5 great paintings that will decorate your wall

Again, we suggest you great things that will brighten even the gloomy house. Paintings, posters, prints – all that you should know if you want to pass a guy who is famous for its good taste. Besides, it is nice, sitting in a chair, drinking some cool drink and take in the majestic beauty of art.However, the picture the picture is different. And the Internet is flooded with all sorts of trash, that just do not like neither your girlfriend nor your dog, nor you. There are posters that even the mirror begins to crack from the disturbance. There is in them beauty and art, no original ideas or dignified. From this and the impression that art doesn’t always look acceptable for residential building. Some images are just not suitable for home walls. But such a view is wrong, just need to be able to choose and always adhere to high standards.

And for that you have manygoodtips.com that will always help with good advice. And here are our 5 paintings that will never be ashamed to hang on the wall.

Retro posters

I have the feeling that the assertion that fashion always moves in a circle quite right. And there is some atmosphere in the posters, in the style of 50-60 years of the twentieth century. First and foremost, we mean the States, although in the Soviet agit-art was very interesting. But the Americans were able to do softer, more home-like. Besides, their movies have influenced us much more than the Soviet. It turns out that their posters cause we have no less a sense of nostalgia than our own.

On this poster depicts, apparently, one of the models of Cadillac. Perhaps Eldorado Seville 58. Recommend to hang it in the room where you usually eat burgers or pizza. Entourage creates a roadside diner in the best sense of the word.

The Old Guitarist

In 23 years of Pablo Picasso, perhaps, wrote one of the coolest genre of their works. It is called «the Old Guitarist», and it is difficult to find something more interesting on the subject of street musicians. Picture of knock you right at first sight. Now, if we say clear, the picture has not lost its relevance. It is, as before, cool and viable. Picasso himself claimed that «the Old Guitarist» is a real person who lived in Paris in the quarter of the poor among prostitutes, artists and circus performers.

If your room is dominated by a dark wooden tones, the picture with the «blue period» Picasso gorgeous will be included in the interior. «Guitarist» is not just a décor in your house, but a full resident with a special story.


Danae is the girl, fell in love with Zeus, but could not learn until I turned redhead beauty in the rain. This mythological story from which the memory of the lives of many dudes. And Gustav Klimt is a wonderful artist-modernist who liked to paint half-naked friends, and he did it perfectly. Do I need to explain something? Or do you really think that beautiful redhead girl on your wall would be superfluous? Add cultural eroticism to your bedroom, and you will have happiness!

Sinking ship

To write the sea and the ships can only be our native Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky. Even real pictures of the storm taken on a professional camera, does not always convey the diversity and grandeur of the sea, as did Aivazovsky. In his many works of magnificence and certain natural terror, that makes us better to use our brain, clears the mind.

«Sinking ship» was written in 1854, the brilliant marine painter able to convey the devastating power of the sea and the smallness of man in front of her. However, the ship being at the mercy of huge waves, despite the name, still does not sink. This Aivazovsky wanted to show that there is always hope for the best outcome even in the most terrible circumstances.

Overall, the picture is really cool. It can be hung on the workplace or in a room dominated by cool shades. It looks great.

At the bullfight

Yes, it is fashionable to criticize this Spanish tradition, but it could not have come in one man’s head. Here the bullfighter goes to battle with a healthy and powerful bull. He needs not only to protect themselves from the enraged animal, but also to impress the audience with his art. However fear to fall under the sharp horns always remained, the adrenaline boiling in your blood, toreador, meanwhile, sees nothing but the red silhouette of a bull on a black background.

A great choice for accommodation in the room where you usually spend time with friends. Generous portion of testosterone in your design.

All the examples we took our cool and culturally-savvy friends from the store Modulka. There can buy these kosher reproductions.

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