5 good and 5 bad quotes from presidential candidates USA

The whole world is eagerly waiting for the presidential election in the United States. Other such interesting is not expected, and about our remembering does not make sense. Who will win? We will know in the autumn, and yet to answer the question of what needs to understand the candidate in presidents of any country? Of course, in the financial and economic Affairs, especially in times of crisis. America is the most important areas, largely because the economic aspect is decisive in the presidential race. We will look at 5 good and 5 bad statements on the subject of finances and just life situations from the most interesting presidential candidates.

Good advice

manygoodtips.com_30.06.2016_PYgXYNa8AmSiNThe idiot in the presidents not nominated. Even George W. Bush was not as dumb as he was portrayed. No, there is of course the idiocy is obvious, but not to such an extent. So let’s hear what good have advised candidates.

Donald Trump

Such is the nature of man: one who was able to succeed, invariably causes jealousy and envy. There are people (I call them losers) who enjoy fixing trouble those who are able to achieve success.

– Donald trump «the Art to make deals» –you Love Donald trump or hate, but to listen to him, especially when he talks about business, definitely worth it. Really, jealousy does not carry anything useful. Successful people and successful that focuses only on your goals, not envying the successes and gloating over the misfortunes of others. Is the destiny of the miserable little personalities, like Panikovsky. When it comes to your finances, concentrate on what you are doing to make a fortune, and don’t let others distract you from your long-term goals.

Hillary Clinton

Every minute we spend looking back, prevents us from moving forward.

– Hillary Clinton during her speech in honour of the support of Barack Obama June 7, 2008 –As if we all didn’t want to take Hillary in a nursing home, no matter how much hate it with my husband (a lot nudisim in the White house) has not caused all over the world, no matter how much the actions of a violent nature would not like to do with her after her radical statements, we have to admit that sometimes this woman says sensible things.


It’s really very clever, the fool would not come close to the presidency is so close.

As for that phrase, then perhaps you need something razmusolivat? Every second spent in mourning over his failure, throws you on many miles ago. Success does not like the last time. Get that into your head now, then to not be cause for surprise.

Bernie Sanders

It is better to give, than to give up.

– Bernie Sanders on Twitter may 1, 2015 –This time-tested truth that perseverance is the key to success. Even if you fail in their intended purpose, you gain experience for solving future problems. This is what meant such a difficult philosophical passage of the mysterious candidate.

Jeb Bush

My goal, and I believe that we can achieve, to provide full employment. So we have to be much more productive, and then part of the labor force will increase for all time modern lows.

– Jeb Bush in an interview with New Hampshire»s Union Leader –it is Unclear how Bush was going to provide full employment. Modern macroeconomic models suggest that productivity is the driving force behind long-term success of a particular country or company.


On a personal level, if you want a raise at work, you need to learn to work smarter and more productive, not necessarily longer than the others. When it comes to your money, know that habits would best allow you to save money.

Still Jeb Bush for his statements went more father than brother, they were making fun of the whole world.

Ben Carson

Success is not determined by the face you will not face obstacles but your reaction to them. And if you look at these obstacles as a small fence, they become a reason for refusal. If you look at them as the major obstacle, it will make you stronger.

– Ben Carson «gifted hands. The story of Ben Carson» is a Brilliant neurosurgeon, a writer, was going to be the second black President of America, Ben Carson, these words have tried to emphasise a positive influence, determination, and the destructive power of pessimism. The situation of force majeure will create an action plan to achieve your goals and can help you to deal with other financial problems in the future.

Bad advice

manygoodtips.com_30.06.2016_3qfi5nElhqjKNHowever, not always the words of the candidates should be taken seriously. Sometimes such nonsense will tell you that I understand how lucky Americans that the candidate has already dropped out of the race. Hillary Donald is also not always necessary to listen, as if they were not experienced in political and financial Affairs. After these tips people can and will go bankrupt.

Donald Trump

I have read hundreds of books about China over the decades. I know Chinese. I made a lot of money with the Chinese. I understand the Chinese mind.

– Donald trump «the Art to make deals» Is of course great, the East is a delicate matter, and the Chinese mind — it is scary. But the downside of that phrase is not in excessive pathos.


You can consider yourself very educated, know all the ins and outs of the business, to understand demographic and social situation, but alone, this knowledge does not go far. It is necessary to conduct periodic inspection of the modules for your stock portfolio. It is impossible to conclude transactions only on the basis that the company historically had a good name and a long tradition of communication with the client. In the end, do not forget that for a long time, trump was bankrupt with debts of several billion.

Hillary Clinton

A guide to planting trees under whose shade you will never sit.

– Hillary Clinton in a speech about her economic thinking in new York Is not nonsense, we are talking about investment in the future. It is surprising that an educated man aspiring to the presidency, said such a stupid thing. In fact, he pooped all businessmen and parents who pay a lot of money for the education of their children in College, instead of to live happily in retirement. It perfectly describes hill (I think if she lived in Odessa, it would be called) as a very strange leader. The leader is obliged to take on additional financial burden and to help those who need it. Because the only competent long-term investments there is an opportunity to enjoy the shade of the trees… So, you cannot say that you planted them, but you can say that you bought them.

Bernie Sanders

For many the American dream turned into a nightmare.

– Bernie Sanders in his article «No oligarchy» –Even for residents of countries with a high living wage (not just for Americans), owning a home is a distant reality.


So Bernie is partially right. But in the same article he wrote primarily about class inequality in modern American society, and that the «American dream» is meaningless. The politics, no one should discourage you from the dream to live well. You have resources, you have powers, you have time, head on his shoulders — so what’s stopping you to reach your goal?

«…the American dream of a country where every human life is better, richer and fuller, where everyone will have the opportunity to get what he deserves,» wrote James Adams, and not only in America want to live well.

Jeb Bush

This means that people have to work longer for their productivity to earn more income for their families. This is the only way to get out of the rut in which we find ourselves.

– Jeb Bush in an interview for «New Hampshire»s Union Leader» –I Want to understand why Bush so early dropped out of the race — look at his campaign. And it’s not hateful to the presidential family. The growth of labor productivity is essential to increase economic prosperity, but the performance is not the same as a few hours. Jeb Bush ignored in his interview, things like improved efficiency and hard work.

Ben Carson

I asked: «Why take the risk?» — and I said, «why not risk?»

– Ben Carson in the article «Take the risk» –the Risk, of course, is an integral part of business and investing, but know that any risk should be based on a cold calculation, individual conditions and market efficiency, rather than waiting.

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