5 courses that will help you get a promotion at work

By.kom.ua_25.04.2016_6UrQNVoeJcTuLSometimes I sit at work and know that her mother was giving birth to you to another, more risky and demanding task. You’d like to criticize destiny and the authorities for not give you the opportunity to climb the career ladder, but the point is, if you understand what knowledge you have, to put it mildly, is not enough. Need to catch up, but from the books of little help, and another 4 years at the University, you simply will not stand. But there is a way out of any situation, especially nowadays when thanks to Internet, you can study from the comfort of home.

We wrote about our friends from the online education center «Netology»who do real alchemy, preparing professionals of all industries and professions. For 5 years «Netology» reigns and rules in the market of additional training specialists. How many people have passed through their caring hands, how many hours of lectures from the professionals had listened to and how much practical training was carried out – these numbers are huge and not amenable to understanding by the human brain.

Most importantly, after numerous courses of thousands of people filled the lack of knowledge and increased their skills in exhausted people… no, in professionals.

manygoodtips.com_25.04.2016_lmNuMsPHE8IPHIn honor of its first anniversary of «Netologia» gives the total code manygoodtips.com discount 3000 rubles for any program. So let me offer to your attention 5 relevant courses that will help you get a promotion at work.

Therefore, every program (with the exception of «product Management») lasts for two months in an online format, from 17:00 to 19:00 Moscow time, 2 times a week. Convenient webinars after you get a practical job that you are sending to your teacher, and he puts a mark. If one lesson you for some reason missed, it is not necessary to panic, it is in the record. If universities were so efficient and relaxed courses, all graduates worked in the specialty.

Poradi.yak.ua_25.04.2016_eG111h5Hexa2xFor 5 years developed the basic principle of «Netology»: only the necessary knowledge from professionals and masters of their craft. And that’s what separates this resource from others. Well, now for the main courses.



Since all business and all business flowed smoothly in the Internet, work social media Manager became in demand as never before. Note, even the seemingly simple smm Manager now sounds good because the demand for them is growing by leaps and bounds. But in order to properly promote the business and advertising in social networks, you need to study hard. Without it, you do not become proud SMM-Manager, and in a nasty smm Creator. «Netology» offers a course that will teach you how to create and promote content and to build audience loyalty and to analyze the effectiveness and SMM team.

Classes start may 13.

Internet-shop from scratch


Many people think that for your online store need to build bridges of love and friendship, with the first Chinese factory to make a website and wait for the money for yourself Golden stream will flow into your pocket. Naive fool, even for an online store, it would be nice to know the basics of logistics and, most importantly, develop your strategy, choose a product and identify the target audience. Maybe then you will be able to create something that will cover a Ebay and Ali Ehle.

Classes start may 20.



In the course of UX design you will be introduced to principles of design interfaces from the perspective of psychology and statistics, will teach you how to build the information architecture of the program, to compose and to arrange interface elements.

Interface design is group work, so projects will have to work in a team to bring to reality all the practical tasks that you perform on the course. Are, of course, only professionals and masters of their craft.

Classes start June 3.

Product management


Sort of a mix of duties of a marketer, developer and analyst. All these skills are essential for successful product management. And during the course will explain which ideas should be promoted, and what better to forget how to start the project and how to continue to promote. All the basics of business, Economics, marketing including SMM in one bottle. Only, to assimilate enough 2 and a half months of lectures and flexibility of mind. After all, the amount of knowledge a little wider, and hence they need 4 extra classes.

Classes start June 6.

Internet marketer


Everything is very clear. An Internet marketer is a profession that differs significantly from conventional marketing: need to know some of the nuances of the platform in order to successfully manage the site and content and to retain users on their you online. You will learn the basics of marketing methods to attract masses to the site, use of such a terrible thing as contextual advertising, and you will know how to be interesting people, not you yourself, a unique selling proposition.