5 books that will make you see the world differently

What to do during the long winter evening, when the winter instead of snow brings slush and mud, and cold and tries to get to your house? Of course, you have to read and read something that will do you good. Needless to say that the book changed the lives of thousands of people. And if you do not change, we sure have expanded their horizons. However, in order to have leisure to read is also quite good.Today, we’ll show you the books that, in our opinion, showed his history of the angles, which we usually do not pay attention.

1. «The Aleph and other stories» by Jorge Luis Borges

Magic realism arose largely due to Borges and his books of reference in this regard. The writer loves to delve into history and myths, thus adding to their works a certain patina of noble dust. However, the stories may be different, but they share one thing, namely search. They are looking for heroes Borges? The answer is not easy, because each destiny your own way. For example, one of the characters looking for the meaning of life, the other seeking the word of God, and the third and all looking for an opportunity for revenge. In any case, some of the stories are very simply translated into the private life of a reader, that makes Borges a very sincere writer who, of course, rarely answers the question, but it can push us to the answer.

2. «The killer inside me» by Jim Thompson

I never liked to read detective stories, but after I decided to try, starting with «Killer inside me». Understanding of the genre immediately turned around 180 degrees, because the book is written in a very different position than any other detective. Here we see the detective on the contrary, the main hero is not a good guy who wants to solve the crime, the main character is a criminal himself. Jim Thompson approached the case with professional ferocity, leaving on us a bunch of poisonous thoughts of the killer, which difficult to empathize, and sympathize with, but have to do it. In addition, we observe a slow life of the town, which gradually came a lot of money. The topic is quite interesting, and not so many people that describe similar. Read, if you want to be on the «other side» and to understand why the once beautiful provincial city turn into a cesspool.

3. «Travels with Charley in search of America», John Steinbeck

And it is good-natured and pleasant book that adjusts on a positive. You need to read, especially if you want to understand what America was breathing some 60-70 years ago. And this is important because States – is not only Hollywood and new York, States – it is also ordinary people, farmers, workers at the sawmill, waitresses in roadside cafes, a good bottle of wine, drinking a good company in a trailer Park. John Steinbeck, despite his age, decided on a long journey, which has been carefully depicted and described well. Of course, one to travel as it is not very cool, so he took his faithful friend – a dog named Charlie. Read and wonder how much in common we can find on these pages as the differences.

4. «Fair, terrible dreams», Stephen king

And king can still show the world that he’s not crazy and not fallen into dotage. This collection of stories was released in 2015 and includes a 20 creations of the master. Of course, you can not love the popular writings of Stephen only because it is popular. But it’s hard not to notice that the stories of this writer is extremely close to ordinary people’s lives, and they can really hit home just because it is written and devised easy to imagine in reality. To you recommend specifically? Read, for example, the story «Obituaries» the story «that bus is another world», although other things are also cool.

5. «The Invention Of Morel», Bioy Casares

Well, add to the creation of another Latin American writer, Borges because he advises the book and suggests an ulterior motive. The novel «the Invention of Morel» is written in the spirit of Robinson Crusoe. But the adventures on a desert island, lost somewhere in Oceania, the main character of a different kind. The kid epitomizes strength, rather, it reminds us of hunted lions antelope. And the implications are very different. People really often deprive themselves of the good life foolishly and because of his fear that is not misplaced. Helpful book that should definitely migrate to your own experience.

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