5 dietary, nutritional and budget dishes


To get in shape, you need two things: regular exercise and a healthy diet. Sorry, the word «delicious» and «healthy» are rarely in the same context, so it is much easier to break and devour everything you see, than to learn how to cook tasty and healthy food.

So you might think until today. To prepare balanced and tasty meals are not expensive and not difficult as you thought. It proves our five recipes created for weight loss and simultaneous muscle building. Enjoy!

1. Chile Turkey

Well, for starters not the best budget option (Turkey mazhoristy ingredient). But it is practical. God very wisely did, when he came up with the canned beans because it facilitates cooking in the millions of times. No need to soak this stuff at night and the next night, boil it to death — opened the jar, poured and ready. Moreover, thanks to canned food born recipe of this delicious dish with a huge amount of protein and low calorie. Another of its advantages — it is easy to cook.


  • Turkey;
  • Bank of red beans;
  • white beans;
  • Bank of corn;
  • tomatoes in their own juice;
  • chili pepper, cumin and oregano;
  • peppers, carrots, onions, garlic, any vegetables that are lying around in the fridge.

If you’re just so well done that kept in the fridge for the vegetables, start with cutting them in any order — as already happens with your trained hands. Then sauté them for five minutes until they pomagajut. Now add the Turkey (you can turn it into a stuffing or even replace it with a normal human minced) and cook until it pomicnim — about ten minutes or so. Add the spices and fry for another minute. Now the easy part. Open all our banks, adding their contents to pot and cook as you like — from several minutes to several days. While you in a condition to stir, ready. There you go, you just made a cool Chile. You can serve it with rice, pasta, bread or eaten just like that.

2. Sweet and sour curry chicken

Curry is always delicious. Sweet and sour taste makes a curry great option for feeding with rice or noodles, plus it’s easy and cheap, and girls like it: just think that you are well versed in exotic cuisine. Yeah, of course, where you good.


  • chicken, cut into small pieces (suitable for both chest and legs);
  • 1 small banana chopped;
  • 1 small can of canned pineapple;
  • 1 small onion — chopped;
  • 1-2 tbsp caret;
  • 1 tbsp. milk (or coconut milk, if you’re so cool).

Start with frying onion, which lasts about five minutes. Then add banana and pineapple and fry until the liquid evaporates and the fruit will not turn into such a mess. Add a tablespoon of curry and fry for another minute. Does not look very appetizing. Don’t let this confuse you. Add milk and slowly bring it to boil. Now is the time chicken. Add it and cook another 20-25 minutes until the bird is not roasted through. Served with any carbohydrate side dish.

3. Spanish tortilla

Eggs — an essential ingredient of any good diet, especially if you go to the gym and work on their muscles. Tired of boiled, fried and (you’re kidding me!) eating raw is allapotabol recipe can serve you in good stead. Delicious, protein, carbohydrate and good option to eat and where to go. If you also tell the friend that dined «Spanish tortilla,» she’ll think you’re cultured fuck.


  • eggs;
  • 1 onion — chopped;
  • 2 peppers — chopped;
  • 2 potatoes — cut;
  • sugar;
  • grate the cheese.

First cut the potatoes in thick slices and cook until it softens. Fry onion until soft, too. Now, please, I don’t need to shout about calories as if you are a noble girl directly from Smolny — take a tablespoon of sugar and pour in onions to caramelicious. Then we put the potatoes in the pan in which you are going to prepare our masterpiece, then evenly distribute the onion, a chopped pepper. Crack eggs, stir and pour on top of our vegetables. Cook on low heat until eggs start to walk to fitness. Now remove from heat, sprinkle with grated cheese and briefly put in the oven to cheese is melted and eggs are a little more came.

4. Baked pasta with tuna

Tuna is a protein, pasta is carbs, and the cheese is fats. Congratulations, you made a balanced lunch!


  • 1 can of tuna;
  • paste;
  • 1 jar of sauce for pasta;
  • the grated cheese.

If you can’t cook, man, you’re hopeless — THERE are ONLY FOUR ingredients, and especially to do something and nothing: just dumped in the desired order the contents of the cans into a bowl.

Step 1: cook pasta (hint: for this you need to boil water).

Step 2: put pasta on a baking sheet.

Steps 3-5: tuna and pasta sauce too, put on a baking sheet. If you want adventure, they can mix. To the top add the cheese.

Step 6: Bake. 20-40 minutes at a moderate temperature until you see that cheese is melted and all is well.

5. Chicken with salsa

If you tired of just push coregrid, we propose to diversify. Caution: the veggies! A lot of vegetables! Although not so much. Reasonable amounts of healthy vegetables. Will do you good.


  • coregrid;
  • 1 red onion;
  • 2 tomatoes;
  • 1 cucumber;
  • chili;
  • lemon/lime juice.

To start preparing the chicken. For example, for half an hour and throw it in the oven. At this time, cut vegetables and put in pan. Cut very finely, because it is, in theory, sauce. Add Chile and lime juice. Now that I have the sauce to put on top of your hen — and… that’s it. That’s all the cooking. Tasty, Yes? To be honest, like chicken salad, but to turn a salad into a sauce I had somehow not thought of this before.