5 celebrities who deserve the title of «Bad Ass»

Many actors play a guy daredevil is worthy of wearing the title of «Bad Ass», but not all of them can boast that in real life they are as cool Asses. However, these 4 dudes and 1 lady fully justify their roles:

1. Danny Trejo


Danny Trejo was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, and just like Mike Tyson, it is with great pleasure to beat someone until that someone could no longer stand on his feet. Professional Boxing seemed like a reasonable career choice, until he visited Soledad, Sierra, Folsom, Vacaville and other prisons. Danny Trejo probably visited more prisons than the entire cast of «Ghostbusters». People almost the entire decade of the 60’s spent behind bars. However, to be in prison doesn’t make you automatically bad ass. He earned the title with victories in the lightweight and Welterweight Championships in Boxing, during his stay in prison. Today, at nearly 70 years old, Danny Trejo doesn’t want to be known as bad ass. In fact, he is a good guy, even if you accidentally bump into him in a dark alley. However, if someone were to slip him 50 bucks and point the finger at you, he may instinctively ask: «How much you want me to cut this guy?»

2. Sean Bean


When Sean Bean, now known as Eddard stark from the popular series «Game of thrones» — was just a little more infected with rabies are raccoons, he happily spent his days cutting out paper animals with his cousins and sisters, but one day one of them took the scissors from him and refused to return them. He decided that if he broke the glass near the door, then he will earn their respect. With a battle cry, and cry he rushed to the door, and a large piece of glass pierced his thigh, leaving a scar for life (usually Sean jokes that it is a scar from the bite of a shark). The blood splattered all around, but Sean Bean sat down and began to draw the dinosaur’s own blood. If this story is not particularly makes Sean a bad ass and more like fiction, then the following is true. A few years ago Bob was hanging out with a sexy Playboy Bunny April summers in a bar in London (which adds 10 points in favor of the title of «Bad Ass»). Some guy walked past and gave a questionable comment about summers. Bean, being a gentleman and a bit of a hot head, confronted him. The guy got away, but then returned and struck Sean a shot in the arm with a shard of glass. The guy ran away again, but this time Sean did not get involved, asked for a band-aid and ordered another drink.

3. Steve Buscemi


Steve Buscemi on screen often depicts a typical coward, and usually ends up dying, someone is extremely horrible way. As a child, he was hit by a car and a bus, and also grew up, after graduating from high school, where he was a wrestler and football player. In the 1980-ies Buscemi for 4 years worked as a firefighter in new York Engine Company 55. In 2001, after the attacks of 9/11, Buscemi again entered the door of his old company, and helped to dig the victims. In the same year, he scored some more points in favor of the title of «Bad Ass» hanging out at the club with a fellow actor Vince Vaughn. After Vaughn drew attention to some of the young people who stand by their friends, and a fight ensued. One of the guys added than before the fist fight, which is typical for most movies Buscemi. Steve took the brunt of the explosion and received puncture wounds of the hands, jaw, forehead and throat.

4. Johnny Depp


Depp’s eyes narrowed when he drunkenly growled «dumps» robber who brandished before him with the edge of the broken bottle. The silence intensified when the robber thought for a moment before throwing a bottle and shouting: «I don’t steal from captain Jack!» Johnny Depp gave the guy a couple bucks and sent him away. Depp is not the traditional «Bad Ass». However, when he lacks the strength and power of deadly, he draws it from its solid copper egg. He once defeated the entire hotel room, and when the local cops came knocking, blamed it on an Armadillo, who apparently jumped at night from the toilet (by the way, it was never found). Once he was at the party along With hunter. Thompson («Fear and loathing in Las Vegas») and messed up your own Billboard. After Depp starred in «cry-baby», actress traci Lords noted that he is one of those guys who is very sweet to the girls, but still writes in the alley.

5. Gina Carano


Carano is a beautiful actress by day and a deadly fighter mixed martial arts (MMA) night. According to legend, she was born during a tornado warning in Dallas, Texas, and absorbed all the energy of his power. This explains why her roundhouse kick so devastating strong. She began Boxing training at the age of 21 years, and during her short fighting career she has a record of 12 wins and only one defeat. Those who have been struck by this petite girl, say that the striking force of her hips no less influential than any wrestler guy. During the fight scene in the movie «Knockout» partner on the film, Ivan McGregor accidentally punched Gina Carano in the head. She hit him in response, and asked, «are You okay?». Gina Carano was recently awarded the «Chuck Norris» and yet admits that she doesn’t like to hurt people.

Although Gina Carano is not a man, but it is worthy of the ranks of the «Bad Asses», and the more the ass on her.

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