5 cigars, which must try every man


A cigar is more than just a cleverly twisted tobacco leaves. It’s not just a «bad habit». Remember the story. Tobacco appeared in the European world through courageous Spanish conquistadors, who adopted the customs of the Indians. Do know the name of the first Europeans, who are addicted to Smoking tobacco leaves — it was a colleague of Christopher Columbus captain Rodrigo de Jerez. However, he should be more careful on returning home since regular tobacco Smoking, the authorities simply put him in jail, thinking that Rodrigo de Jerez was possessed by the Devil himself. Subsequently, the Spanish monarchy patronized the cultivation of tobacco leaf. Two hundred years the Spaniards kept a monopoly on the tobacco market. Perhaps that is why the best cigars are produced in Spanish-speaking countries.

But Smoking them not only «Che Guevara». Among lovers of good cigars you can find such odious personalities as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Winston Churchill, al Capone, Alfred Hitchcock and many others. The list can be endless, but we do not preach of Smoking, and will tell you about five cigars likes cigar smokers edition manygoodtips.com. Many of these cigars not only have a wonderful taste and aroma but also the amazing history.

1. Romeo y Julieta Romeo No. 3

Don’t jump to conclusions. Pretty vanilla is a legendary cigar factory, which was in honor of Churchill. Especially for him was released a series of Romeo y Julieta Churchills, which later became quite popular. However, we will offer you a cigar is not as strong, so long as you get a taste of the tradition of the factory, which was founded in 1875. And while you taste the smooth covering of tobacco leaves brown shade that is saturated with the spicy notes and aromas of coffee and chocolate, you can learn the history of the Romeo y Julieta factory. And when you read it to the end, you may feel the scent of cedar, which is a unique feature of this particular cigar.


So, we have said that the factory was opened in 1875. Needless to say, this was Havana, Cuba. Where else can you make delicious cigar, not in the homeland of Che Guevara? The brand was registered in the name of Alvarez, one of the two founders of a small factory in the street of San Rafael 87. The factory became popular from the beginning. Inocencio Alvarez and Jose Garcia (second founder) paid the biggest salaries rollers (those who roll the tobacco leaves in the cigars), they tracked the entire technical process, and the tobacco was exclusively from the region of Vuelta Abajo. World-famous brand was in 1903, when the factory was acquired by don Jose Rodriguez Fernandez. And it’s not a cocaine Baron, which was in Latin America, like dogs nerezanyh. Don josé with 9 years of work on tobacco plantations, gradually climbing the career ladder and mastered the technique of making cigars at each stage.Now the company Romeo y Julieta is the biggest market of Cuban cigars and it was led by the nephew of don Jose Hipolito Rodriguez. Today, as before, cigars Romeo y Julieta are renowned for lightweight traction, a large variation of the fortress and uniform combustion. If you are an avid tobacconist, you have smoked this cigar. If you’re a beginner, start your journey with cigars No. 3, it will be the right decision.

2. Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No 1 Tubos


Cigar for those who strong tobacco is contraindicated. So if you’re afraid of getting your «nicotine hit,» but still want to try a real Cuban cigar with lots of taste, Epicure No 1 Tubos is just right. It is perfect for beginners.

Many of the founders of the tobacco companies began their journey of emigration. The story of Hoyo de Monterrey is no exception. In 1831, don josé generators emigrated to Cuba, where he found a modest position at one of the many tobacco plantations. It took him twenty years to learn the art of making the perfect cigar blend. Gain experience, he founded his own factory, called Hoyo — translated as «the hole». Why call my business «hole»? The fact that the word Hoyo accurately describes the deep valleys of Cuba, where the famous crops of tobacco, which deliver excellent cigars. When don Jose General dies, his place is the daughter Lutgarda generators. For three decades, she skillfully managed the factory, introducing new principles of production, as well as setting style cigars Hoyo. Now the trademark belongs to the giants with Fernandez, Palicio y Cia, however, the quality and individuality of cigars have not changed.

3. Montecristo Open Master Tubos

It’s just a cigar. Cigar that you can smoke before work, after work, in the evening, stretched out on the chair, or in the morning, looking at the world from the height of his balcony. Very large cigar will not name, but it has excellent traction, and with the saturation, everything is in order. The taste palate of wood-shades of coffee, bitter chocolate, roasted hazelnut, caramel and clotted cream. A little bitter, but only at the end. A great choice when Smoking you don’t have much time.


Montecristo history did not start with Cuba, but with plantations in Florida and a Spaniard named Alonso Menendez. To Cuba it will move only in 1930. Nobody knows exactly why the Spaniard has decided to leave the fertile state. Perhaps the fact that the tobacco business has not worked, maybe Alonso just missed the tribesmen. The title of his new tobacco production went from novel «Count of Monte Cristo» by Alexander Dumas. There is a tale that this novel was read at a meeting of local tobacco clubs. In 1935 Menendez takes the factory Particulares, where for a long time produces cigars brands Particulares and Byron. At the factory he meets another shark cigar case — Jose Manuel Garcia, which turns business relations and founds the company «Menendez and Garcia». The Spaniards knew where to send their forces to England, in fact it was the main consumer of cigars.The volume of the Montecristo brand was limited, because all five formats in which spun cigars, bought up like hotcakes. The Cuban revolution forced the family Menendez to emigrate to the Canary Islands where they launched the production of cigars Montecruz. The fate of the brand depended on many factors, but the thirst of Europeans to the legendary Montecristo has taken its toll. Production did not stop even for a minute, and such figures as Alfred Hitchcock, managed to get a cigar of this brand, even during the Second world war.

4. Cohiba Robustos


Those who smoke Cohiba will never die of cancer, but those who do not smoke will die from envy.

– Cuban aphorism –a Real classic, which has good strength and aroma of herbs and spices. If you’re a beginner, the first tightening should be smooth, unhurried, otherwise the cigar its fortress will cause the avaricious man’s tear. However, it quickly get used, and already the aroma of herbs and spices that came up from unlit cigars, replaced by a pleasant smell of chocolate and heavy cream. Cohiba Robustos cigars with those who reveal your taste to the extent of the whole area. In other words, in the beginning it will be radically different from what you will taste in the end. A very wide flavor palette: the field of the inflorescence, dense wood, lush greenery, coffee, chocolate and earth aftertaste with elements of Cayenne pepper and skin. This cigar need to try at least once in your life.

The history of the Cohiba brand began in 1966. Of course Cuba and Fidel Castro, who doted it in this brand. The truth is, the factory originally made cigars exclusively for the Cuban government. If not Castro, then no sohiba you would be in the hands not kept. Comandante has funded twenty-year-old man, Eduardo Rivera, who has rolled cigars for yourself, friends and a small circle of initiates. On the table Castro’s cigars it was quite by accident. Then supply a chauffeur, with the filing of the guard in the name of the Baby. Fidel cigars so much that he ordered the creation of a separate proceeding under them, which at first was only 18 people. Only to the 80-th years of the Cohiba came to the big market, where he presented three cigar format: Lanseros, Crown Especial and Panatella (specially prepared to the world Cup in Spain). Over time, formats appeared more and Cohiba increased production capacity, while producers of elite cigars.

5. Partagas Serie P No. 2

A spicy cigar that has a unique property to progress in the fortress to the extent of the Smoking process. In it you can feel aromas of wood, pepper and cream. And all served in a very balanced form — no taste, matter sticks to the fore. For this reason, cigar Smoking is easy and fun.


Partagas produce durable and, speaking of Cuba, a fairly inexpensive cigar. Twist them manually (cigar machine twist we’d not recommend) since 1845. The brand itself has a reputation as one of the oldest in the Harbour. The founder of the factory, don Jaime Partagas produced cigars in 1827, but he didn’t put his name on the package. Cigar Partagas was popular at international tobacco exhibitions, where at least three times took the gold medal (1867-1884). Even the nationalization of the production of the Partagas had quite a wide range of formats. However, one of the most famous cigar Partagas was and remains a Partagas Serie P No. 2. In 1980-e years it was called one of the best cigars of Cuba. Today its quality is improved. Stand out of wood and vegetable flavors. Worth trying, just keep in mind that it is quite durable.

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