5 exercises for good sex

manygoodtips.com_14.07.2014_oNCG8FyKODgpGYou should know that sex can be both, as the best phenomenon in your life, and an unpleasant experience that will be remembered for a long time. Sex is not the only method of reproduction. In the pursuit of fun you have combed through a huge number of sites on this topic and read many articles. But you’re missing the point.

Before you go to the study and practice of various graceful poses, you need to prepare your body physically. Yes, this is an important factor. If you want to make your sex better quality, you need to pump your body in the following way:


If you’re not in shape, the first thing you’ll notice during intercourse is that after a while you begin to breathe heavily. This means that you will have to frequently change posture and limited number of them, to feel comfortable, or significantly slow down.

Cardio exercises: running, jumping rope, swimming and Biking will improve your endurance. Accordingly, due to this you will be able to do much more during sex, before you get tired.

Running (10-20 minutes a day);

Jumping rope (5-20 minutes daily)

Swimming (30 minutes a day);

Cycling (30 minutes per day).

Do these exercises daily or every other day. But do not, for example, when running the trail at a snail’s pace, only to come home and put a tick. I want the wild sex will have to sweat a little.

2.Exercises for the lower body

The next thing you should do is to focus on improving muscular endurance and flexibility of the hips, abdominals and spine.

Squats with a barbell. Make sure you use when lifting the correct weight, you should lift weights 3 to 8 times;


Squats Zercher. Use light weight and squat 10-12 times;


The gluteal bridge. 10-15 times;


Hyperextension. Great for strengthening and straightening the back. 10-12 times;


Ab wheel. The number of times as much as strong enough. For three sets.


To perform all of these exercises 2-3 times a week.

3.For the upper body.

The development of these body parts plays an important role in sex, specifically in such positions as missionary, doggystyl standing.

Push-UPS. 20-50 times;


The pull-UPS. 10 times, 3-4 approach.

Pora was.kom.ua_14.07.2014_PmAl8nR1L8WV8

These exercises should be performed approximately 3 times a week.

4.Kegel Exercises

We have already talked about how to correctly perform Kegel exercises. You don’t have to do it in the gym. It is better to do it at home so as not to frighten people. To perform exercises with interval 5 seconds, 10-15 times. Straining these muscles during sex, you can delay your ejaculation.

5.Legs and hips

If during sex you often visit cramps, it’s time to solve this problem once and for all. For this you need to develop flexibility of the body:

1.Tilts. With a delay of 10-20 seconds



2.Stretching. 10-20 seconds each leg



3.Lower abs and stretching the back muscles



Spend a few minutes to warm up before exercise. Perform each of these exercises for at least 10 minutes, no matter the day, evening or before sex.

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