5 compelling reasons to upgrade vocabulary

Many believe that the words have lost value. They were gray, faded, dissolving in a terrible flow of everyday life. Part of it is. Modern auction you will hardly be able to sell his word is profitable and with full dedication. On the contrary, you cheated, and you, on top of that you still have. Here’s the unenviable fate of the day. The world is a dark place full of violence and hatred. And rely, as many think, can only be cause and effect, which will be more valuable than ranting.Despite this, we should not forget that any action is preceded by a word. And the right word – the success of any enterprise. You, of course, was a frequent witness to this. Do you have to reassure friend in one word? Or end word conflict, a fight in a bar? Or hit the power of words when you speak at the conference? Life is different for everyone, but the need to understand one’s own language is for everyone, no matter who you are. An economist or a porter, the hotel Manager or doctorate – each of us needs in their native language. And you need to have skills, not as a Primate with TNT, because the word comforts, motivates, calms and excites.

Not every child is able to understand the power that he begins to have when learns his first word. And certainly not every adult. And do you understand it? Having enough vocabulary, you can not only move mountains, but to create new, not just to launch rockets, but to save people. Indeed, you heard right, we think that only the word can save the world from impending global chaos, which stretches its tentacles into our brain closer and closer. We already hear his fetid breath and a wild gleam in his eyes infected. Time to change the world, the time to appeal to reason, time for humanity to move forward.

We decided to help you with that, starting with five reasons why you should improve your vocabulary. You might begin to relate more seriously to what they say, and thus make this planet a little nicer.

1. Words evoke emotions

The man is very amorous and extremely public. Even seasoned introverts sometimes want to share their experiences, views and thoughts. Words can destroy lives, and unable to save her, to work a miracle. How it depreciates quickly, and how it is understood. For example, we always know when we say «thank you» sincerely, and when the habit. We understand that we become vulnerable when we tell too much, because even among close friends there is some innuendo. And whether you want to tell? The answer to that is not easy, and probably everyone will decide this question. But the fact remains that some words are affected more, some less. Be careful with them and use as directed.

2. Words precede actions

Action, in turn, can be destructive, can be creative. And not always the first worse than the second. Some things just need to destroy to, for example, find yourself, be tall and breathe deeply. Human speech can inspire business to change life, to choose another way, which I never thought, but which will be important in your life. Sometimes one person can change your whole existence. And he did it with the help of a couple of correctly chosen words. The world is not getting another just because we think about it. He begins to change only when we say something out loud.

3. The words encourage

If you want to support a person, it is necessary to master all the necessary verbal tools. How to learn to speak the right words at the right time? Of course, all this comes with experience. For each person these words can be individualized. And yet there is a difference between praise and words that evoke the desired response, inspiring man to continue his hard journey. Banal praise is anyone else not disturbed, but it doesn’t help the matter – you know that.

4. Words guide us

We do not know all the answers and don’t know how to resolve every situation. The right words can bring comfort but can also show us where to go. One set of words will give us an understanding of what went wrong, and the other will prevent a huge mistake. The dictionary is a big book, which helps us to easily create riots come out of nowhere and just as easily find solutions to the problems created by us. A rich vocabulary does a fantastic job of «directions» of human life. And if you want to influence, not only on themselves but also on others, use it.

5. Words give us hope

If the words do not give hope, they are meaningless. So, they take responsibility for the future, give us understanding that all is not lost. They can show us the way when the eyes do not see any trails. They remind us that in the country there are still some pockets of happiness and joy, when all we are told that the gates of hell have begun to open. Words can restore trust where it has been forgotten. They help us to overcome fear, to risk, to live.


Now is the time when you need to become responsible for their own lives. And not only for her but for the life of other people. There is an opinion that until we change our vocabulary, it will not change our culture. Glad you’re modern society? Or are you just as I see his pain? The vaccine for him to pick up, probably too late, but you can start seemingly small – with the words. First a ripple, then a wave that cannot be stopped. Everything has a beginning.

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