5 components of strong and hardy men


We were asked to write an article about how to learn to be strong, and how it relates to courage. We offer 5 ways to become stronger and, therefore, more masculine.

  1. Confidence. Than you stronger, so you have more muscle. The more muscle you develop, the more calories you spend. Training can build muscle and lose weight. You’ll look and feel much better.

Your sports achievements will spread to other areas of life. Success breeds success! You’ll feel more confident with any area where you have to do something on their own. And confidence is the most important feature that is characteristic of a real man.

  1. Testosterone.Muscle training and weight loss allow to increase testosterone levels. The high concentration of testosterone equals a greater number of developed muscles, reduces fat and gives you, man, high libido. Testosterone is the hormone of a real man.

Nothing but practice will not allow you to raise the testosterone level. You need to be sure to do gymnastics and to do simple exercises.

  1. Responsibility. Want money? Work. You want a girl? Go up to her. Want to increase muscles and remove fat? Train. The training will teach you to be responsible for their future.
  2. Hobby. When you smoke cigarettes, drink beer or okay video games, you well entertained, but it’s just fun, which is useless in the long run. Find yourself a real hobby. For example, do sports.
  3. Caveman. Physical exercise is the work of the caveman. So said mark Rippeto.

As soon as you begin to do heavy exercise equipment, you will understand what is meant by Rippeto. Workout that will Wake you. That does not work for many people. That’s what makes you a man!

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