5 drinks that not order men over the age of 25

what drinks are available

Drinks — slippery ground. Men rarely drink cocktails, because cocktails are, as a rule, women’s drinks. Women love sweet and unusual, so cocktails designed mainly for them, although I know a great options of men’s-type cocktails, whiskey and Cola is a timeless classic. And yet there are cocktails that you’d better not to order, when age no longer allows.

1. Ice-tea


This applies to long island, cocktail in long beach and other strong cocktails of the finest ingredients, each of which alone is able to get you drunk to pig squeal. A time when your priority was to get drunk as quickly as possible are long gone. When you buy something like that, you show your immaturity. It’s like a blinking neon sign above your head: «Look, I love to get drunk up!»

2. Jager bomb

Jager bomb

I know she was also in the list of my favorite cocktails. But generally speaking, if you’re already over 25 and you still are offended at this, at least pretend it’s a cocktail of CINARA, for example. Much more respectable.

3. Shooters


I think you all know. All of these cheerful fun drinks look childish. Let them remain in childhood. If I made a list of the most unmanly drinks, they would be in the first place.

4. Vodka with energy drink

vodka with energy drink

The most disgusting thing in the world swipes. The worst that can feel your taste buds. Would be better if you took a coke and some mints, and prevented them right in my mouth. After twenty-five you’re a grown man. Now drink grown-up or look at this alternative: you will slowly turn into a scary old teenager who hangs out in clubs in a wacky t-shirt. I know that they drink themselves tasteless and infantile types? Here is the drink.

5. Drinks own recipe


And finally we reached the worst of the worst. Drink this format usually get dudes who are not yet out of diapers. When the guy orders something like a «Vodka, soda, a little cranberry syrup, shake… and two… Lyme highball», once it is clear that he is trying very hard to look cool, but has no idea what he’s doing. This is the worst form of insecurity in the bar. This is the worst form of posturing, when you think you’re so graceful and advanced. Jager bomb at least admits his posturing. Any girl bartender this trick will not impress.

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