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It’s amazing how much we know about space and how little about their own body. But it is also in some sense the whole universe. With its laws, causes and effects. If you Wake up in the morning with a terrible headache, there’s always a reason. If you feel that your lungs are trying to crawl out from the eyes and ears, then you should go to the doctor. But the organism is not only empty and unstable machine-flagellation. It has secrets that can ease your pain. Nature has endowed your body with many useful pieces that are sure to help.

Ice and hand

Eastern medicine is perceived by us, Europeans, or as a miracle treat, cure or thrash, manipulation, abuse of logic and sense. However, as often happens, lies somewhere in the middle. For example, there is such a thing as acupuncture. «Doctors» who like to pierce needles other people believe that the human body has sensitive pressure points, which can be configured by using needles. One of these points is at the intersection between the index finger and thumb. It is believed that she is responsible for the pain.

And surprisingly, if the pressure at this point, it is possible to alleviate the physical suffering. It sounds like a complete unscientific nonsense that some kind of Scientology and the fact that we are descended from mutant aliens from outer space.

However, research shows that gentle massage with a piece of ice in this area is quite effective analgesic. So effective that in some cases this technique is used during childbirth.

A similar study was conducted on people who were bothered by a toothache. So, ice massage helped to reduce that the pain in 50% of subjects. Maybe that’s kind of a placebo. But if it works, why not use it? So when you have a toothache, do not forget to add a cold bottle of beer to the area between the index finger and thumb.

Sleep helps the exams

But you’re still going to act in anarcho-chaotic style. Preparation for exams is something like a scene from Mad max. Conventional testing, as it seems, becomes an important stage in your life, and this phase passes under a gallon of Red Bull and tons of caffeine. Let’s say it’s 10 PM, and tomorrow morning is the exam. What to do? To learn the material, until dawn? Hardly!

To maximize the potential of their memory, the brain needs to rest. Better to do less work and sleep. Don’t have to sleep all night, but research shows that it is better to quickly review the material before going to sleep, not kill themselves tickets till the morning, till the blood to become espresso.

Even 45-60 minutes of sleep can revitalize the power of your memory. And the approach «I have to read all those tickets by that time» is no good. The Germans, and we’re talking about scientists in General brought out the best circumstances to remember. Here’s a secret scheme: read some tickets and go to bed for a couple of hours, then read it some tickets and go back to sleep.

It seems that the magic of this trick is somewhere in the region of the hippocampus – this part of the brain responsible for long term memory.

Look at nature – focus

Now most of the population lives in a grey and stifling cities. Carbon monoxide, a lot of machinery, concrete wall, mirror, and burning high-rise. The vegetation is on the face, but quite a few on the roads. Greens are generally small, especially in winter. There are, of course, South of the city, such as Krasnodar. Trees here, it seems, are not going to fall off, but still has an atmosphere of gloomy city swamp.

Besides, the man goes from nature, as if he loved her. There are bears that can rip your belly, there’s a bunch of mosquitoes, snakes and poisonous creatures, there are no supermarkets and comfort of our bedrooms and kitchens. It is impossible to log into Steam and see what new came out from Paradox Interactive. In General, too, does not live.

But there is this fear of the «natural» environment and the things that prevent us from living. For example, the nature helps you to focus, to gather my thoughts, which you cannot achieve when you look at deaf brick wall. When the brain is reeling, you always want to get out into the woods to relax, «clear his head». Isn’t faced with this?

But we’re lazy Asses, right? And as you go up to the mountains when the mountains are thousands of miles from you, and tomorrow you’re going to go see the new James bond when Daniel Craig pulls painfully his burden. So manygoodtips.com gives advice to you: just look at the pictures good quality mother Nature. Mountains, lakes, forests and fields – fits all. Your brain finds attractive is not a painting by Kazimir Malevich, namely the natural beauty of the weeping willow, not a new sports car design, and the stones scattered elements here and there at the lake.

The University of Melbourne will confirm our words, because its scientists have conducted on this topic is quite large (150 participants) study which proved that last 40 seconds of contemplation of the beauty of nature, to increase concentration, reduce error rates, improve brain activity. It is pure psychology. Just keep in mind that our brains work and live in an artificial, constructed environment. It roughly works out. So let him see from time to time his real home.

The hunger helps me think better

Hunger is primarily a loss of performance for any task. You become more frantic, you have dizziness, you become impulsive. Every man knows that to go to the grocery store on an empty stomach better not. In a wheelchair will be a lot of unnecessary, in fact, ready-made sandwiches, chips and products at once.

But what is surprising hunger, from an evolutionary point of view, has a positive effect on the brain. This, of course, about the soft hunger, without which we would have long been extinct. Without it, our ancestors never would began to hunt mammoths, with the moss of the nearest tree. Hunger affects visual perception, enhances evolutionary important elements of the environment. From the point of view of logic, and we need to think better when slightly hungry. Moreover, we work best when scared.

And of course, the recent experiments show that you should try to make important financial decisions on an empty stomach. Hunger has the ability to change the way we perceive risk and reward. So he copes with long-term solutions. Brain hunger is necessary in order to work better. He says to you: «all Right, man. We have to do this shit to feel better.»

Crying helps in negotiations

Of course, if you’re female. There is nothing more sad than a dude who roars as a child, due to the fact that he had something there it is impossible to convey. However, in Russia, was formerly a kind of culture pay. This is evident in the classics of Russian literature, where men often threw a tear or two. It was considered normal and even proper for men. Was crying for a different reason: bad things, joy, happiness, birth of a child, a funny joke. More open was the harsh Imperial men that many surprises.

But now we are on the other. The men in white coats think the most productive way to finish the negotiations in their favor is to use the power of crying. Or make a sad cat. Even if you concede out of pity. The research on this topic was conducted more than a hundred people. And the result was always the same. If you look sad, others show you sympathy and give in.

Odd actually. However, it works in certain situations. There are instances when the subject was crying just want to punch, even if he is offering you the best deal in your life. Case, perhaps, in the positioning, that is, the whole theme works when the person feels that is in a position of lesser power than you. And while we praise the successes of different kinds of scientists, but I do not advise you or your friend throw a tantrum with tears when the seller doesn’t want to give a discount on the washing machine.

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