5 courses, useful to every man


Sure to the question: «What does it mean for you to be successful?» everyone will answer differently. It’s all very subjective. But the question on how to become successful, answers only a few. Today there are a variety of online courses for personal and career growth that promise to make you so — confident, charismatic and, of course, successful. To use these services at present as normal as to use the services of a therapist.

Perhaps for the above said you will treat with some scepticism, or even of irony, and we also belong to similar «desesperately» with some suspicion. But in the Runet there is an interesting website which compares favorably with peers by the fact that the author can be anyone. For example, a person who has learned to do business not in the gallery in the «tower», and in practice, by trial and error. Here you can obtain practical knowledge that is applicable here and now. This is not a useless drill in the University, «trained as a lawyer, but I work in Burger king.»

If you are interested in business or you want to get skills that will help you feel more confident in dealing with people, in their professional activities, or you want to share the knowledge and get money for it, then pay attention to the website Courson — maybe you’ll find something useful for yourself.

For all readers manygoodtips.com the service made courses are free until the end of December — just clicking on the links and pay attention, while you have the chance. 1 Disarming the arguments Who defend their point of view? Everyone at least once in their lives argued — applied arguments, arguments and kontargumenty. We have previously written about how to win an argument and be able to convince opponents he is right, but if that’s not enough for you, then a video course about how to be persuasive, promises to make you «king of the hill» in any situation or discussion. Mastery of the technique of persuasion not only helps businessmen to «squeezing» the counterparty to the transaction, but is applicable in everyday life. Knowing how to counter others ‘ arguments or to build a productive dialogue, you will reach a new level of relationship with your buddies, girlfriend or boss.

2 the Formation of a personal brand as the way to success


Sure, you want to know what kind of person you seem different and that you are in the reflection of others eyes what cause. Personal brand in hyperinformation era is almost all, even children. It consists of the appearance, behaviour and character, even what thesaurus you speak all contribute to your image and in the broadest sense of the brand. In General, this is your social and professional «history».

The ability to form a personal brand and have a reputation of a reliable partner is a very important milestone for business people: business people, experts-consultants and various specialists. Correspondence confidence, confidence in the efficiency, professionalism and unconditional loyalty — this is a brand for people. Summarizing, we can say that in daily life it is unlikely to be useful, there is quite enough of men’s words and deeds. But if you’re a serious person and think about how to become successful in business or some related field, then learn about the formation of a personal brand, I think you might be interested.

3 Charisma is not a gift but a skill

Someone once called Hitler in the last harizmatika. This, of course, not true. Everyone has it in varying degrees. It is not God-given grace and skill, or even just a tool to achieve any purpose. The course «Strategy of charismatic behavior» doesn’t make you a alfach and not turn into Hypnotoad, gaze enslaving many galaxies, but overconfidence will add.

The course is designed for those who interacts with people to achieve results. The sales Manager must possess the gift of persuasion, but we are confident and «metal» notes in the description of the advantages of the offered goods or services at least will force the caller to listen to the arguments. The same goes for leaders and teachers when they stand in front of an audience or are negotiating, they often lack charisma. In this course the «fingers» are shown how to engage and convey information to the audience how to manage their behaviour, emotional state, do not get lost in difficult situations and to always be on a horse. 4 a Wardrobe for all occasions Meet on clothes — this truth is as old as the world. We not once and not twice wrote about how should look like a real man. But one thing, if you go to the interview and another to the date. How would you was not sure about the damaging effect of his intellect, the clothes will «tell» you before you have time to open his mouth. The first impression is the most important. Clearly, if you go to the recruiter to get the loader, your clothes will not make much difference, but if you go to a business dinner, you should at least know the dress code for such events. What details in the clothing to emphasize, and, of course, how to make a good impression in a variety of situations — here is a small list of what awaits you in this video.

5 Course for real leaders


The course is designed for these sea-wolves, who lead his ship to the cherished showered with gold coast. But how to manage a team and to avoid a mutiny on the ship and not run into the reef? Yes, this video is for those who owns their own business and committed to growth: both personal and material. And if you’re one of the team captains, this course promises to be the cherished map that will lead you to prosperity. At the end you will be able to plan your time, to solve complex business problems and know how to skillfully lead the subordinates to their performance left much to be desired.

And don’t forget that a true leader never waits for the right moment to act, and acts here and now. All courses in the article is free until the New year, so do yourself a beautiful gift and start to change for the better.