5 famous millionaires that can give you a lesson

manygoodtips.com_12.08.2014_XH4qszZeDgHgkYou read a lot of articles about how to open and develop business, but do you think there’s still a big risk to burn. You need someone to look up to, whose example should inspire you and not let you give up. You read a lot about what today’s millionaires come from poor families, many of them dropped out. The most important thing that now they have achieved significant success and you want the same.

Largest glad we can give you: stop reading the theory, the transition to practice. You yourself have to say after reading any motivational articles.

And while we’ll talk a little about several successful and famous dudes who deserve to be your idol:

1. Evgeny Chichvarkin (Euroset)


A former market trader. This is the one that you basically do not notice, but your friend all the time trying to negotiate with them for a kilo of cucumbers. Only Jack did not sell vegetables, but mostly different clothes, like cheap socks and underwear.

This is not the guy who’s cherishing their dreams of a bright and prosperous future, worked at the market days and nights. No, it’s not about him. Of course, he worked hard, it was hard, but the initiator of the sale newfangled mobile became his friend Timur Artemyev.

Chichvarkin could not understand, why ordinary people such things and who will use them. But still, they opened their first salon miserable and soon unwound it and began to receive a considerable profit. So it all began. Soon Euroset learned the whole Russia, and it only remained to work and rake in the profits.

2. Walt Disney


Familiar to us all from childhood name. Here is the real hero, the man who is not chasing money, but used them only as a tool in their work. The life story of this great man should definitely inspire you. It met all the canons of the noble gain.

Walt since childhood, he was done with that life, because to wait for support from anyone, he had only one ideal — brother, who went to the front. Of course, his talents began to appear quite early and they immediately were recognized. It was appreciated by all professionals and were ready to take the Creator to his work. However for a very small salary. Walt not chasing money, but in order to evolve and give people new works he needed money.

The first professional work of Walt Disney can be called «Alice in Wonderland». Formation directly «Walt Disney company» began with the support of the brother of the Illustrator, who believed in the success of his brother. And they all turned out, though, and with finances at first it was very tight. But then none of the brothers did not know that in the end Walt will leave behind $ 80 million heritage and of course the inexhaustible wealth in the form of his unique creations.

3. Carlos Slim


Who the hell was this, think you, what is it doing in this list? And that’s what. It’s not just a dude out of the gate, we present you the top 3 of Forbes. In 2007, this man even managed to overtake gates by $ 1 billion and thus was able to take first place in the list of most influential people in the world.

Carlos went to a small legacy, in the form of a not very profitable company, neither of which billionaire status could not be considered. This guy adapted to earn money by buying cheap shares. His hand played with the various economic crises, one of these in 1982 brought Carlos a fortune.

After this major crisis in the early 1990-ies his Empire included a network of hotels, the enterprises of mining and chemical industries, and also exposed state on the sale of telecommunications company Telefonos de Mexico. His condition only grows and he doesn’t care that his name does not appear on the covers of glossy magazines.

4. John D. Rockefeller


As opposed to the previous hero receives Rockefeller, whose name you know, at least… all. It is really a mystical person. Again, the case when a simple clerk becomes fabulously rich. John was raised by his mother, while his father drank and led a wild lifestyle. Mother is a religious fanatic) although it is the plight of the family gave their last penny to the needy.

Of course, the eldest son John was not able to watch how the mother collects the last crumbs. So at the age of 16 Rockefeller went into the city to work. He took the post of assistant accountant for three months work for free. At that time it was fairly common practice. John was very hard working, obedient and responsible. Soon his head was gone from his post and John put in his place. Only his salary was three times less than the previous worker. John could not stand such humiliation and with a clear conscience quit.

Had to be on something to live. By the time a 19-year-old Rockefeller decides to engage in the sale of various grains, to somehow help the family. Sales took off, but soon in 1865, one of the chemists involved in the production of kerosene from petroleum, suggested to John to work together. This started with the establishment of emergency capital. All the details of this period of his life, Rockefeller unknown, he never gave interviews on the subject.

At one point John became a monopoly in the oil market and began to develop its own charitable Foundation. John D. Rockefeller died in 1937, and his charitable Foundation to this day provides donations across the world.

5. Roman Abramovich


In the biography of Roma you won’t find any fairy-tale story. Everything in General is confusing and does not cause awe in the soul. Abramovich very early lost his parents at the age of 4 years he was left an orphan. Therefore, the Roma were brought up by his uncle in Ukhta.

In 1974, Abramovich moved to Moscow for my second uncle. There he was able to go to school, to go into the army and go to uni. Career Abramovich began in 1987 as a mechanic and construction management. In parallel with studies at the Institute, the Roma organized a cooperative called «Comfort.» The cooperative was engaged in making toys from polymers.

All members of the cooperative soon became millionaires, but still not clear how it happened. Probably due to the great diligence.

Why we chose these people? We want those completely different lives, you have determined the most favorable and acceptable to you history. Perhaps with the introduction of these characters will start your career path that will surpass all Forbes lists. We sincerely wish you this.

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