5 common mistakes of any organizer

manygoodtips.com_20.01.2015_MN5AYI9N0KVMEMany creative dudes repeatedly faced with the problem of organizing anything. Theme party, sporting event, camping in the woods, satanic party or a flash mob of beer lovers – all formidable tasks. We need to solve them wisely, preferably avoiding bright and spectacular misses.

About the most typical, yet extremely hazardous errors and will be discussed further.

1. To take responsibility

Julius Caesar furiously rotates on its axis every time you in the role of a clever organizer do all the questions at once. Let your male person’s inherent responsibility (which is weird) and the habit to perform all business (even more suspicious), but completely forget about the team work and opportunities of others – an unpardonable folly.

We agree that to give the key organizational issues in the wrong hands – a risky occupation, but to leave the car for minor details itself threatens to fall into a deep hole, from which then can not get out.

Often think about the distribution of powers. Mobilization of your physical and spiritual strength must promote, first and foremost, effective rational activity. Learn to control the process, dividing and ruling, not running around and panicking like a girl.

2. Choose the wrong day

You decided to throw a party on a Monday morning, or to hold a meeting of the club Zen on the day of the decisive match of the national team. Congratulations, this is a serious bid to win! Win incredible stupidity, of course.

Maybe you think so, sure you never goof, but the organization – an insidious thing. Sometimes are global challenges that you have to decide, make its scale exactly simple things. So stay tuned for a calendar of memorable events in society, well, that woman in grey coat – we think it is suspicious as hell.

3. Not to talk about the event

Brilliant organization, tremendous action, great idea and brilliant special effects! All of this will be tomorrow, and you coped with all the problems. The case remained for small: to invite someone.

If your audience is unemployed people with no personal life, no problem. These guys can be called an hour before. But, unfortunately, most of the people we know and love, have the opposite properties: they need to plan time off from work, finally come up with a reason, to wit to say no.

You’d be surprised that the hook, these information problems can sometimes be almost half of all newly minted organizers, especially if they are part-time employees of public utilities. I hope you’re not one of the.

4. To agitate those

Suppose that very soon will be your round table on the theme: «Loneliness and grief as the meaning of life the Canadian anteater». You missed the previous paragraph on deaf ears and a cute printed flyers to inform everyone. Now trying to distribute these brochures at the entrance to a night club and very proud of myself.

In the end, the fate of aardvark you will have to think independently, because fans partying after midnight are not those people who would be close to your subject.

Although we do not know anyone at all interested in the life and the fate of such unusual animals as the anteater, but it is likely that such people exist. Your job as organizer is to calculate in the best tradition of Sherlock Holmes its target audience provided that you’re not going to only invite friends and acquaintances.

By the way, instead of unnecessary spending on flyers mankind has long used the Internet.

5. Forget about communication on the spot

Communication between organizer and attendees often crucial. The lack of a clear understanding of how it should happen to cut at the root of the enormity of your spectacular ideas.

If you plan to collect a lot of people, actions which you will have to manage without the associated hardware or the coordinating groups is not enough.

In advance think about how you will communicate with the audience, otherwise enraged and seething crowd can ruin any occasion, especially if it is your own birthday.

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