5 combat robots, which have become a reality now

Robotics is developing very rapidly. Put in a lot of money, although not enough to the industry has made some amazing breakthrough. The main customers of the research, as a rule, the army and all its derivatives. However, there is the private sector, which also creates robots designed to kill.

Perhaps very soon we will see the army marching machines, which will replace the person at risk of becoming a victim brave in various military conflicts. So it will be more humane? Will help such technologies to avoid death among the civilian population? Until you see with your own eyes, learn about it impossible. Although now working in the service of some States, including Russia. Unfortunately, in our country budget money is rarely spent on such research and development, therefore, the Russian robotics in General is quite primitive.

1. BigDog

Love this «dog». Scientists have set out to create a robot that could help soldiers carry equipment where can not go through the normal transport. Video with this robot is very impressive. He, however, seems somehow alive, though nothing like the dog.

Length of the robot BigDog is 0.91 m, height 0,76 m, weight 110 pounds. Now this monster can move over rough terrain at a speed of 6.4 km/h, carrying a load of 154 kg and lifting at a 35-degree inclined plane. By the way, it is difficult to deprive of balance. Even after a serious side impact, the robot can stay on their feet. Developed by Boston Dynamics.

2. The Recon Scout XT

manygoodtips.com_24.07.2015_uc245aCiNxvK4Tactical invention of the guys from Recon Robotics, which is actively used by the us military. The case is made from titanium, the robot is also resistant to moisture, has everything you need to shoot at night, to confirm the presence of hostages or min. As you already know, use it for intelligence purposes. And actively used. Not so long ago the US army has posted a batch of these robots a large amount of $ 14 million. In General, he may not look like the terminator, but this thing really works and as it seems, saved the lives of many soldiers. Robot weight – 544 grams, the diameter of the wheels is less than 8 cm, body length – 19 inches.

3. iRobot Warrior 710

manygoodtips.com_24.07.2015_FvOz2WQam1RLlThe universal robot, which for several years has been in serial production. Maximum speed 13 km/h, weight – 154 kg. the Previous model of this monster proved to be excellent at Fukushima. Now the robot has taken on a much larger list of functions. It can carry the cargo, to clean up the mess, mines to be cleared and that is very cool to kill terrorists. The design of the «Warrior» such that it is easily installed weapons, including installations that throw grenades. Controlled robot using the joystick-gamepad.

4. SGR-1

manygoodtips.com_24.07.2015_E55oexgj69xBeAnd these are the guys guarding the South Korean border from the hordes of Kim Jin-UN. By the way, made them the company Samsung is now the division of production.

Similar to the typical «turret», known to us from numerous games. In General, these things are very useful. They do not get tired and can’t run – they’re just doing their job. In machine gun there is a sound sensor, human voice recognition, infrared sensor, sound sensor and, of course, the camcorder. Oh, and most importantly, what is in those merciless to all living monsters, is a machine gun and 40 mm grenade launcher. Koreans are tough guys.

5. Megabot vs Kuratas

We do not accidentally put this item from two combat robot. In fact, these machines are exactly as we imagine combat robots, and they created these crazy. Remember their names, as you will struggle century. American company Megabots challenged the Japanese Suidobashi Heavy Industry on 30 June this year. And you know what? The head of the Japanese company accepted the challenge, which means the approach of an era when huge robots, controlled by man, will fight in arenas for the amusement of the public. The fight will take place this year, but in the meantime here’s some information about the fighters.

The call came unexpectedly, but we decided to take it. But we can’t let another country win this fight because of the giant robots is a part of Japanese culture. So we accept the challenge.

The founder of the company Suidobashi cohort KurataAmerican Megabot is a large object with a height of 4.5 m, which is moving at you at a speed of 193 km/h. Megabot is Operated by two people. In addition, the machine is equipped with a paintball gun, which can easily be replaced with combat analogue. Another gun shoots t-shirts in the audience. Such a fun method of merch.

Japanese Kuratas is five tons of metal, height of 3.8 meters. The speed he is small, only 10 km/h, but it is controlled by just one man, and the weapon works according to the scheme Gatling gun. Rate – up to 6 thousand rounds per minute. Although, of course, at the moment he shoots the paintball shells. But despite all these characteristics of long-range weapons, the battle will be exactly the middle, which means that a Japanese robot has all the chances to win. The fact that the armor he will be stronger. In General, the show reaches a new level.

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