5 habits that kill you

In addition to Smoking, alcoholism and chronic idiocy, there are habits that much more dangerous. They are dangerous because the are of a domestic nature, and often we don’t even know their danger.

Dirty air in the house

The air in the house, he is the air. What harm can it do? In the morning to air out, if it stinks, air freshener sprayed and normal, and Alpine freshness and a clean house guaranteed. Meanwhile, 4.3 million people die prematurely every year from diseases associated with air pollution in households (world health organization).

Cooking, especially baking and roasting, fills the air substances that are also contained in tobacco smoke cause inflammation of the respiratory tract.

Air fresheners – just a real slow poison. Lovers pour the «Lily» my apartment, except for freshness, visit phthalates, carcinogenic benzene, toxic formaldehyde and diethyl. As you can see, synthetic fragrances more harm.

Since no heating not enough, at least ventilated the apartment more often and use air fresheners and deodorants less.

Too much protein

For meat lovers, this information seem to rave about the dangers of everything in the program Helen malyshevoy. But, unfortunately, many scientists, including the British, have proven that animal proteins contain growth hormones that are directly associated with the spread of the cancer, that is, people who consume large amounts of animal protein have the risk of dying from cancer is four times higher.

Of course, protein is an important element of food for humans. So that to abandon them is not worth it in any case. And replace them with vegetable is also not necessary. Just eat less meat.

A sedentary lifestyle

If you a couple of times a week I go to the gym, not the fact that you got a deal with a healthy lifestyle. If everything else is in a sitting position, that is, the probability of Contracting a bad disease of the colon, prostate and lung. So try to minimize the time spent on the «gatherings». At least get up from the table and get warmed up every 20 minutes, if the work does not allow more.

And especially try to limit the time sitting at the computer. Trust me, it’s better to lie.

Insufficient sleep

Well, I again slept only 4 hours? Why? … He worked At the morgue some shut-eye? How would this morgue did not come too early because chronic sleep deficit is associated with high blood pressure, increased risk of heart attack, stroke, obesity and various other problems. Some have compared lack of sleep Smoking several cigarettes a day. And then, sleeplessness, nervous breakdown, problems with pressure and welcome to our office! We have a wide choice of coffins.

«The meeting» in the bathroom

It turns out that the «pose of the eagle», which earlier was practiced in the Soviet toilets, where instead of toilets there were holes in the floor, better for health than toilet seats. This is a more natural posture, which is especially helpful for people experiencing bowel problems. Sweet hearts (and not only) many people’s habit to sit with a magazine in the water closet, turning away from the bustle, harmful. And there are already scholars knock on the door, they say don’t stay up! Squatting requires less voltage reduces the risk make hemorrhoids and other privacy rectum.

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