5 funds from the problems of male hygiene


When your head leaves the last hair, but you will not yet thirty, you will remember how ignored our advice on men’s hygiene and grooming. Remember that any problem should be solved as soon as it begins brewing. The more you ignore the less you like yourself, friends and colleagues and especially the girls.

1. Slow hair growth

This is one of the main problems in men. Of course, it’s not as serious as, for example, a huge bald patches that don’t get rid of, and have to shave my head. But the slow hair growth — it is precisely the initial stage of baldness. Reasons for this may be several. Hormone disruption is one of the most common in this problem. Also the reason for slow hair growth can be a lack of vitamins or metabolic disorders. In these situations, of course, you should immediately consult a specialist at the first symptoms of baldness.

Some more isolated stress as one of the causes of slow hair growth. Perhaps, but checking it is almost impossible to prove too. To help in this situation is the correct selection vitamin complex scalp massage and a special hydrating mask. Also it will be useful to use special shampoos tonic long before the first symptoms of developing problems.

To prevent development of problems with slow hair growth, you can use toning shampoos with special formulas. For example, Alpha Homme from the company Estel. It has anti-inflammatory effects, tones, and caffeine promotes hair growth.

2. Dry skin


This problem occurs not only in men but also in women. Second maybe more often, but still the male gender must also fight skin dryness. Otherwise, you can turn into a real «Mad max», with nothing but cracked skin and peeling hands. To avoid dryness it is important to use creams for the hands and the right kind of cosmetics for and after shaving. If you have observed dry areas of the cheeks and neck, then you need to urgently abandon the tools with alcohol. They further dry the skin. It is better to pay attention to the cream that contains moisturizing ingredients. It is important to choose a good shower gel against dryness. Them we use every day, and it has no effect on the creation of a skin for the correct proportions of cleansing and moisturizing.

Daily moisturizing of the skin can be achieved with a properly sized shower gel with desired components in the composition. Well suited to address the problems of dry Classic Body Wash that is rich in vitamins A and E, and also relieves irritation and moisturizes the skin.

3. Weakened hair

Another reason of baldness in men is the weakening of hair roots and their subtlety in General. Of course, it is not so painful, because even the international stars of film and television proudly Shine their bald patches. But they can, they do not condemn. To prevent this problem you need to take care of the health of the hair and the health of the organism as a whole. It is impossible to deal with this problem, not looking at the root, because the cause may lie in improper digestion and polluted air of your city.

It is best to choose a shampoo to seal the hair. In it should include such useful amino acids as the as taurine, D-biotine, ceramide and arginine. Over time you’ll realize that your hair will become stronger and bigger. If the problem is more deep, in conjunction with the shampoo it is better to seek the advice of a specialist.

With weak hair problems it is better to deal with effective means to even more worsen the situation. You can use shampoo to seal the hair Bain Homme Densite. It includes all the components necessary to properly combat this problem.

4. Problem with a beard


The fashion for beards like and left, but those real men with a beard never chased trends. They wore a beard and splash and are after him. So you’d have the same cool beard as Dan Bilzerian for her to be well groomed. This article manygoodtips.com too. Briefly definitely cares for her, as for my hair, and it is better to apply for her a special shampoo for beards, which in its composition is different from regular shampoo. Active ingredients of this shampoo for beard is normally composed of essential oils of citrus (sweet orange, bitter orange, Mandarin orange), menthol, by which the beard men always emits a pleasant citrus-fresh aroma. Beard with this tool becomes softer and more voluminous.

It is useful to acquire special hygienic shampoo for beards and facial, which differs in its characteristics from conventional means for the head. That is the Wash from the company Dear Beard.

5. Irritation after shaving

The eternal problem of all men is the irritation after shaving. It seems that can get rid of it until you try dozens of different tools. One can even more harm your skin, others only temporarily ease the irritation. Probably not to convey the feeling when you do find your vehicle, which is 100% suitable for your skin type.

Another caveat to this problem is that some of the men in suits and dry shave, but not all even know of its existence. In any case, it is important to choose a gel before and after shaving it for yourself. This problem is not so serious, but if you use really improper tools, you can run it from a serious phase.

You can try a lot of lotions before and after shaving. To start, of course, possible and simple, but the risk is just losing time. We suggest to try the Weleda lotion that does not contain in its composition of ingredients based on mineral oils and synthetic fragrances.

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