5 gifts for those who appreciate the sound

The problem with gifts for music lovers is that they the hell, it is very difficult to find a decent gift that they will appreciate. Audiophiles too serious about the «proper sound». If you have your ears never understood the difference between mp3 and flac format, then you don’t have to take on responsibilities regarding the choice of gift — leave everything to us. We, in turn, decided to select six the most appropriate gifts from the realm of good sound. Chose only high-quality models, which, however, will not eat up your whole salary Everything fits into a democratic budget.

1. Player FiiO X1II

Brand FiiO is a classic, without which we would not know that such good sound for good money. The new model is attractive from several sides. First, it is still compact and can fit even into a small pocket in the smallest midget on Earth. Compactness is an additional reason to buy a player, if you like forever to fill the expanse of his jacket was full of stuff — a place for player. Second, the new model is much more convenient previous. The fact that the FiiO engineers have developed a unique touch wheel, which has much higher sensitivity, mobility and reliability. About damage to the wheels can be forgotten, because it is most annoying, because before, when you bought the player, the first break or the wheel, or the headphone Jack.

However, the main feature of the FiiO X1II there is support for Bluetooth 4.0 — it helps to establish wireless communication chipset F1C81. In practice it looks as follows — the enjoyment of music with very little latency and high sound quality. If you suddenly decided to give someone a player for the New year, then the best choice is the FiiO X1II.

2. Headphones KOSS BT539i

Let’s look at some good headphones, and so that you had a choice to recommend one manufacturer will not. Let’s start with the KOSS headphones BT539i. Manufacturer directly from America and began his ascent to Olympus sound in the era of the «flower children» in the 60s of the twentieth century. Even then, they began to produce unique headphone with a pleasant sound, and now the manufacturer line, where everyone can find what he can afford. If you buy expensive headphones, then get a clean live sound, if cheaper, then get a good sound, which is not ashamed to listen to the new album by the Rolling Stones.But back to the specific headphone. BT539i is a full — size headphones, which have the ability to transmit audio over the Bluetooth connection. In other words, the wire you don’t need, although the model has detachable cable if you want to listen to music with wire. Also KOSS is conveniently reinforced headband and earpads D-profile that provide a better fit. Note that these headphones have a microphone in your Arsenal, but it is not on the cable and inside the right bowl.

3. Audio-Technica: turntable and headphones LP60BT SR5BT

Here will recommend two high-quality product, even though we promised to consider only the headphones, but we couldn’t pass up a vinyl player. But first, let’s say that the manufacturer Audio-Technica has long since acquired cult status among music lovers due to its legendary sound. This is a Japanese company, which was founded in 1962. They initially made a bid for professional sound, so Audio-Technica has supplied audio equipment for events such as the Olympics, world Cup and super Cup — real geniuses of sound.

So, vinyl proigryvatelya-LP60BT fully automatic. It has support for Bluetooth, which gives the opportunity to bring old-school sound in the era of wireless technology. The player can be easily connected to devices that operate on Bluetooth (speakers, headphones, receivers). You can also connect the player to a different audio via dual RCA cable. This vinyl monster cast support plate is made of aluminum, built-in pickup equipped with a replaceable diamond tip. A great choice if you want to understand what is the advantage of the plate.

With headphones the Japanese have turned out very well also. Model ATH-SR5BT is characterized by its lightness and high sound quality. Of course, they are wireless and they have integrated a Bluetooth module that can store up to 8 different devices. Their «vitality» is also unquestioned — on a single charge working up to 38 hours. The connection is one touch thanks to NFC technology, and Abashiri foam that brings a little comfort to your hard or an easy life.

4. Headphones Marshall Mid

If you ever held a guitar, you have to remember that guitar amplifiers Marshall is the best it can be for guitar playing. They perfectly capture the sound, enriching the sound palette and create the tube sound that is so prized by musicians of the «old school». Actually, look at concerts with your favorite bands and immediately see what everyone is using Marshall apparatus. It is clear that such a badass player in the market of audio equipment should be even and headphones and we found them — called Marshall Mid.

The headphones Mid is a serious «toy». It reproduces sound codec aptX, which guarantees excellent quality. At the same time, charge the headphones can last up to 30 hours. Feature engineering headphone is a large dynamic emitters, through which creates a balance between clarity and the right amount of bass. If your friend is demanding of the listener, that is what he should be. And if we talk about convenience, then Marshall Mid no problems — ergonomic design and very nice headband.

5. Headphones Plattan ADV Wireless

These headphones were released by Swedish brand URBANEARS. The Swedes in the first place put not only the sound quality, although it is wonderful, but also design and functionality. In the industry they literally burst with his unconventional approach to design and active promotion. A couple of years — and the whole Swedish market belongs to the URBANEARS, and the products are represented in more than 90 countries around the world.So, what distinguishes these headphones from all the others? Let’s start with the minus, because we are honest guys, they can only work 14 hours without recharging. Cons on this is over, because all the rest is pure delight. First, they have a built-in microphone. Secondly, ADV Wireless have an indicator light that States on the Cup of the radiator — it just looks cool. Thirdly, they hold fast to the head, can listen to music while Jogging and at the same time to answer the phone. Fourth, embrasure can be washed in the washing machine together with clothes. Fifth, ZoundPlug so you can share your music with a friend. As seen, plus the headphones much more than the minuses.

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