5 developments that will help to win the war with drones

Imagine that the day has come: the machines rebelled, and now threaten to destroy all of humanity. Given that technology is evolving so rapidly that we are already tired to be surprised by new developments, this scenario cannot be ruled out. For example, right now the artificial intelligence is better at reading information from the lips, than a man. He has already surpassed us in many calculations and the crazy creators of the future are now trying to develop artificial consciousness, that is, a program that is able for itself to think, make decisions and create. The day is near when the first cyborg, who robbed a Bank, raped a woman or killed a man. Why not? All this is, but the military are not stupid — they are ready. We present you 5 the developments of military engineering that are designed to deal with drones today. Down with the invasion of the robots! Humanity can win!

1. Dronedefender: particle beam weapon

This Hulk like a dummy of some fantastic weapons from movies 70-ies. What kind of antenna, some pipe and a full minute of training to get this thing able to put a projectile or signal.

In fact, any drone is controlled by a signal, and the beam gun Dronedefender uses this fact in your favor. She bombards control signal drone is a great signal. In other words, the drone receives a portion of the ambient noise that instantly paralyzes its electronics and begins the free fall. For civilian models, they are broken on the rocks with no hope for recovery — everything burns. In large drones a failure occurs in the control system, which causes them to make avtopoilki.

2. Skywall 100: Bazooka network

If Batman existed in his Arsenal would necessarily be this thing with which he could catch all sorts of flying monsters. Can’t say for sure, but if you watch the video, then think about what you already used this weapon in some kind of computer game.

Bazooka — massive weapon. The soldier must put it on your shoulder and with a unique sight to «catch» enemy drone. Then he pulls the trigger and instantly with Skywall 100 sees a large capsule, which is revealed already in the air to throw a kind of a spider web, edge of which is hung with heavy loads. The network catches the drone, but, surprisingly, not just pulling it down, breaking it, and smoothly, thanks to the parachute, dives with him. So you don’t destroy the enemy drone and take it yourself: little reprogramming, and now he’s fighting on your side.

The only downside of the gun — a lot of weight. Well, ridiculous name. But the last manufacturer had no choice. First, they planned to name the weapons of SkyNet (sky network), but they quickly complained to the owners of the rights to the name. I had to take the backup a name that reflects the essence of bad weapons.

3. A squad of drones

It’s like homeopathy — treat like such. Here in Japan decided to create a «squad of drones», which will be taught certain techniques that will help to protect the city from mechanical threats. The fact that a number of Japanese policies to prohibit the free movement of drones, as the latter can be used for malicious intent. Some villain can follow your sister, or perhaps to spy on their movements through the city. That is why we created this unit.

If the «flying lawyers» spotted «criminal», they are misleading him through a megaphone: «we see you, stop it!». If the threat fails, «police use force — they release their fighting robot, which is equipped with a special network. The principle of «capture» is the same as in Skywall 100, not to shoot, but you need a good pilot.

The Americans went ahead and created the «hunter drones» not just with a static network, but a network which is produced by the shot. This happens in the air. Hunter must track down his target, fix it yourself using a smartphone and click shots. Although if a little loaf, what prevents to equip such a «hunter drones» firearms, which you can use to kill people? We do not exclude that there will be serial killers who do their job «hands» drones.

4. Worm Seven

The whole point of drones is that they have someone in charge. The whole point of hacking is that this «someone» can always be a hacker. The average drone has a fairly small cyber defense, especially if the cause is taken such a rude asshole with good brains, as Samy Kamkar, who developed «the Seven Worm — code that is able to take control of the drone.

If this technology hacking to master every Russian schoolboy, the drones will turn from expensive toys to gifts for the hackers in the neighborhood. Of course, if you look at the video it doesn’t look as cool as the development of military companies, but it is only until then when hackers start to drive military drones.

5. Birds

We are not kidding. Birds of prey serve man again, this time in the police in the Netherlands, which has decided to train eagles to miss drones. The confrontation of nature and technology directly. But here is a little absurd. In eagles great potential to solve any problem. We would advise to use them against the assholes who talk on the phone in the cinema: telling yourself this, and then you get sharp claws in the face from a giant eagle.

The police have already prepared their birds, which had been leased by the officers of the company «Guardian from above.» But this system can only work in peacetime. Birds can teach you to respect the privacy of everyone, when your toy in the air. But if the drones will be equipped with guns, then birds will only have beaks and feathers.

According to the materials Luke McKinney

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