5 great cigars for real men

Anton «our everything» Pavlovich once said: «If a man does not drink or smoke, I had to think – and not a bastard he?». This wise thought quietly sums up our attitude to the male subject after the knife and lighter – cigar. Inexperienced pioneers in the cigars, Indians of South America in the 16th century gave the Spanish conquistadors tradition that will outlast time and become a true personification of wisdom and greatness.

Why Cuba became a trend-setter? Well, firstly, there was opened the first factory (almost five hundred years ago). Unfortunately, the stiff British with their tubes immediately realized the rudeness cigar and began to smoke only in 1717. Second, this contributed to the two centuries the monopoly of the Spaniards. Already to the 20-th years of the last century, smoked cigars every self-respecting gentleman. Third, old Fidel Castro himself famously popularized not only the spirit of the revolution.Now the fashion for them began to revive again. Recent studies almost equate Smoking cigars to non-smokers, so more and more newcomers discover the world of fragrant herbal smoke (we, of course, is not about vapers with their chemistry). And since even in Cuba there are many manufacturers, not counting companies in other countries – the choice in this environment is truly great. So we tried to collect the most interesting and quality items for every taste and sense of smell.

1. Cohiba Behike 56

One of the youngest brands of mother Cuba managed to gain considerable popularity and this year celebrated its 47 anniversary, although appeared even earlier. Initially these cigars were designed most Castro arrived on the island heads of state. Fidel signed a contract with a manufacturer that came up with the bouquet of aromas, but big plans are not built, not even inventing a first name. This guy was Eduardo Rivera, a relative of the personal bodyguard of the Cuban leader, so long to hide the flavor of their products, even if he wanted to, he could not. Anyway, since then, Castro has only smoked Cohiba, always and everywhere.

Fidel Castro: Two things I will never regret is the struggle for the freedom of Cuba and my love for cigars.Behike 56 even nazarenos carries subtle fruity berry aroma with a hint of honey and leather, and even subtle noble incense. But if you bring the fire, and then absorb the smoke, you can feel the chocolate, nougat and flowers. In the second third waiting for you spicy walnuts, and the third will come to complement the flavor of the taste of champagne or something stronger. As befits such an iconic brand, hand twisting allows you to fully enjoy the cigar and savoring will take 1.5-2 hours. That is, if you observe the etiquette of Smoking and delayed not often minutes. Quite durable and soothing. No wonder Cuban proverb says: «Those who smoke Cohiba will never die of cancer, but those who do not smoke will die of envy».

2. Cohiba Esplendidos

One of the traditions Cohiba is that in the factory from its inception worked only by women. As it is in recognition of Celia Sanchez Manduley, a real heroine of Cuba and the mistress of Fidel. So Esplendidos – the kind of girlfriend who is able to strike a playful mix of fruits and honey-Valerian notes. But be prepared that in the second third you will meet a sudden contrast: after the unexpectedly heavy thrust will come refreshing taste, and then it changes to a caramel-creamy bouquet that will only intensify in the last third of the cigar. In the end there will be a nice heat coffee beans, which will override the weak mint chill. To dedicate this of the shrew «lady» will have more than two hours, and the fortress seems a little above average.

3. Romeo y Julieta Churchills

Shakespeare’s tragedy of the late 16th century, inspired not only many loving couples and playwrights beginners, but the creators of cigars. Almost three centuries after the publication of the play, in 1875, comrades (and perhaps rival clans?) Inocencio Alvarez and Mannin Garcia founded the new brand, in ten years, won a mountain of awards, which you can see on the logo. But really promoted the company in the market of Jose «Pepin» Rodriguez Fernandez, who became its owner in the early 19th century. For marketing, he even bought a thoroughbred horse, and calling her Juliet, and began to chase her gallop across all European, and not only jumps.

Winston Churchill: get me a cigar and I’ll start a war with you.In Churchills its a different story: as can be seen from the first glance, the name she received, and after a factory visit by sir Winston Churchill. The spirit of hard, but a wise Prime Minister cigar passes fine. Clear hints of wood, leather and spices change the flavor of vanilla and herbs, and then rolls a heavy pull, and until the middle of the smoke becomes thicker and richer, carrying notes of roasted peanuts. Until the end of the cigar heats up quite significantly and clearly requires a combination of soft Cuban coffee Serrano.

4. H. Upmann Magnum 56

Surely you have heard the famous story that the day before the signing of the Us embargo on cigars in 1961, Kennedy asked his Secretary to buy him a large stock of Cuban «Babes». So, it all had to be H. Upmann! In addition, it is known that it preferred this brand to other Amateur simbolismo Sigmund Freud (too oxen, with the 30 cancer surgery sky). Once a disciple asked him if there was any character in that he constantly puts in his mouth is so oblong. To which he replied: «Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar».

The unusual name was born thanks to the founding brothers of the German bankers Herman and August Upmann. Deciding not to use their names, they stopped at the Spanish «hermanos» — «the brothers», by taking the first letter. Because the factory was in Cuba, and to disseminate the products I had at home in Germany, the brothers invented a special box for transatlantic traffic. They sold cigars to this day.

Sigmund Freud: as soon As you pick up a cigar, you become a philosopher.Plump Magnum draws its dark brown (maduro) and released in a limited edition in boxes of 25 pieces. The first feeling here is, perhaps, the most unusual, even magical: with every breath, everything felt stronger coffee foam, which gradually develops into a toasted almond and pine nuts. Due to the low strength of the cigar, these flavors are not flushes strong pull. In the last third of lurk invisible earthy notes, which would be better to brighten up an excellent cognac. Because of length it is small, this nugget smoked for about an hour.

5. Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo de San Juan

In 1831, the Catalan josé generators emigrated from Spain to Cuba at the age of 13, where he began working on the plantation of his uncle in the Vuelta, Abajo. After 12 years, he opened his own factory in Havana and released his own line of cigars. And in 1865, registered a new brand Hoyo de Monterrey, in honor of his plantation. Products Jose was proud of rather immodestly, but deservedly so – for the production of selected only the best tobacco. Moreover, the ancient production technology are supported by the brand now.

George sand: a Cigar is an integral part a life of leisure and elegant.Traditionally the brand uses in its innards leaves «Ligero» rich in nicotine and are responsible for strength. However, this instance is very easy and graceful, in spite of the considerable dimensions, explicitly add respectability. Here is a very tight twist, so that the combustion will be equal. The first third is a skilful symbiosis of spices and flowers of different taste. Appear in the middle of the sandy dough and mushrooms, however, here briefly. It is desirable to reach the end, despite the bad about the last third, because to resist the aroma of noble wood is incredibly difficult. In General, this is the same instance that was created for use with a bottle of Cuban rum. It is desirable in terms of the sea breeze and the aromas of a distant port town, a thousand devils…

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