5 habits you lose money

Let’s be clear: we don’t know how to do? There is a thought that we did not know how to manage their finances. And it is quite a big problem.

Even when you have a acceptable salary, by the end of the month, still hard to look at a Bank account balance. And like not wasting money on something stupid, and kind of react responsibly to its budget, but still money has not increased.

And that’s not cool, because you always want something more. Want to achieve your financial goals. For some, it is a cool grill for another trip to Lapland. And where to get the money? We pay bills, we buy food, put it on a future child’s education. Where is the space? Its that at all? Or is it possible to save a bit of Finance for myself?

1. «Drain» additional income

I mean, when was the last time you received a promotion or award, or even a few thousand for any part time? What did you do with the money?

Most people use additional income as an opportunity to afford what they normally could not afford. Financial experts have called this thing «inflation lifestyle». And it doesn’t do any good.

You could spend the money, but chose to spend on it to you to live well in this moment. Meanwhile, the money ran out, and again you bite crackers It was worth it?

2. Focus on discounts

How often have you bought a thing that you don’t need, but which had a nice price?

This habit is hurting your budget, and also makes you an idiot. Of course, the costs can be low, and you would think that a couple extra thousand doesn’t mean anything, but these thousands accumulate. Treat discounts as traps for your money. More about this can read here.

3. Loans

Situation in life may be different. For example, someone from the family might get sick and he needs medication. If not enough money, options, in addition to the loan, no. But many of us occupy, so to speak, «to pay», when just a little patience. Because in the end you joy, the money will not give. They would rather pressure you, than to help. Therefore it is better to wait and not to impose on extra obligations.

4. Spontaneous purchases

A frequent problem which usually leads to the loss of not only Finance, but also every mood. Here you go to the Mall, I see an awesome cool red sofa and, without hesitation, buy it, pay shipping, and then sitting on him as if he lived all the roles Keanu Reeves. Don’t do that. And there is a great rule on this matter. Every time a purchase goes beyond 1000, you go home and think about it for two days. Do not change your mind, you bought it. So, apparently, you really want it.

5. A lot of cash

Own experience and animal share of practicality showed us that if you carry as much money as you need on the costs you spend much less. Just don’t bring extra money, not take money «just in case». Tempted to buy something unnecessary greatly reduced when you will not have this opportunity.

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