5 cool books little-known American writers

The famous American writer Hank Moody. Honestly, many people think so. Many believe that Burroughs, Palahniuk, Bukowski and George Martin – the most significant writers in American history. Then I remember Bradbury, Tennessee Williams, Salinger, Mark TWAIN, Edgar Allan PoE, Lovecraft, Stephen king and take back his words. But these below guys, remember not so often, but sorry, they so very deserve. They made a great contribution to such a brilliant thing as American literature (just do not blame us in worship America, to deny the genius, TWAIN, Bradberry and Lovecraft can only be a complete moron). So let’s talk about them.

1. «Rich man, poor man» Irwin Shaw


Irwin Shaw much is lost amid his more experienced and older namesake named Bernard, who received the Nobel prize. They have a lot in common: both mention how the writers, both suspected of love for the Soviet Union. Just for this sympathy to the Irwin had to leave America. Fame and place on Parnassus worthy of both, but even more I would like to work «Rich man, poor man» read as many people as possible.

Those stories about life, about people and relationships, which are avidly read in one breath, and this despite a significant amount. Too different characters, related by blood, too many characters within the same family. It’s not only snotty drama about family squabbles, not another reflexive reading about unfulfilled expectations (although here it is written). It’s not «the thorn birds» and even «the Forsyte Saga» is a modern book about us, about this crazy world, devoid of grace notes, mind and conscience. If you still think to link your life, be sure to read this book. A visual aid on how to achieve its two completely polar ways.

Hard, sometimes harsh, really masculine novel, written simply and yet highly literary language. No wonder it was first published in PLayBoy magazine. Even the female characters here are, excuse me, balls.

Very honest, sad and clever book raises almost all the problems faced by a normal person for life. Once long ago, my father advised her: «Read here the answers to many questions.»

This book is a logical continuation called «the Beggar, the thief». We are accustomed to the fact that sequels are inferior to the first part, here the story is about the same. It is not bad, just the first part much better.

2. «Generation X», Douglas Coupland


Copeland is a canadian citizen, but in order to write his first great, and indeed, in principle the first book, he went to palm springs in Sunny California. There there are all the events of the novel. And given the fact that Americans and Canadians are the same problems, he has every right to be in our list.

It all started with how the 27-year-old industrial designer Copeland wrote an article «Generation X,» which was published in a local journal. Who liked the article, 27-year-old Douglas was asked to write a sequel: something like a documentary study guide to generation X. Instead of guide he wrote a novel that some critics have called one of the most iconic product of the end of our long, rich variety of cults century.

Let’s start with the fact that generation X is called the confused and scared citizens 60-80 years of birth (namely, in the period of fertility decline), which cannot find their place in life. The main characters are typical representatives of this lost generation: infant, ran away from home, and not understanding why, a fallen Mormon and a stupid miss with a dandy family. And the whole novel they tell each other stories, or tales, it is the truth. Enlightening, silly and pained. Just telling you not to discuss. They live and dream to break away from things, from routine, from the houses of the sample of fifteen years ago, in which nothing has changed. Three bright hero that I hate the consumer society, easy style, which detail describes how the main character is waiting for 10 seconds while merge water, to drink clean and dictionary «generation X» is really a bribe. Sometimes when reading you think you see someone sad dream: grown Californian sun clouds brown mountains, lovely and such vibrant characters that seem forever out of the cage companies. To many this book will be close. Tone effect on the brain is very strange, like they have something to awake inside, triggered switch, and you start to think. Even after reading (and she read very quickly) you’ll be thinking about something else, drawing Parallels and analogies. Sometimes, there is an urgent desire to go to Sunny edges and also lazy to waste my life with people, without which it can not do.

3. «The human Comedy» by William Saroyan


It is not difficult to guess, the William Saroyan origin is Armenian. In his work he addressed the subject of distant historical homeland, but I must admit that this is not the best in his voluminous oeuvre. The best part is definitely the story which is highly recommended to read. Good Sarmanovskii novels: «the Human Comedy» for which he received the «Oscar» for «best literary source», and «the Best years of your life», for which he was given the Pulitzer prize, but he refused, and «the adventures of Wesley Jackson» but with a «Human Comedy» nothing like that.

This book is about everything: about his childhood and growing up, about love, friendship and arts, grief and hatred, war and death… About life in its entirety. And still a lot of references to «the Odyssey»: the main characters live in a small American town of Ithaca, and their name is Ulysses and Homer. And here these two boys carrying city mail, in which an increasing number of reports of the deaths of soldiers who have to grow up too fast, curasi this harsh world. Like anything new, but still nice to read.

4. «The Road» Cormac McCarthy


McCarthy, it would seem that the writing is not very much. However, each of his work becomes an event, thanks to the magic power of cinema. What stand alone «old men», like all «horses, horses», like Billy Bob Thornton, who filmed it, and, of course, «the Road». However, in this case confirms the old thesis: the book better than the movie. And despite international acclaim and the Pulitzer prize, about «the Way» was heard much less than he should have.

The novel makes a lasting impression. To some extent it’s an emotional shock! The plot is simple. After the crash father and son go through scorched earth, crossing the continent. The whole book is pervaded deep wound in the heart of the issues. Is there any point in living if there’s no future? At all. Does it make sense to live for the sake of children? This novel is that everything in life is relative, that concepts such as good and evil, in certain conditions, stop working and lose their meaning. It is a novel about what’s really important in life and how to appreciate it. And it is also a novel about death, that all things must have an end, and so you need to take each day as it comes. You just need to… live.

5. «Dictionary Of Satan» Ambrose Bierce


Amid all the above is really silly to advise a collection of sayings, and even in such an undignified extent. However, Ambrose Bierce has every right to be mentioned in this list. This is the same kind, the glorious American literature that everyone fell in love with the works of A. Henry and Mark TWAIN. Beers about the same time, only with more sharp reportorial composition (a side effect of journalistic craft). Mr. Beers is a lot of wonderful creations in the field of literature, however, he preferred the small size, namely, novels and stories. So «Dictionary of Satan» – a kind of monumental work. Looking at it, realize that over time the world has not changed. Here is a small extract:

«Historian. Heavy gossiper.

Forgetfulness. The gift of God, granted to debtors in compensation for selected they have a conscience.

Faith. Unconditional acceptance of what people I know talk about things unprecedented.

Violin. Instrument to tickle human ears by the friction of a horse’s tail on the entrails of a cat.

Pray. To harass to the laws of the Universe were abolished for the sake of one man, and he is clearly unworthy of the applicant».Fiction certainly lightweight, does not take a lot of hours, but great uplifting. What better and more relevant to many modern dictionaries of aphorisms.

By the way, given the amount of work in the bookstores sell it under one cover with the other stories of the writer, which should definitely be read in order to learn the Zen, the joy and that’s why HP Lovecraft was so fond of this grim but witty journalist.

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