5 books heat and baked

It’s the middle of August, and the heat is still not appeased. No matter you sit, surrounded by fans and split-systems, or Vice versa, ask: «where is summer?» we brought you some heat in the form of a new build very good works of literature that will brighten your days. Of course, the editors manygoodtips.com not able to keep track of all the creations of eminent writers on the subject of heat, but we picked up 5 excellent books. If you have your options, please share in the comments.

1. «The incident on the bridge over Owl Creek, Ambrose Bierce

manygoodtips.com_13.08.2015_hexy4T0LwEuv5Perhaps the most famous story by American writer Ambose Beers. It was published in 1890. Beers with the thoroughness of a war correspondent describes the case, which is sure to amaze the reader. The story consists of three parts, which deal with the theme of unjust punishment. It also eats the mystical element. All the action takes place very rapidly, and is read in one breath. Maybe this little book, which can stretch for a few days, but «the incident on the bridge over Owl Creek» is the best way to start your acquaintance with this unique author, not without reason called «Ruthless Beers».

2. «As long as boil the pot», Henry Lawson

manygoodtips.com_12.08.2015_scPkje0utWSMdHenry Lawson is a classic of Australian literature. What should I write Australian writers, not about the hardships of his own in this hostile environment? Heat, physical work, regular people who do their work. Lawson was born in the Goldfields and understand what he writes. He knew about the life of the rural people first hand – and wrote about it. Very cool and unusual fiction.

3. «Live» Tom Collins

manygoodtips.com_12.08.2015_fNK9sX9lXYY0qAnother Australian, whose novel in 1903, excited the immature minds of urban residents. Its theme is similar to what Lawson wrote. At that time there was a very strong realism and appeal to rural life. Although it is hard to believe that in the early twentieth century in Australia was some kind of city life. Tom Collins was a Democrat and did not write about the rich and successful, and those people who are much less fortunate. Eternal companions Australians – sand and hell of the book attached.

4. «The rum diary» hunter s Thompson

manygoodtips.com_12.08.2015_fhckZ2cBdryd6Literary collection without old hunter – the wind. Yeah, maybe, «the Rum Diary» and such iconic book «Fear and loathing», but it deserves to be read. The film seemed a little vanilla, but the book is such an experience creates. In addition, it is an early Thompson – thing is pretty strange, because there are still young and careless, which is in the hearts of every twenty years. The novel had been written in 1959 and published only in 1998, when johnny Depp stumbled on the manuscript during the next drinking with Thompson.

If you want to know how Paradise turns into a place of total capitalism, read «the Rum diary».

5. «Journey to the city of the Dead, or the Palm, and it had a memorial Plenary Winery,» Amos Tutuola

Work.com.ua_12.08.2015_slcmE2HAyWMHYThe book is included in the list of the hundred best works of African writers. Realism and humor are connected with the folklore of the Yoruba people. To read it is very unusual, which is not surprising, because the author is a writer from Nigeria. Amos Tutuola called the most eccentric writer of Africa, and he is the first Nigerian author who was able to get international calling. The story tells of the journey into the magical city where all is not as in our world. Another world full of magical creatures that put a spoke in the wheels of the main character. Despite the fairy-tale and myth, we see that the book is autobiographical and describes the real life of Africans, even in this form.

In General, put on all those fashion writers and look at what I wrote this cool black guy.

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