5 cocktails for new year holidays

Christmas holidays — it’s a big blow to the liver and prudence, but this impact can be different. Some people buy a box of vodka and fall in the middle of the night in the whirlpool of consciousness or in a salad, others are drinking beautifully and tastefully, and in the morning Wake up with a fresh head. Personally, we decided to spend the holidays with taste, so I made their stomachs to the drink offering good drinks that are going to prepare yourself. The recipe is simple and intuitive and also available.

1. Festive Margarita

First we need to think about the girls who will be nice to drink something with champagne. To do this, in our Arsenal there is a festive Margarita. Make a whole pitcher.


— 1 bottle of champagne (take what you like — don’t be greedy);

— 200 ml silver tequila;

— the juice of one squeezed lemon;

— 200 ml orange liqueur;

— salt (for salt rim);

— 2 lime (divided into slices).


1. Just mix well all the ingredients in a large pitcher.

2. Run lemon slice around the edges of each glass and dip the edge in coarse salt.

3. Pour the Margarita in the glasses and decorate each with a slice of lime.

2. Pomegranate Moscow mule

This festive cocktail we like for its rich flavor, but it’s not surprising, because the basis of the cocktail — pomegranate juice and vodka. The combination is perfect. Bar measuring Cup or a geyser does not interfere in the preparation.


— 70 ml of vodka;

— 35 ml of pomegranate juice;

— 1 tablespoon pomegranate seeds;

— 1 tablespoon lime juice;

— 1 teaspoon of honey;

— crushed ice;

— ginger beer (look in the supermarkets or beer stores);

— a sprig of rosemary.


1. Mix vodka, pomegranate juice, pomegranate seeds, lime juice, honey and crushed ice in the glass (perfect glass «rocks»).

2. The rest of the space fill with ginger beer.

3. Don’t forget the rosemary branch! It must be easy to throw in a glass — nothing more.

3. Vodka-espresso

Cheerful coffee cocktail is what you need for anyone who wants to be active during all new year’s night.


— 50 ml of vodka;

— 50 ml of cold espresso;

— 50 ml coffee liqueur;

and lots of ice.


1. Take a shaker and fill with ice.

2. Pour all ingredients and shake well.

3. Strain the liquid into a glass (a Martini glass is perfect).

Tip: if you want to use a Martini glass, you can make a rim of cocoa powder and a pinch of Cayenne pepper. Lubricate the rim better than orange.

4. Cocktail Elsa

And again we think about friends, because if you do not offer them something delicious, they will not keep your alcoholic endeavors. However, the «Elsa Cocktail» maybe you’ll like it — there is nothing superfluous.


— 1 sugar cube;

3 drops bitters (Angostura, Jägermeister, anything)

— tablespoon of cognac;

— 100 ml of chilled champagne;

— orange or lemon peel.


1. Put the sugar cube into the glass. Drip at him with bitter.

2. Add to a glass of cognac and a glass of champagne.

3. Decorate the glass with lemon peel and offer a cocktail to your friend.

5. Santa shot

If Santa is drinking this cocktail, when one manages his team, it becomes clear why no Santa in my childhood we had not seen. The only complexity of this cocktail is to search for peppermint schnapps (German drink of 40 degrees), but we bought it in specialized liquor stores. It separately and drink delicious.


— 1 part grenadine;

— 1 part green mint liqueur;

— 1 part peppermint schnapps.


1. Take a glass and you can pour the grenadine into a third.

2. Then gently pour in creme de menthe.

3. And finish the song peppermint schnapps.

Tip: if there are cocktail spoon, use the knife to create layers in a glass.

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