5 gifts for myself

Stop thinking about others! Seriously. Work, work, work, work and then, to make nice to everyone, but not themselves? We don’t understand. Any holiday, and New year especially is an occasion to please not only others, but himself. So, we do not consider it strange to give a gift. You deserve it. 2016 was the year, which means you deserve the best or at least what I want to get every guy. We have selected for you and 5 gifts that are found on popular sites like AliExpress. Of course, the Internet purchase we make through the cashback service Copicatjust to save money. If you’re reasonably fit to Finance, don’t forget to register for the service before you start shopping.1 Crossbow

In the shop «Expedition» we found the thing that could blow the roof not only you but also others. The thing is called a crossbow. The weapon itself is made in the shape of a gun, why is its size and weight is greatly reduced. The design is simple and reliable, but we are more interested in technical characteristics of the crossbow. Therefore, the tension force is equal to 36 pounds, the initial velocity of the fired arrows is 46 meters per second. The crossbow is made of carbon fiber, and as ammunition to use real arrows.

Friend think you are a fool if you pull the money is a miracle. But you’re not trying for a girlfriend, but for myself. If you like to shoot this crossbow, you can then move on to heavier counterparts that require registration.

A good book 2

When was the last time you bought a book? The kind you can hold, turn the pages and smell the printing. We are all hooked on gadgets, e-books. Someone is listening to audiobooks. But all this, by and large, this book will not replace. Therefore, we recommend that you take something from the store Ozon. If you want specifics, then pay attention to: books-laureates of the «Prosvetitel» (the best there is on the popular scientific theme), the book of Vargas Llosa (magic realism — a real discovery), the comic by Alan Moore’s «Batman. Killing joke«. This is what we do, and plan to order in the near future. You, of course, he has to prioritize — a lot of books does not happen.

3 Helmet Of The Stig

Get over it — TopGear’and no more, and then there’s the Stig, the mystery driver who was our teacher for defensive driving. Now Clarkson with two idiots working on a new show is cool too, but too American format, how we think. No British banter, which we loved in the good old days. In addition, instead of the Stig is there some kind of pompous redneck who doesn’t even knows the machines, tells unfunny jokes. But we will give the chance to the Grand Tour: let’s wait and see, as they say.

However, the old TopGear in our hearts, so we searched long and hard for a helmet of the Stig on Aliexpress and finally found it. Turned out everything is simple — score «helmet of the Stig» on the first page already find the goods necessary to you. This helmet beer drinking, but you can sit in a chair and watch your favorite series, or watch a new show and sigh at the Prim and proper British manners.

4 Snowboard

We have been putting off this moment, but we must finally take his balls in hand and coating it with steel. Winter holidays is not the time for comfort, even if the window you are waiting for the frost, which will make you beautiful. Still open for the snow season — go for it! Buy a snowboard and go to conquer the peaks — they are waiting for you! So, to get on Board if you’ve never ridden on it, is not easy. But you’re a man, not a little boy, needs to get used to such difficulties, especially if you want to achieve something in life.

About the cost of a snowboard. It is an affordable solution for everyone. Of course, snowboarding for 12 thousand rubles will be worse than the snowboard over 66 thousand rubles, but you can start with something to at least try. And then, if all goes well, and you’ll fit in, then take the Board seriously.

5 Computer game

Why not a gift? Any other gift, if you know what you want. We usually recommend to allocate the budget for such useless but pleasant joy. For example, you say to yourself: «this semester I can spend on games 1500 rubles.» Beyond this amount, do not choose, therefore, constantly engaged in the sale and trying to save money, but on the 31st you can afford more than usually buy a few games that you’ve been wanting, but did not dare to take.

We do not believe that computer games don’t deserve male attention — on the contrary, they provide an opportunity to relax, unwind and have a good time with friends, especially if you’re throwing a gaming party, when everyone come with their laptops to play around with beer and chips in with some game on the network. A great form of entertainment, if you’re a homebody. Specific game to recommend silly, although we’ve been eyeing the game «Mass Effect: Andromeda». But you can choose what you want to your taste. Origin will help you choose a game, and «Copycat» will save her.

To save money, we used the service more than once you’ve been introduced — Copicat. It is the largest and most popular cashback website, when you register gives a hundred rubles just for the fact that you chose them. Now Copycat.ru was registered more than 1 000 000 users, which suggests that the website trusts not only edition manygoodtips.com half of which this website uses one, but many other people. The service works with a large number of stores (in their directory more than a thousand — it is exactly), to register on the site in two clicks (e.g. through social networks), and you can withdraw money in any convenient way. For example, if you enter 500 rubles in cash back, you can remove them using a Bank card or Yandex.Money, WebMoney, PayPal. To work with the service is very simple: register, select the store and go into it, buy as usual and get the money into your account. If something is not clear, you can always contact support — they have a good, effective and flexible, even online chat is.

Many people ask: «what is the profit of the stores that work with Copilot?». People are always looking for the catch, but we will explain. The shop pays the Commission «Kopitoto» for the referred customer. The Commission services shares with you, the buyer. In the end, all in black. And if you add to benefit from the «refund part of the cost of buying» more and benefit from promo codes, sales and promotions, the efficiency of the purchase with cashback becomes undeniable!

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