5 fictional worlds, where we would like to be

There are worlds that do not actually exist, but that we have become very familiar and close. We learn about them from favorite books, movies, games, and admit it, you sometimes dream about that at least an hour to get there. Of course, with cool gadgets and weapons from our world that you have not eaten any Orc. We here in the editorial manygoodtips.com in moments of idleness like a conversation about Game of thrones and, in fact, Westeros and decided to write a top 5 fictional worlds that were engraved on our souls. Of course, there are many more, and each in their own cool and interesting, but, says our Theodore Sedin: «it is Impossible to grasp the immensity».

1. Middle earth

Work.com.ua_29.07.2015_qyGcD6zxrRwVNOf course, the list was to create an offspring of Tolkien. Detailed world, which rarely exist in peace and harmony. Besides that the most appropriate people (elves, humans, dwarves) constantly defend ourselves from any Orc the bench, so they have time to sort things out among themselves. The world itself is a continent that is divided into several kingdoms, and the lands which nominally belong to Sauron or even abandoned. By the way, middle earth is the Central continent of the world invented by Tolkien, but not the whole world. The writer left a large space in order to be able to imagine all the rest, limiting the books «the Hobbit», «Lord of the Rings» «the Silmarillion» and «Unfinished tales».

2. Hyboria

manygoodtips.com_29.07.2015_XrQ53mJHCip9nAnd if to be more precise, the Hyborian Era. It was invented by the writer Robert Howard. Yes, the same one that invented Conan the barbarian, half naked muscled folding all of the neck (although the original is more aesthetically pleasing). Hyboria world is our world, only 12 thousand years ago. Visible outlines of the modern continents, there are some similarities in the countries and peoples, until the confusion in names and cultural traits.

The world itself is huge and very rich in its diversity. Here you’ll meet the neighborhood late antiquity and developed middle ages the Ancient East and Oriental despotism, and even the likeness of the Vikings and pirates are the place to be. The world is brutal and really bloody. Exterminated peoples, there is a constant bloody meat grinder, everyone wants to rank higher and kill the applicant. In General, all as in reality.

By the way, the Hyborian Era is considered the first known fantasy universe, which was published books.

3. Hammer Of War

Work.com.ua_29.07.2015_EQlQygHAPUWNZOtherwise Warhammer. The world of war Hammer» was coined by employees of the company Games Workshop in 1983. And the work they performed great, as the world is alive and growing in very different guises. The Foundation was laid of table games, the championship which is held in almost every European country, including ours. Then there were the computer games of various genres. Now, for example, preparing a Warhammer Total War. Well, of course, the world is updated and accumulates history, as over development of the plot decently busy so writers and screenwriters.

The world itself is divided into two sides that are independent from each other. One of them you’re in a classic fantasy world that contains magic, dragons, wizards, humanoid lizards, and a bunch of other creatures. On the other side – distant future, a bleak and unflinching, where the outer expanses of the Universe are many conflicts, invasions and horrors. The leitmotif of the entire world, as you guessed, there is a total war between the different races. And you have to stand on the side of one of these races, radically differ from each other in appearance and position in life, ideology, and technological development.

4. Västerås

manygoodtips.com_29.07.2015_zrtnJtq41RTmsProbably one of the most popular universes at the moment. Westeros – a fictional continent that has emerged thanks to the pen of George R. R. Martin. The series «a Song of ice and fire» has become so iconic that the books went to TV adaptation, and after the game. Though now more and more talk about the show. It’s really exciting. Reminiscent of the late middle ages and divided as it usually happens, several kingdoms that never trust each other. The main storyline is, of course, the struggle for the Iron Throne is the throne of Westeros. I am glad that the magic in this world, though exists, but does not hurt the eyes. Still västerås is quite a realistic world, despite the dragons and the walkers. In General, watch TV series or read books. And to spoil we will not.

5. The elder scrolls

Work.kom.ua_29.07.2015_8hTmunxIE7SliOr Elder Scrolls, to make it clearer. This is one of the coolest series of games within the genre. But there are books on «scrolls». What is the appeal of the universe? Again, a detailed study of the scene component, in the open world, which we are particularly pleased since «Morrowind». The last three games of the series earned the title «Best game of the year» by various publications. Wonder how the writers were able to force the player to explore the virtual world through books in the game. A lot of them there, and completely in different themes. Ranging from anecdotal «Lusty Argonian maiden», ending with all kinds of tomes of the historians of the fictional world. Really very lively and the free world, which puts you in the frame of a single life.

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