say «Pung». Then everything repeats in a circle, following the «ping» says the one who said «pong». The first one who gets confused, has to drink. When someone is confused, everyone goes, «IKI, IKI, IKI», which means «bottoms up!» Can you imagine how hard people get drunk when they confuse the word — and the more you drink, the more you have a chance to keep track of the game. The Japanese often play this game, drinking sake.

UK: Centurion

The Brits know how to have fun, not take away from them. And they know how to play drinking games, for example, in the «centurion». The rules are simple: each player must drink a shot of beer per minute, a hundred minutes straight. They can go to the bathroom when they get back to the point, how will drink again. You drink one hundred shots, never missing, wins. Only drunk, only hardcore!

Latin America: Dudo

This game, according to the legend, already four years, she has allegedly been playing the Incas. Each player throws the dice Cup and not showing them to other players. All the players say, how many bones they have in the glass, until someone will say, «No way!» If a player is the truth is caught in a lie, he will have to drink the whole glass.

USA: beer pong

This is the best drinking game of America, while a team game! People divided into two teams which are facing each other. In front of each team are 10 beer mugs, they form a triangle — like billiard balls before the game. Mugs, by itself, complete. The team are thrown into circles of the enemy balls for ping-pong. Someone managed to get into the Cup, drinks from her beer. The game continues until the vessel is empty. A little less hardcore option (or more?) to use disposable cups, they contain less beer, but you can top up!

Russia: Tiger has arrived!

It is a less known fun than seeing a brown bear, so we chose it. Besides, you can play it interesting because the game is played for money. Before drinking each participant puts on the table, say, ten rubles — rates are negotiable. Then all relax and drink, thinking about nothing until some dude screaming: «Tiger is coming!» Here are all urgently need to throw rush under the table and sit there until the type does not deign to shout: «the Tiger is gone!» Then all came out from under the Desk, making new bets and drinking again until the next time. What’s the point? And that from under the table with the time out not all, and win the one who will be able to make it last. Money too get him.

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