5 dream jobs that in life you don’t like

A lot of cushy places can be called a dream job, and it is likely that they are really cool — if you have enough skills, you’ll love them even. If you are an athlete, most likely you like to be a professional athlete, you do what you do, what are inclined by nature, and you still pay money for it. But the theme of this column is somewhat different: we are going to discuss the profession for which the natural data is not necessary, as the rich daddy who can from his master’s shoulder to throw you a couple million. These professions are all considered cool, but in reality they can be much LAMER than you can imagine.

1. Music producer

music producer

See, dude, the reality is that you’re unlikely to hit music in the first ten years after the beginning of his career. You’ll be working for some unknown labels and record dull voiceless chickens, and achieve a decent sound your anything not suitable singing. You will listen to it again and again. What if you succeed? What makes popular music producers? They sweat and blood, with all his talent fighting for their technical melodies enthralled minded teenagers, in accordance with the tastes which to build the charts. Yes, of course, if you’re famous, you get a lot and you have big reputation but earn it will have, possibly, creating the music that you’re considered stupid and tasteless. But a hit.

Don’t want to mix in with the pop? Want to work with the rockers? Well, I sympathize with you, since you’re too cool for mainstream. In this area everything is exactly the same hard. Rock groups often want to create a sound similar to the music on which they grew up. I have a lot of friends who play in bands, and it’s really depressing when they start to discuss what the group sound like guitars or drums. I think the musicians will trust you with this delicate reconstruction of the sound? Anyway, to copy what might be nice, but not always. Let’s let dudes don’t even want anyone to copy. But I guarantee you: you’ll be tired again and again to write the guys who in a year will not play together, and it means that your hard work came to naught, and you have not earned a reputation.

2. The owner of the bar

vlasnik bar

Many came up with this idea. Me too. Hell, everyone thinks they will be entertained, if you become the owners of the bar. Remember that episode in the TV series «How I met your mother», which shows how this impossible dream about Barbadensis happiness? So, my friend and I were thinking of what would be our bar, was all in the details. It sounds really cool. And generally, a favorite time of many dudes and a night you spend in this hole with no Windows, watching sports and trying to impress women. And do you think I should do it every night would be nicer? Nope. The fact that this business is incredibly heavy, it is difficult to succeed. Most bars don’t pay off even after a year. This means that you will need a giant startup capital is much more than you think. Plus, to attract new customers is very difficult. People love stability, they have their place. Therefore, we are witnesses to some specific places. Even if the drinks where cheaper, it’s not a guarantee that you will go exactly there. Personally, I’m happy to overpay a hundred for good service and tasty beer.

If the bar will remain afloat, it would be cool? You will be able to drink everyday and for free! Not quite. Too much drinking or pour free — burned. A bar will be your real job. You’ll have to deal with boring responsibilities. It will be necessary to calculate the salary schedule for employees, train them, make menus, make purchases, develop a marketing plan — and this is just the tip of the iceberg. The same business, only with alcohol. In short, it is not to fun.

3. Dude that organizes the holidays

organization of events

It is more suitable for female friends, but many guys certainly thought that to build fun interesting. Design my room says a lot about my decorating art. Yes, I hand type. And Yes, I like to do different things, if it doesn’t get under my job description to agencies on organization of holidays for any companies where the giant hotels and business centers. Most of these guys and all the freelancers and deal exclusively with weddings and children’s birthdays. What is bad? If you have a friend who was a witness at the wedding, she can easily tell you that any attempt to interact with the bride’s family is a total nightmare. You know, this event must be perfect. Why society cultivates the stereotype that a wedding should be elegant, the wedding reflects what will be a marriage. If the ceremonies are held according to plan, it means that in life the couple will have problems. What? Who invented it? If I marry my woman, I don’t want holidays, I want just to sign and go somewhere nice place for a month. But most people do not understand this. Every girl wants the event was arranged with taste, to meet the traditions, but to be in this special. If you include the logic, you can understand that the traditions and uniqueness are not used in the same context, because they are opposite to each other in meaning. So good luck to you in trying to arrange holidays that much.

4. Football coach

futbolniy coach

But this is for the men. Any dude who likes to play football and who are engaged must have thought about coaching. The coach is a big shot. Of course, any player is steep, but the coach is God. His word is unquestioned. Yes, you can have some idea how to work the attack, the protection circuit will work in the game with this particular team. Let’s say you became a coach. They are very hard going in terms of career growth if we are not talking about international level. You can work in one city, then another, all while dealing with the team owners, who often are complete idiots, with poor management, unstable funding. Something to say against you will be difficult because you can easily refuse. And if you lose your job? Imagine your resume? «Football coach with experience looking for a job blah blah…» Sports commentators will always try to predict your strategy and to find meaning in every step of the way. During the season you’ll be normal to sleep only two or three nights. Your main goal is to find something that will make your team all win. In General, a difficult life.

5. A drug dealer

a drug dealer

No hours of operation. Sell only to trusted people. Depending on personal preferences, daily dose of any drug. If only some idiot Abdovitsa not too high and not get caught, the parents, who pull him in the hospital, and then he’ll turn you in first person on the form. And you know what? This is not always a profitable business. Read Burroughs? The average pusher has very few benefits from their sales. Maybe a little more than some Galim, but it’s «slightly more» is more than compensated with a permanent fear of going to jail, where you for such antics on the head not Pat. And even if you do in and out, so it’s just not going to end well. Most likely, you will return to the game because you couldn’t find the strength daily to carry on the hateful work. In General, I’m trying to say that selling drugs is bad.

As said by someone somewhere, be afraid of the dreams she can be. To fantasize about these lessons well, but in reality, they will probably bring you more frustration than pleasure. What’s wrong your current job?

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