5 cool custom bikes

A time to dream. These 5 stunning bikes are not for the average buyer. There is a hand of the wizard and made each model unique, and what is valued in itself, not to mention components. But fortunately, you can absolutely free look at these cool horses right now.

1. Gannet Design’s Ducati Scrambler «G Tracker»


The Creator of this bike wanted to emphasize the frame, which previously was a staple of the Ducati. Look carefully and you will see a subtle blend of carbon fiber and brushed metal. The idea is to make you think about the old craftsmanship and new high-tech materials.

2. Metric Customs’ Ironhead-Dnepr «Elenifae»


It is obvious that this bike looks pretty cool, but what really makes it amazing is how it was assembled. One craftsman from Germany took the old motor American Harley Davidson Ironhead and installed it in the same old Soviet Dnepr motorcycle with a sidecar.

3. Mod Moto’s Triumph Scrambler


«The Scandinavian motorheads» together with «Mod Moto» made this bike for the guy who runs the company Vans in Sweden. Because there nearly all winter dark, the most important change in this bike ultra-bright led lights in the front. But don’t think that’s it: the creators have worked on more fine tuning of the electronics and exhaust systems to get 40% more horsepower.

4. Macco Motors’ Honda CB 750 «Spitfire 09»


«Spitfire 09» is full of little details such as the original wing, for example (although in abbreviated form). Battery box conceals a lot of electronics to look as clean as possible. The overall objective was that the bike looked supervillainy, although actually it is a 2002 Nighthawk.

5. Smokin’ Customs’ «Elegant Bastard» RnineT


This bike is designed for people who have money burning a hole in your pocket. Therefore, they can easily rush to the new retro-bikes BMW. The tank is made of aluminum, hand-forged, and some elements are reinforced with carbon fiber, but look at the seat – it’s an antelope!

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