5 giants that were destroyed

Big doesn’t means strong and sturdy, and it certainly doesn’t mean that the eternal. The story has a lot of giant designs or structures, which, unfortunately, despite its power, was destroyed. Today we will tell you about the five giants, in case you did not know about them or forgot.

1.Floating giant — Titanic


It does not matter if you history lessons of the flies believed, the famous «Titanic» known to many because of the eponymous film. So it is probably known to everyone, but cinema is cinema, and reality is another thing. The main cause of the «Titanic» was the fact that a growing America, which took their citizenship and all, felt the problem of the carriage of passengers. Millionaire S. Koundara established a prize for the Blue ribbon, to which was the fastest and largest liner. Started a race among shipbuilders, joined the company «white star of Line» built in 1911, the largest and most comfortable liner «Titanic». This giant was a length of 268 meters and a displacement of 46,000 t in order to pull a whopper on the water and it took 23 tons of tallow, train oil, and liquid soap (to lubricate the guides gangways). Everything about this giant was perfect: the size, capacity and comfort. One problem — 3 000 000 rivets of steel with sulfate that can not withstand low temperatures. The giant could survive a collision with an iceberg, everything was foreseen: the ship had a double bottom and was divided into 16 watertight compartments. The iceberg damaged some of them, but brittle rivets could not withstand the onslaught of water. The Titanic went to the bottom, paraleipsis into two parts.

2. Flying the giant airship «Hindenburg»


As you a boat name, so it will float. «Celestial Titanic» — named airship «Hindenburg», which was also huge and, unfortunately, also had a tragic end. Giant, built by the German company «Zeppelin-Roeder», was 248 m long and has a volume of 200,000 cubic meters. Inside were seats and chambers with hydrogen. The airship had taken passengers from Germany to America in three days. On one tank the giant could fly 15 000 km at a speed of 135 km/h, the Price of one way ticket was like,$ 800 — a considerable sum even by today’s standards, but in those days it was generally expensive. Not so long existed the famous «Hindenburg» (although longer than «Titanic»), in 1937, during its fourth flight it exploded and burned. First, the cause of the explosion was considered a discharge of static electricity, but in 1972 it became known that a team member Erich Spell put mine in the airship with the goal to undermine the power of Nazi Germany.

3.Trying to fly a giant lunar rocket N-1

rocket 0309714134

After the Americans landed on the moon (by the way, this is still a controversial issue), the USSR decided to keep up with and outdo the bourgeoisie, creating the largest and most powerful rocket to send men on the moon. So in 1968 under the leadership of S. P. Korolev had developed a super powerful rocket N-1, the weight of which was 2,500 t, length of 76.6 m. In the first stage of the rocket was set to 30 engines with thrust of 154 TS each. It was the largest flying ship in history. Although the flight did not take place. From 1969 to 1972, was made four attempts to launch rockets, and each time it is the first stage exploded. Each of the motors worked perfectly separately, but not together. In the end, all the details of the N-1 was destroyed on the orders, although something still remained — at the Baikonur there is a cafe, a shed which serve as the wall of the fuel tank is large and, unfortunately, never took off, rockets.

4.Tried to ride the giant — King-tank-Lebedenko

tank 1522741770

During the First world war, each of the participating countries had its own trick, which was to provide her with a quick victory. It was assumed that in our country it will be large and powerful tank of Lebedenko. However, during the creation of this giant designer probably wanted to impress the Emperor, than to help the Russian soldiers, and so some calculations were inaccurate and had errors. And if a wooden model of the tank-not at the floor in the office of Nicholas II, the tank itself could not boast of much needed tank maneuverability. The Tsar tank was like a huge bike with a gun weighing 40 tons and a diameter of the large wheels 9 m. In the tank I used 2 motors, taken from the downed German Zeppelin. The tank and failed to rush into battle, because when testing it are stuck in a small ditch. After some time, the Soviet pioneers, business guys, smashed it to scrap metal.

5.Standing and supine giant — Colossus of Rhodes

ear 1995635683

This giant existed in the year 230 BC. Built this big statue of the inhabitants, or rather, one of the architects of the island of Rhodes, in the Aegean sea. The story is. The Greeks were constantly raiding the island, wanting to capture it, and after another defeat of the Greeks, the Rhodians decided to thank and praise the patron Saint of the island of the God Apollo. Sculptor Haret tide bronze giant statue, only he did it wrong. The statue was composed of sheets with the contours of the face, extremities and genitals. He took steel frame 3 m high, filled it with stones and sheathed harvested the bronze plates. Ambitious sculptor decided to add a few more meters, the result did not calculate the costs and went bankrupt. A disproportionate of Rhodes stood for only 50 years, then the earthquake it collapsed. 900 years the giant spent on the island, but gradually the Syrian tourists pilfered it for Souvenirs.

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