5 disturbing girl troubles in sex and how to avoid them?

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No one wants to embarrass themselves, even more no one wants to embarrass themselves when it comes to sex. Hell, who wants to be a laughingstock for girls? After all the shame she will remember for a lifetime! This shame is quite difficult to wash. We men can endure the shame of any kind… but shame in bed. Today we will talk about how to wash away the shame how to translate all this into a joke and continue your relationship further.

1. To fart in bed

Not just fart, and at the crucial moment, when her head will be close to the source of the sound and smell. The girl tries down there somewhere, and you suddenly let the wind. Unpleasant, Yes?

If it happened the first time, you can always transfer it all into a joke (along the way, that she understands the humor). You can shout, looking under the covers: «Honey, what’s going on with you down there?». I think that the girl will laugh when you joke that way. If this happens again, we can note that it is your special thing. The main thing — to be frivolous and make my guilty eyes, and then pull it under the blanket.

2. To cross some kind of line

All have certain limits, so do not be surprised that she breaks out when you offer her something like a anal sex or to take part in a role play. You crossed her imaginary line. What should I do?

The first thing you should do is to apologize and tell her that I respect her feelings and don’t want to put her in a situation where it will be awkward and uncomfortable. You have to show all his views that are passionately respected in it’s identity, personal space and all that is so cherished by girls in the modern world. Maybe you can go for broke and give her full right to do whatever she wants and speak freely about their desires. Of course, it can be a scary Perv and ask you to poop on her. What you won’t do for his beloved.

3. Your dirty talk is more weird than dirty

Of course, friends should be trusted, and some women’s and men’s magazines suggest to tell your mate about all your dirty desires. Unfortunately, they did not consider one fact: sometimes the «dirty» desires are not dirty, just strange for most average people. For example, most of the girls are very surprised when you ask them to change into Lieutenant uhura from Star Trek, and pulled over overhead ears and a blue suit, portraying Spock, or yellow suit, representing Cork. Very few people want to be your likovskij fantasies!

Translate this situation into the game, beat all so that the girl was sure that this roleplay is not serious, and humorous like: «Hey, Fraulein, I’m a plumber Hans, I came to change you tube!».

4. Painful and unpleasant situation

Believe it or not, but from the complicated, painful situations that are described in detail in this article, there is a decent solution. First, stop trying to pose as a supermacho and stop trying to fuck her through the pain. Fell out of bed — get up, brush yourself off, make a joke and keep their job. Fell out of bed and broke her ankle — congratulations, you’re a loser. Admit it, laugh with the girl, get help, don’t forget to dress up. If you’re during the posture changes accidentally got punched in the nose with the heel and you bleed, stop, laugh and take the treatment of your battle wounds. Imagine how stupid you would look if you continued: bloody snot-centered view and all that shit dripping on the girl. Phew!

5. To call her the wrong name

OOO… You know how bad it is when her name is Elena, and you accidentally called Kate? It seems to be a complete end. If you did it casually, then you always have a chance to recover. I hope… If we translate all this into a joke. It’s pretty creepy when a girl who a moment ago was lying on the bed, suddenly jumped up and looks at you with those eyes, what looks eater prey. Scary, huh?

Calm down and calmly make a joke: «All right, Kate?» (the same name that made a reservation). Let your face become a real poker face. Do not forget to add a light cocky smile. If all went well, and you laugh, offer you quickly run to the store and buy lottery tickets, not yet released: today, you’re lucky.

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