5 browser games that will help distract you at home and at work

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Brighten up the time of games is not a sin, not only at home but also at work. But be careful, as the will be deprived of bonuses or even get fired. Why not download the game to your hard drive, let everything be as in the palm – in the Windows of your browser. What browser game worth a try? I advise you to play those games, which was not done on the knee in the dilapidated hallways of sleeping areas, and a professional development team. When the game worked and screenwriter, composer and artist – and then we give her a chance. For example, look at the top five, from which emanates the old and good games in the world which we have spent hundreds of hours.

1. Demon Slayer 3

Demon Slayer 3 is a multiplayer game (millions of players), which is based on the principles of classical ideas about the RPG. The traditional three classes to choose: warrior, mage and Archer. The game itself is free and contains fathomless depth of content that will make the gameplay more varied.

Of course, there is the original talent system and various opportunities to strengthen your character. This innovation helps to create a character that will be tailored to your fighting style. To help the hero can Pets (in the game plenty of them). The plot of Demon Slayer 3 is very diverse: you will be able to alternate the execution of the main quests, group dungeons, where you can win rare artifacts with a couple of friends.

But not everything revolves around combat. There are peaceful fields. For example, you easily can fish, to farm, or even to build a castle. By the way, about your castle. Your pad allows you to dilute the role-playing game with strategy elements. If you love the construction and improvement of buildings, then go ahead – Demon Slayer 3 is possible.

In addition to the above, the game has such gorgeous, like duels, team arenas, clan wars, cross-server battle zones and battle classes.

2. League Of Angels

Great browser-based MMORPG, which is famous for its long story company. In General, the universe itself is unique and will interest people who are eternally looking for something new. Through the whole storyline, there are tens of exciting stories. Of course, again, it is about the struggle between good and evil. The eternal theme never gets old.

Despite the fact that the game is browser-based, is extremely pleased with the drawing details and locations. Many blow it off and try to release the product faster. League of Angels gives a more pleasant example.

As you progress through your detachment will join unique characters, each with their own history. It is therefore very important that you pay attention to the development of your team, depends on a lot of tactical aspects. It is separately possible to allocate participation opportunities in the arena and in tournaments. But you can still do blacksmithing, alchemy and, of course, farming. But you can generally hang around for hours in the cities and have conversations with other players – society there is considerable.

3. Dragon Knight

Who doesn’t like dragons? Love them all! However, when your world is sinking into chaos, and your gods are deprived of all forces, not just sit and admire the winged and fire-breathing monsters. The world is dying, but because you have to save him. Isn’t that what starts the heroic epic?

In General, you are a Knight of the Dragon (not like Vlad Tepes, but still nothing). Here are five continents, and asking for their hero. The journey will be long but interesting. You can snatch the jackpot from the king of the elves, and can induce noise in the realm of the undead. It is enough to assemble a squad of heroes, is pumping as it should, to seize power (where without it!) and defeat the darkness.

But first you have to choose between the two canonical classes: mage and warrior. This will depend on the entire course of the game, but rather mechanics. The game itself is filled with a huge amount of content, like gear, Pets, and various weapons. Yes there is! You are even able to grow your own giant dragon! With the game Dragon Knight will not be bored. In addition, the developers are actively improving the game world.

4. The rulers of the elements

Another RPG, but this time with a huge number of kung-fu. The world itself is a nice gluing of Eastern legends. Only the strong survive – the one who mastered perfectly martial arts and can kick the enemy hordes. And all this in real time. That’s what the Rulers of the elements.

Your hero will clash with ancient legend about the wind and the Cloud. The storyline is divided into sections, which consist of dozens of quests. Locations hundreds: from the sea and ending with dark passages. Each location is unique, repetitions you will not see.

The leveling system is surprisingly flexion, each of the four classes (Cloud, Jasinka, the Wind, the Dream) has a unique set of skills. But this game should not love the plot, and dynamic battles: she’s a hurricane, spectacular, explosive. A constant struggle between guilds for territory will not let you relax, although you can always trade in the city markets. Separately say about AFK mode. If you like to hang out at the computer dozens of hours a week, you can put your character on auto pimp: he will do quests, and you’ll sleep.

5. The birth of a legend

Well and finish our role-the feast of the Birth of the legend, which perfectly captures the atmosphere of the legends of ancient Greece. And we love everything about Greece in one form or another. The plot gives apikey: gods-Olympians stand on the war path, because from the depths of Tartarus mighty titans escaped. Zeus calls upon you to help him in this war. You set foot on the land of Sparta, Athens, Atlantis and even on the mortal lands of Hades. A great opportunity to feel the ancient hero who fights side by side with such legends as Hercules, Achilles and Perseus.

In the game you Have a choice between five different classes: swordsman who wears light armor and deals powerful damage melee; the Oracle, who knows a lot about light magic and puts on dark entities detrimental spells; hunter, agile and fast; a mage who casts a fireball at the enemy, and other destructive spells; the paladin, who is always at the forefront. There is a possibility of hiring one to the forces of the titans not survive.

With each new level you will have more and more content, also you can tame mounts, to grow crops on the farm and create legendary weapons in the forge of Olympus. Antique world is beautiful, see for yourself.

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