5 great gadgets that will make you look an idiot

manygoodtips.com_28.08.2014_ax8rdWpUE4wSwAt one point the brightest minds of engineering decided that the presence of a smartphone in your pocket is not enough to be a happy and contented life of man. Thanks to these inventions you’re going to annoy every passer-by with his stupid views and belief in the use of advanced technologies.

5. Narakasura


Welcome to the world of the future! Finally it came and he looks Asian woman tied to the head with an iPhone! The device will allow everyone to see how much you hate them.

No, this isn’t just a dashing fashion accessory! This work is a sensor of brain waves by the method of a special algorithm. The device records those moments that your subconscious is characterized as interesting. And that’s not all! Each record is assigned a rating of «interestingness» from 1 to 100.

For example, this empty street only gets a 33 score on a scale of subjective assessments of this woman. But clean road, good pavement, obviously draws on 56 points!

As you can see, that everyone can see not only what you write, but even the exact numeric value your brain assigns boring and dull the faces of passers-by.

But don’t worry, if the so-called «friends» appreciated your face in 5 points, and a half-eaten pretzel in 73, you can revenge on them by using the following inventions.

4. USB lamp-cap


A great way to dazzle your friends.

The good news: you can finally connect your headpiece to your computer, allowing your cap to become not only a fashionable accessory, but also a USB drive.

The bad news: anyone who looks at you when you’re wearing this thing will probably get a strong headache because the cap is equipped with a powerful flashlight.

This product is funded Indiegogo, and they promise to provide not only a metaphorical beam of light that will allow to charge the smartphone from the cable that sticks out of my head, but also a literal ray of power which would be envied by any miner.

For extra fun, there is a mode infrared lighting that makes you look bleached out monster on any photo. You’ll be a star on any wedding photo session!

3. inCync,cap-Bluetoothh


If you are annoyed by people who talk as if to themselves through the Bluetooth headset, what do you say to this invention that broadcasts the opposite side of the conversation with the headdress? This gadget is attached to the headdress and translates not only the dialogues but also the sounds of your favorite music or audiobooks. Please sleepy surrounded by the morning metro last album of the American-Armenians!

But if you is not enough and to meet the thrust cyborgization, look at this…

2. «Smart glasses» Atheer One»


This gadget will make you look crazy Doc brown from the second part of «Back to the future».

The head of the company Atheer said that their glasses will simulate a 23-inch screen at half the distance of an outstretched hand. Although this technology is compatible with existing Android applications, more points are designed for specific tasks such as 3D design, design, modelling and more.

And if it seems that you’re waving in the air hands in a fit of madness, it is not. You just work at the virtual computer that only you can see.

1. Pants-drums


Drum Pants are equipped with sensors that reproduce the sounds of a drum set, when you touch them.

Oh… now you will surpass all assholes who loudly whispering in the cinema, or engage in loud conversations at the next table in a cafe, any of the Whistler at the bus stop and talking on the phone the lady in the bus. Now people will bask in the glow of your «shock» … And your indispensable beating will create an unforgettable and too sweet soundtrack for the surrounding passers-by.

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