5 exercises with expander


Good old expander for many years is helping knowledgeable people to keep themselves in decent shape. It develops the muscles of the arms, especially the shoulder joint and torso. Only a dense rubber handles, however, despite its simplicity, you can easily adjust the load.

They need to wait for pure muscle growth. It will help to draw the muscles, make them more hardy. It is good exercise to finish a workout or to keep fit when you’re away from home or on a business trip. Mobility is a big plus expander.

With it you can do many exercises, we have chosen 5 of the most useful and common.

Before you start training

Exercises to do for 15 repetitions. Those exercises that do not require a particular intensity, you can do 20-25 times. If your relationship with the sport somewhere on the level «to You and whisper,» it can be limited to 3-5 approaches. The main principle of the expander is to constantly increase the load, of course, if the muscles do not hurt. If it is difficult, it is better not to overdo it.

Despite the fact that the expander are treated like any serious band, you need to warm up before class.

And of course, watch your tension, which should be constant. If the rubber is slack, then something went wrong, so you do not do enough.

1. Squat


Put your feet on width of shoulders, hands to shoulders, rubber for your hands to not interfere. Indulge on the inhale down, exhale up. Like nothing complicated, but the brush is given to the shoulders, greatly increase the load. If it is very difficult to give up.

2. Bench hand


It is necessary to take up the middle of the expander and bend the arm behind the back. Both handles of the expander is in the second hand works. Elbow should be parallel to the floor and be at the level of the shoulder. Your task is to straighten the arm, which contains the handle. This must be done not up, not sideways, but straight. The arm should be parallel to the floor and would like to be in front of the chest.

There is a similar exercise where the second hand is also put for a spin. This same hand to pull up.

3. Exercise on the biceps


The classic exercise. Perhaps the most popular collections of school uniform, because a pump in their biceps. Take in each hand grip, stand straight and hold the center of the shock absorber with the right foot. Your left foot need to take a few steps back and put on socks. It is very important the elbows pressed to the body, as if holding the barbell, palms up, respectively. And now the main action: raise hands to the shoulders, gradually releasing them to their original position. If the load is insufficient, the shock absorber stand up on both feet. If still not enough, try to spread his legs wider.

The exercise can be performed with one hand. The principle is exactly the same, but the effect is more.

4. Divorce hands


Perhaps the most popular exercise for the expander. Some even have no idea what else to do with the expander, in addition to cultivation of hands.

Legs need to put on width of shoulders, and hands, with a large raise in front of you to the palm was turned inward. The principle of operation is very simple: on the inhalation, the arms are pushed apart, on the exhale return to the starting position. The main thing in this exercise is to try not to deviate to the sides and stand up straight, look forward, keep your back more or less exactly.

There is a similar exercise which trains the back. The expander is filled in behind so that the hands were bent and the palms looked outward. And then it’s all the same: on the inhale the hands are getting a divorce, on the exhale return to the starting position. To do it, of course, more difficult as you have to twist arms and stand in unnatural positions. However, the benefits are invaluable.

5. Exercise sitting


Rumor has it that this exercise should be done with two or three expanders for greater efficiency. But if there are none, just one will do. Sit on the floor, wrap rubber foot, slightly bend the elbows, knees, straighten your back and, without bending the body, pull the handles of the expander to the shoulders. If very difficult, to ribs. Most importantly, do not straighten your knees completely, it’s easier to keep the body in the correct position. Why you need to wrap the damper around stop? Elementary that it doesn’t come off.

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