5 compelling reasons to turn off smartphone right now

manygoodtips.com_16.05.2014_ZsMUZstDcfiFsYou think that the device greatly facilitates your life, but along with the benefits that it brings, it also has a negative impact on many areas of our lives.

We will tell you what will change if you turn off a smartphone right now.

1. You will sleep better

You get rid of that annoying desire before sleep to check «one last time» message on Facebook or a «little more» to play the game.

Any «communication» with the gadgets is the load for the brain, so psychologists recommend to improve the quality of sleep turn off the phone, TV, computer at least an hour and a half before bedtime. Falling asleep with the set texts or the hum of a computer will not give your brain to sleep properly.

2. Improve memory

For a modern person smartphone often is the second brain that stores information about all current Affairs. If you learn to periodically use a smartphone instead of a notebook, you’ll know that he is still able to remember some information. Don’t let your brain to atrophy through the phone!

3. Will be rethinking your relationship

Having escaped from the captivity of social networks, you’ll change your idea about many of your contacts will become clear who is really worth to spend time and effort and of your life together with friendsenjoy. You will be able to work on strengthening is really important for your relationship and not wasted on «hi-how-are-ya» from uninteresting to you people.

4. Increase efficiency

Absence always requires the attention of the gadget on hand will allow you to focus on what you do and for whom. You will no longer be distracted by annoying nonsense type of SMS messages, charging, etc.

5. You will become more selective

Along with the smartphone will disappear and the stream always pouring from all sides and often not only unnecessary, but even harmful information. You will own to filter the data coming from the outside. You’ll be able to spend more energy to learning what you really need and interesting. And your brain will get rid of the perpetual stress associated with information overload.

No, we do not call you urgently to throw the smartphone out the window and move to the dugout. Try to analyze which of these issues really bother you, and adjust your gadget thus to eliminate them.

Most importantly, don’t go on about the phone, and help with the power of the beard!

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