5 books that will make you cry

Yes, men don’t cry and everything, although sometimes it would be useful. But if you’re not touching, «Hachiko», «Pavane» by Gabriel fauré and «Sarabande» by Handel, then, may be, this literature little touches you? Not necessarily crying, just to survive.

1. «Flowers for Algernon», by D. Goat


If you’re a girl, you no doubt cry. If a guy is going to involve are tears and whispering to myself, to empathize with the main character. One may laugh at the mentally retarded, consider them a mistake of evolution, to shout that all of them should be spent on fertilizer, but even if you are among these villains, then your view on these things might change.

History tells us of the experiment for the development of artificial intelligence of a mentally retarded person. But as is customary with writers from the 18th century, it gradually emerged in the tragedy of human existence. And so strong that even the hardened cynics like Jimmy Carr, ran shivers down my spine. In the eyes of the reader cleaner Charlie Gordon through the efforts of the scientists goes from happy and good-natured but mentally disabled man deeply unhappy genius, annoying and often cruel. The book is submitted in the form of diary entries of Charlie, why are creepy and controversial world of the hero seems even more madness and tragedy than ever.

2. «The book thief», G Zusak


Books where the action takes place in the entourage of the war, always doomed to a couple of extra tears, especially if we are talking about people that the war was not waged to fight and did not know how.

January, 1939, Germany. Around fear and death. The mother carries a nine year old liesel Meminger and her younger brother to foster parents in Munich. Their father was killed for Communist preferences, and, most likely, their mother will suffer the same fate. In the way death visits the young boy and notices liesel for the first time – a girl who loves books. Throughout the war she will have to observe the human tragedy, and so she digs into the books, which become a distraction and a hope.

This is an amazing novel where the narrative is from the face of Death. Death in Suzaka somehow male, and she, pardon the pun, dead tired from work, feeling sorry for my clients and commenting on things happening around the chaos. But striking is not it, and the composition, language, style, intonation they penetrate the reader’s tears. The novel keeps the suspense until the last page, you look at how broken heroes, of destiny, of life, and realize that after reading itself has changed a bit.

3. «The first person she forgot,» S. Massarotto


Judging from the name, it may seem that this is a maudlin story about unrequited love. Actually here it’s much worse. This is a story about a young writer who is forced to see the insidious Alzheimer’s takes his mother last crumbs of memory. And in this struggle for memories is leaking the whole book, and it is not clear who exactly the main character or his mother. First Volume (a so-called main character) want to shoot and then regret. When you have seriously ill relatives, you always experience similar symptoms, only from the outside, everything looks different.

It’s an incredibly sad story, written simply, without frills, modern, contemporary, bearded writer. Maybe the composition is not striking depth, but the story itself is observation of how quenched your native people, the last words and thoughts makes you drop the book, smoke and sad to think about.

4. «Life in debt», E. M. Remarque


Do not rush to accuse us of pop and mainstreamness, we know that remark because of the Horde of pseudocistela ceased to be a good writer. Bunch of idiots, without looking, I quote it in social networks, but even bigger idiots are those who don’t read it for this very reason.

It is difficult to allocate something one. Touch and «Three comrades», talk about how difficult it is to get used to life after the war, and «the Night in Lisbon» after reading where the heart is cluttered with stones and melancholy, and «Life on Loan». Frankly, I want to choose from the last two, and given the fact that the Second world war was broken, read on, friend, «Life in debt», the story is not about war, but about love of two hearts, one of which is sick with tuberculosis, every day for the heroine like an eternity. But «the Night in Lisbon» don’t forget.

5. «The Gadfly» E. Voynich


The good old «gadfly» – first of three parts and the final. Sit a few years and think: what the hell wanted to cry? This, of course, not the ladies ‘ novel, but written with an eye on the female audience, and you sit there worried. Do not feel ashamed? No. Wonderful novel, and his last Chapter cause a surge of tragedy in the soul. This high literature with descriptions and lots of beautiful words about love, but nevertheless sad. Just know how Ethel Lillian Voynich words to get lachrymal lake overflows its banks. Really, really sad.

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