5 fitness habits that are killing your results


You will surely reflect on your body when you start to choke during sex with my girlfriend. The cut that didn’t need so much to eat and drink, and rightly so, your parents said you have to train or at least occasionally get off the couch. And now you are doing three times a week in one of the trendiest gyms in the city. Doing it all in the mind. Take 2 hours pedaling, lift dumbbells, but nothing happens — it’s like you’ve hit a ceiling, beyond which there is no muscular development.

You’ll probably start to think that it in your body. If he just can’t squeeze out more than he made nature. But from my experience I would say that brings you nature, and their own habits that you think for some strange reason useful. We have collected the five most common errors that affect your score in the hall, and some of them you will be very surprised.

1 You consume before and after workouts no Matter when you do it, but if you overeat, that is, eat more than you need for normal operation your body, then you undermine your entire result. If binge-eating before exercise, the stomach is physically not give you the OK to perform many important exercises. If eating later, then throw the calories back in triple volume. Then what is the point to train, because you have to either gain muscle mass (this requires a special diet), or eat less than you take.

2 You come to the gym and only to shake hands

This sin beginners who only bought a season ticket. They come in the room and only to shake hands — nothing more. But the essence of any organism that it is a system. And if to develop it not proportional, it can happen disfigurement — I bet you look weak, as victims of Buchenwald, legs, and pumped the hands of some individuals.

This is not good, because the disproportion in the body can affect health — for example, will begin to develop dangerous sores of the spine. If you look at your body as a system, it is important for you to do comprehensively. Moreover, greater emphasis should be placed on the bottom, the main muscle and spine is your Foundation, which will help you to shake hands the way they deserve. 3 You crazy, bored and sad ever noticed that most big guys have a good temper and pleasant character? Very few of them are psychopaths. The fact that from an emotional point of view, the ducks, as a rule, more stable personality. It’s not because they’re exercising, because muscle growth is strongly dependent on the stress hormone called cortisol. That is happy and joyful person faster build muscles even at a lower load than gloomy and depressed neurotic.

That is your fault is stressful. He needed to get rid of, because stress is a trigger for cortisol, which fills your body and provokes an increased breakdown of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Cortisol can cause muscle pain, overtraining syndrome, high blood pressure. This hormone affects the process of building protein structures. So if you don’t want all your training has gone downhill, be emotionally stable — satisfied with less scandals, enough with the mood swings and be calm.

4 You forget about the warm-up


How to convince you that the warm up is a mandatory part of training? Ashamed to do? We saw the guys who go to the gym and immediately start lifting weights — doing this for about 15 minutes, and then become confused, because the muscles refuse to work properly. The fact that they thought to warm up before lifting free weight — stupid, because you «do not dangle». Hope you have no such problem. Exercise should always and honestly, it is best to stretch every time you go to a new trainer. Knead those muscle groups that shakes the simulator. And if we talk about the entire exercise as a whole, will not be more than a light jog before going to the gym weight training.

5 do You drink alcohol And we come to the very unpleasant discovery, which you already knew. Alcohol is a terrible way affects the results of training. And it affects not only that day, when you drink it, although it is the most tangible — you can say that you’re not even trained. Alcohol decreases athletic performance, leads to stagnation and decrease in muscle growth. What could you increase for the week, you will have to increase for the month. Only don’t blame, we begin to drive the game, we are the followers of the cultural drinking, and are unlikely to abandon it. But if you need real results from their training, then follow our advice — limit the use of alcohol.

If we talk about the science and the facts, alcohol is: a) inhibits the synthesis of muscle protein. This happens due to the release of the catabolic hormone cortisol; b) reduces the level of growth hormone; in) lowers testosterone and raises estrogen levels; d) causes dehydration, which can lead to dehydration (water plays a very important role in the formation of muscle).

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