5 dirty methods to get you to do what you want

How much do you depend on the influence of the majority? Do you control your desires and actions, or, following the example of millions, you’re just a cog in the totalitarian machine of imposed meanings? The problem is impossible to identify clear boundaries, and its magnitude can only guess. But it is not necessary to amuse their vanity, thinking that it is absolutely free from outside forces of evil. Each of us in varying degrees, fulfill the will of other people, even when we don’t want to, even when we are in harm. How so? Who does it? And why you always find yourself on the hook myself tearing their throats and soul? Do not hurry, now you’ll understand.

1. The pressure on the feelings

manygoodtips.com_28.03.2016_p3VsICpttFp1yI think this is the most abominable method from the list. You know why? Because it can only be used by those who you do care about.

With other guys it doesn’t work. And you kind of understand that to provide a service to one just because he is one, is not always true, especially when you act to their own detriment. You don’t think that we are against of friendly mutual assistance, without her in this world anywhere. Now we only see the negative side of things when they use you without giving anything in return. This is possible not only with friends but with girls. Their requests can reach the point of absurdity, but with them you agree, because afraid to lose an important person. Bad in this situation what small steps you’re losing the most important thing – himself.

How to get rid of this scourge? Just talk once in a while a firm «no», even if we are talking about the closest person, what lies on the other side of your bed.

2. So do all

Know each other from school, right? In those years, we only started to explore the society. The first conflict of interest, the first fight and the first retching because of the loss of the team – it was.

Pleasant in the collective «norm» is not enough. I have to adjust every time for a specific group of people that you don’t get eaten alive. And if you start to fight with the group, then welcome to the fringe, which butt each other, and live a routine, and just a little bit different from the others. The essence does not change. So, if you want to survive for his life, lie under the circumstances and others. You will be calm, really.Do not think about their desires and do as do all. Love to play the saxophone? You’re a moron? Economics Department – that’s where you can get «cash» specialty (spoiler: not really). Don’t want to go to the gym, but crazy about table tennis or ballet? Are you a woman? Go ahead, like all normal guys, pancakes! More than half can not stand, and therefore is now hate living with hateful wives and specializiruetsya hated the shit.

3. It’s your duty!

Work.com.ua_28.03.2016_G78G7MoqlEDrvJust remember the army, which may otmazatsya anyone who is able to scatter brains. But let’s take this trivial subject to appeal. There are lots of other things which use the concept of «debt» when they want to get you easy profit.

Quite brutal, but a fair example is the humanitarian fees, all kinds of piggy banks in stores «the temple» or help sick children. Of course, we’re not monsters from a mad Kingdom of Hades. The charity helps many people, but not in the case where it is difficult to appreciate.

For example, on a busy street comes up to you a group of young people with a box «help children». Not only that, the extra money you have, but people watching has to give their blood, and then walk home. Okay, it’s not so bad. But are you sure that your money will go where it is necessary, not in the pocket of some bastard? Honestly, if you want to help, do not give money to street beggars, no matter what the words do not cover. The poor, even when it comes to sick children, is always just the poor. You will not be able to check the outcome of their collection, isn’t it obvious? Use Google, find established funds with good reporting and was your resources there if you’re so compassionate. In other cases, you just forced to do what you originally wanted.

In General, we recommend you in any situation to ask more questions of people who are asked to do something you are not profitable. Plenty of time will be released, trust me.

4. Think about your future

Well isn’t it lovely, when the older generation want to wear their model of the world on your young and stupid head? «Think about your future,» they say, but they simply spoil you now. Oh, the old, your knowledge is hopelessly outdated, they can’t help us in the knowledge of life. Only your own stupidity will make us stronger, give way!

But it is not just about old installations. What a man wants when he throws from side to side? Stability and prosperity, of course. In this field plays a lot of villains. They promise you stability in the credit, mortgage, politics, and then throw your future on the sharp rocks, where there is no turning back. How to avoid this? Take everything with a grain of salt. Remember that there is no magic pill that will make your life better. All can only be achieved with their work.

5. Not a man or what?

manygoodtips.com_28.03.2016_dlKJV0Obx4Sz9Manipulation, which will be live until until the mankind will not perish in the attack of apocalyptic seizure. Everyone can name a dozen «male» or «female professions». And many interesting remains beyond the understanding of men.

The same applies to some household solutions, when you are faced with a common ritual. Let’s say you work tomorrow very early for work, and tonight birthday dad your friend. Naturally, vodka is on the table. You’re missing one stack after another, and then father sees your clever and sober face at the holiday table and starts to pour you not a man? God knows what to do in such a situation, when there is neither the mood nor the time to drink. A pass position and agree to a morning headache, because do not want to interfere. But Darwin with her with that little thing! And you think of all the good works that you do regularly just because it is customary for men: a special manner of speaking, a certain position on public issues, love for certain occupations. Ladies get mad when they are told what they need to do and what not. But for some reason we agree to such rules. Perhaps they should not be changed, who knows?

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